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Two Minute Drill – StatusNote


StatusNote is a handy little app that allows you to stash a task or quick note in your notification bar. The notification bar already does a great job of delivering alerts so it makes sense to extend that control to the user.

StatusNote lets you enter a title and description and set an icon (currently dozens to pick from) to be displayed alongside the note. It’s a great way to quickly set a note that simply can’t be ignored. Every time you wake your device the note is right there, staring you in the face.

StatusNote is free but is restricted to a single note. The developer also offers a paid version called StatusNotes that allows infinite note saving and editing.

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  • http://Website ChaosKiller

    Shame, youtube vid shows it’s a private video.. Not good for public site :)

    • Clark Wimberly

      Doh! Thanks for telling me. I usually set the to private while they encode and forgot to swap it back.

      • http://Website ChaosKiller

        No problem, just glad to help :)

        Was this fast due to google reader integrated in my browser :D

  • MattDemers

    Sounds like a kickass app regardless.

  • vkelman

    I prefer Astrid. It is connected to Google Calendar and notifies you the way you want at the time you want.

  • http://Website ronabong

    I have the paid version of this app. It been real useful but I would love more icons.

  • http://Website Spazzer

    I use Notification Notes Free which I think is better! Instead of having to press menu and select the app you can simply pull down the notification bar and click on “Add New Notification Note” :)

    • Paul Burke (iPaul Pro)

      Thanks to Clark Wimberly and androidandme for the coverage! I will be sending some free full versions for the androidandme family to try out new features.

      I am the developer of StatusNotes. What is sad about this comment (spazzer) is that Notification Note is a complete rip-off of my app StatusNote. StatusNote has been on the market for about a year, while Notification Note came out a couple of months ago.

      The feature you mention was built into StatusNote from day one, but unfortunately was not covered in the video. Simply open the settings and enable the persistent shortcut. Honestly, when I first implemented the persistent notification shortcut, I had never seen it in any application (I have had the G1 since the beginning), so it hurts a little for my original feature to be overlooked.

      I am all-for competition in the Market, but the developer of Notification Note copied my layout, my icons, my naming structure, and even my Market description. There are literally no unique features of that app versus StatusNote. They also tried to aggressively spam my comments to direct people to their copy-app. Still, the majority choose StatusNote.

      Spazzer – please give StatusNote another chance – I think you will be pleased by the added icons and functionality.

      I’m always on the hunt for more icons and welcome suggestions here or by email. The next version of StatusNotes includes sharing, sorting, and overall speeds the app up (coming early next week). Version 2.0 will include alarms and more icons for sure!

      There are actually a few apps that offer similar functionality to StatusNotes. Please, try them all. I am confident you will come back. For your convenience, they are named, “Take Note”, “SmartNotes” and the aforementioned copycapp “Notification Notes”.

      Thanks again to Clark Wimberly and androidandme.

      • http://Website Spazzer

        Ok but your free version only lets you have one notification and you have to buy the full version to have more than one notification and to be honest why would I buy when their free rip off version does everything I want. I dont need loads of icons.
        No disrespect too you but im fine with their app and their free version is ad free is you use the ad-block app…

  • http://Website Karenkaz

    I really like the app and I would like to buy the full version. but just a dumb question: how can I upgrade it to a paid version?

    Many thanks in advance!!