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7 reasons to choose the Sprint HTC EVO 4G over the Nexus One

When Google launched the Nexus One on January 5th, they coined the phrase “superphone” to emphasize how they pushed the limits of what’s possible on a mobile phone. I ordered the N1 on the day it was released and believe it lived up to the hype, but HTC has already surpassed their first super device with the new Sprint EVO 4G.

The following is a quick list of examples how the Sprint EVO tops the N1.

1. First smartphone to support 4G WiMax

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G.

Sprint was the first (and only) nationwide carrier in the U.S. to implement a 4G WiMax network and they chose Android to power their flagship device. Users can expect top downloads speeds of 6 Mbps which is 10 times faster than the average 3G network (only 600 kbps).

Monthly data caps are non existent on Sprint 4G data plans (when connected to WiMax), so users can download without worry.

2. 4G Android applications

Google developed the new YouTube HQ for high speed connections.

The faster speeds of the 4G WiMax network opens the door to a wave of bandwidth hungry applications. For example, Google worked with HTC and Sprint to create a new YouTube HQ application that automatically detects a 4G connection and then streams a high def video.

Other developers like Qik are creating specialized versions of their apps targeted for the EVO. Sprint also offers ESPN Mobile TV on the EVO and plans to sign more video distribution deals before launch (Amazon VOD anyone?).

3. Larger 4.3 inch display

The EVO display is 4.3 inch (vs 3.7 of N1).

The HTC EVO 4G raises the bar for Android screens with its 4.3 inch TFT display. This is a half inch larger than the N1 and will come in handy for high definition pictures and videos. The larger screen size also makes text input easier by allowing a jumbo sized virtual keyboard.

Dell will include a 5 inch display on their Mini 5, but they are marketing it more as a mini tablet than a phone (and we still don’t have a release time frame).

4. 720p HD video in/out

No special dock is required for HDMI out.

The Nexus One records the best quality video of any Android phone and the EVO will improve upon that. The EVO records video in HD (1280×720) vs only 720×480 on the N1.

Not only does the EVO capture HD video, but you can also push it out with the included HDMI mini port. Users will be able to hook their phone directly to a HDTV by using only a HDMI cable (no dock required). This will allow users to share their recorded movies in HD and stream HD content over a 4G connection.

5. Dual cameras

The EVO features a 1.3 MP front facing camera.

The EVO is the first Android phone in the U.S. to feature dual cameras. An 8 megapixel camera is located on the back and a 1.3 MP camera is found on the front. This will allow for live video calling, which iPhone (and Android) users have been clamoring for.

Sprint has already released their SDK so developers can begin taking advantage of the forward-facing camera in their apps. Look for fring to be one of the first apps on Android to support video communications.

6. 1GB of internal storage

This message makes me sad.

If Android has a dirty little secret, it is the limited internal storage found on most phones. Google has said they are working on an encrypted solution to allow developers to install their apps to the SD card, but that could still be some time off.

Most new Android phones have 512 MB of internal storage with only about 256 MB allocated for application installs. My Nexus One experienced the low space warning after a month of normal use and I have to constantly uninstall applications to free up room.

Thankfully, the EVO has doubled the internal storage to 1 GB so users should experience fewer space issues as they wait for Google to address the situation.

7. Built in tethering for 8 devices

The EVO doubles as a personal hotpost.

Most carriers discourage tethering an internet connection from your phone to other devices.

The EVO will actually ship with tethering built in and Sprint is marketing this as one of its biggest features. Customers will be able to setup a mobile hotspot with their phone that up to 8 other devices can connect (vs only 5 of their previous Overdrive hotspot).

I considered purchasing an Overdrive to use as a backup internet connection for work, but the EVO eliminates the need for a second device.

Three reasons to skip the Sprint EVO 4G

Ok so at this point, it sounds like the Sprint HTC EVO 4G might be too hard to resist.

Sprint did not reveal the actual launch price, but I don’t think it even matters for a device like this. The EVO is geared towards the business crowd and hardcore geeks who are willing to purchase it at any reasonable price point. The current Sprint 3G rate plans are fairly competitive with the industry, so it will be interesting to see what options they offer for the EVO 4G.

To be fair, lets look at three reasons to skip the EVO and hold out for another phone.

1. Coverage area

The EVO is a worthy purchase even if you plan to use it on 3G, but a 4G connection is required to take full advantage of the device and all its services. Sprint plans to cover 120 million people by the end of 2010, so visit the Sprint 4G site and check your coverage area.

