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Vacuum: Dodge some asteroids and win some cash

Top 3 scores take home $500, $250, and $100

A few weeks ago we took a look at a preview of Vacuum that the developer, Door-6, made available prior to the general release this week. It had come a long way since its top 20 finish in the Arcade/Action category of the Android Developer Challenge 2 when it was known as “Atmosphere: Trainer.”

They listened to the feedback they received during the preview period and added music to the formerly eerily quiet game along with the ability to invert the axes. You can check out some video of how the finalized game play looks and sounds below.

The game is a play on the tunnel racer genre, but it differentiates itself a little from the likes of Speed X 3D by allowing you to move in any direction within the 3 dimensional space of the tunnel. The basic concept is simple, but there are definitely some tricks to pick up along the way. Quick tip: In the options you can select how you are holding your phone and getting that setting right is critical.

It’s an entertaining game and at $1.99 it’s worth picking up especially considering the big hook for Vacuum which is the fact that the developer is offering cash prizes of $500, $250, and $100 respectively to the top 3 high scorers between April 1st and May 31st. This is a first for an Android app so we’ll have to see how this little experiment plays out for Door-6.

I had a brief exchange with Jeremy Shafton, the CEO of Door-6, and he confirmed for the first time that while at present the April-May prize competition is a one-off they are certainly looking at additional rounds of competition if Vacuum proves successful in its current form.

Due to a bout with insomnia last night I’m currently in second place, so hit the QR code to download Vacuum and try to beat my score while you warm up before the scores reset on April 1st and the real competition begins.

Source: Door-6

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