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Knocking Live Video provides phone to phone broadcasting

There are a few apps out right now for Android that allow you to broadcast video on your phone’s camera over the internet such as QIK, but Knocking Live Video provides the first way to broadcast phone to phone. This is important especially with the development of the HTC EVO, because now we have a viable way to do video conferencing with the forward-facing camera.

The UI seems to be very good and the app works as advertised. On a standard 3G connection the video is clear and has very little lag. I encourage our readers to try this app out if you have the need for video sharing or conferencing.

A Droid or Nexus One is suggested and Android 1.6 or above is required to install Knocking Live Video Beta.

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Source: Knocking Live

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  • http://Website ricky

    I am not finding this app on my motorola cliq how do I get it

    • Jeff Uberstine

      are you in the US?

    • http://Website Mz Elle

      It is there you have to scan the barcode above with the barcode scanner and it will pop up on your android market and ask you to download. I jsut did it right now.

  • http://Website Rsoe

    App is not in marketplace

  • Jeff Uberstine

    it is in the market place on the droid and nexus, mabey it require 2.0 or higher

    • Jeff Uberstine

      ok so the app is 1.6 or higher

  • http://Website android

    nice kotton mouth kings logo, lulz.

  • http://Website ricky

    Yeah I’m in the us and I have checked all over the market and can’t find it

  • http://Website ricky

    if I need to get the 2.0 how do I update my phone to that?

  • http://Website Jon

    Cool app. Does it also send sound while sending video or is it video only?

  • http://Website Jason

    Motorola Cliq users (like myself) are currently unable to use this because we’re still using 1.5. To upgrade, we have to wait for Moto to finish upgrading their MotoBlur service, which I hope is soon.

  • http://Website Jack

    Good app so far but disables pattern lock and a buggy. Good potential though, will try more when they’ve solved these issues.

  • http://Website droidwolf

    All I here is this app is 1.6 or this one is 2.0 why am I still running 1.5? Come on moto get on your game. Cliq user.

  • http://Website Nick

    Seems this test was done with Wifi, would 3G be worse?

  • Mike

    I’m doing a cross country trip on foot so I’ve been looking for an app like this for a while. I’m using UStream because it hits more than one person, but the performance is about the same.

  • http://Website kim

    I have the htc droid eris, is this app available on this phone; does anyone know? it sounds like its cool

  • Rajika

    Hi All,

    I write on behalf of Team KnockingLive. Great to read your thoughts on the app.

    Just to share with you, Knocking Live Video app for Android is in beta phase. The app currently supports Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One. We are working on supporting most of the phones on Android platform for the next release, stay tuned.

    Thank you all for your support.

    Rajika on behalf of team Knocking

  • http://Website TONY


  • http://Website brittany

    i have the EVO is there a way to use th forward facing camera for knockin live???

  • http://Website farry

    why is knocking live not working on my G2 it keeps saying establishing a connection but it never goes through