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14 Android phone predictions for CTIA 2010

After months of waiting, the International CTIA Wireless 2010 show kicks off tomorrow. We expect every major carrier to announce new Android phones and we have seen some tip their hat early (Dell Aero, Motorola i1). What other phones can we expect this week? Read on for all our predictions.


AT&T said they would have at least five Android phones this year including exclusives from Dell, HTC, and Motorola. Dell announced the Aero, Motorola launched the Backflip, and we are still waiting to see which device comes from HTC.

1. HTC Desire: The HTC Desire could be coming to multiple U.S. carriers, but we believe it will land on AT&T first. We already played with the phone in near final format and believe it could launch as early as next month.


2. HTC Supersonic: Sprint is expected to launch their first 4G handset tomorrow. The HTC Supersonic sports a huge 4.3 inch display which will be perfect for watching Sprint TV over their new 4G WiMax network. This will probably be the next phone I purchase.

3. HTC Legend: As a follow up to the Hero, Sprint will pick up the HTC Legend. This phone features a unique unibody aluminum design which HTC describes as a work of art. Others are speculating Sprint could brand this device the Hero 2 and tweak the design similar to what they did with the original Hero.

4. Nexus One: This one is no secret, but we will finally learn the full launch details of the Nexus One with support for Sprint’s network. We expect the device to go for $529 off contract and a lower subsidized price with 2 year agreement.


5. Motorola Sholes tablet: Also known as the Motorola Motoroi, we believe this cousin of the Droid is headed to T-Mobile. This rumor goes way back to last year, but I was told several times that T-Mobile was looking to add this device to their lineup.

6. Dell Mini 5: I know this phone was approved with AT&T 3G, but Dell also said they were working on a version for T-Mobile’s network. Seeing that AT&T just announced the Dell Aero (Mini 3), I’m going to predict the 5 inch monster (Mini 5) goes to T-Mobile. AT&T has revealed their Android strategy (cripple it) and we think T-Mobile is a perfect fit for the Mini 5.

7. Sony Ericsson X10 Mini: It looks like the U.S. carriers lost favor with the larger X10, but I think the X10 Mini will fare better. Sony Ericsson wants to get an Android phone in retail stores and T-Mobile is looking to expand their smartphone lineup.


8. HTC Incredible: Recent rumors suggest the HTC Incredible will launch within the next two weeks, so look for an announcement tomorrow. Several sources have reported conflicting specs, so it will be interesting to see how this device measures up.

9. Nexus One: Google already said Verizon would sell the Nexus One and we should learn the details this week. Look for this phone to be immediately available for purchase when it is announced.

Long Shots

10. Huawei U8800: Huawei launched several handsets with T-Mobile last year and they are looking to build on that relationship. The company announced the U8800 during CES which is the first Android phone to support HSPA+. This device could allow T-Mobile to have a competing “4G” device to go match up with Sprint Supersonic. AT&T is also looking to add HSPA+ in certain locations while they wait on LTE handsets.

11. LG: We expect LG will announce a new Android phone, but we don’t know which carriers will pick it up yet. I’ve spoke with LG representatives at previous trade shows and they want to work with every carrier so I’m not ruling out anyone at this point.

12. Sony Ericson Xperia X10: It is always possible AT&T or T-Mobile could pick up the Xperia X10, but things are not looking good right now. If a carrier does not pick it up, we expect Sony Ericsson will still sell the device unlocked from their online store.

13. INQ Mobile: This rumor goes back to the last CTIA show in San Diego. INQ Mobile is working on an Android phone and they plan to “pimp out” the UI with lots of social tie ins (think Motoblur). This event might be too early to see an INQ Mobile Android phone, but one is coming this year.

14. Samsung Galaxy S: I don’t know what Samsung is doing, but apparently they are launching an Android phone with the Super AMOLED display technology. This could be the Samsung Beam or another one of their Bada OS phones with Android swapped in.

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