The only other carrier to roll out a 4G-like nationwide network in 2010 is T-Mobile. They plan to cover 185 million people with HSPA+ by the end of this year, so stay tuned for more markets.

2. T-Mobile HSPA+ is faster than Sprint 4G WiMax

Speaking of T-Mobile, their new HSPA+ network will be the fastest available with nationwide coverage in 2010. Their current implementation of HSPA+ has a theoretical max of 21 Mbps which is double the 10 Mbps theoretical max of Sprint 4G WiMax.

T-Mobile will have a smartphone with HSPA+ support, but it will not be available till the second half of 2010.

Verizon is launching 25-30 markets with 4G LTE late this year, but they will not have a LTE handset till summer 2011. AT&T will also adopt LTE for 4G, but does not expect a handset till 2012.

3. Android updates

Finally – if you always want to have the latest version of Android loaded on your phone, go with the Nexus One. The N1 uses the stock version of Android and should always be the first handset to receive whatever the latest version is out. The EVO will launch with HTC’s Sense UI (on top of Android 2.1) and HTC normally lags a few months before bringing their firmwares up to date.

Poll: Who do you think comes out on top?

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Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website Mitsu8

    Why do you people insist that the Evo 4g has an AMOLED screen?? It does not!

    • http://Website connie

      Because we are people who lives on earth, and you are an alien who lives in mars?

      As for amoled, my 99.9% is that its screen are amoled — Htc hd2 (closest resemblance of EVO) has amoled screens, why on earth, will this superphone wouldn’t have that piece of glass? Also, on its early impressions (supersonic phone) the amoled term has been brought by geeks:

      • Darshan

        This video specifically says that it is NOT an AMOLED screen. Skip to 1:50 into the video.

        • http://Website Derek

          Sprint website clearly states it is.

          Type: amoled captive multi-touch
          Size: 4.3 inches wga
          Resolution: 800×480 (WVGA)
          HDMI output: YES

          • http://Website mitsu8

            Well Sprint’s specs are wrong. Its obvious by looking at the pics and videos that the screen that it’s not AMOLED. It looks like the HD2′s TFT screen.

          • http://Website Covert

            are you retarded? you can’t just add the word amoled and make your point… it does NOT say amoled, and if it did, it would say AMOLED, (amoled is not a word, it’s a compilation of words…..) and the screen is TFT as has known to have been since release… stop bickering and actually do some research… TFT LCD is the screen that will come on the EVO

          • http://Website Lee

            It’s TFT… if you happened to watch any of the video, read the reviews… they clearly state that the phone has a TFT screen.

      • http://Website shen

        I like it too … I’m just worried about monthly charges to use it.
        The current cost is $59.99/month for Sprint’s 4G mobile hotspot. That doesn’t include phone service.

        I’m guessing the Everything plan for this phone will start at $99.99/month, but I’m hoping we can still get this phone and not have to use 4G if that pricing is accurate. I’d get it if we can still use the $69.99 Everything plan.

        Better than its concept phone actually. See the comparisson:

      • http://Website Covert

        just look at the pictures in the link you posted… do you see the backlight washing out???? AMOLED doesn’t even have a backlight, if it were amoled all the black pixels would be dark too… you people know nothing about technology

        they don’t even make AMOLED at 4.3 in WAYYYY TOO expensive… they do make OLED at 4.3 though but this still doesn’t change the fact that it is TFT, not only because it has been released with such information but you pictures prove it so by having a backlight wash to the pictures

      • http://Website KevinC
    • http://Website AdamT

      Ever read reviews about phones with amoled screens? Outdoor visibility is poor…so quite frankly I’m happy the Evo doesnt have it.

    • http://Website comeonsprint
  • http://Website Ben Tolmachoff

    Do I want the EVO 4G? Of course; I’d be stupid if I didn’t. However, I’m more than satisfied with my Nexus One on T-Mobile, and if I really crave an HD device with a monster screen, the HD2 will easily satisfy my need.

    This is an extremely sexy and also an important phone, no doubt. But just like every other shiny new gadget, the upgrade is only a few months away.

    Hats off to HTC though. They really outdid themselves with this thing. I bet Apple is feeling some heat from this device (the lawsuits are making sense now: Apple can’t stand being outdone)

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    I would jump on the EVO if it weren’t for a) the ridiculous price you know it’s going to be, and b) the fact that I can’t drop T-Mobile until my G1 contract expires. I’m not paying an ETF.

  • Alan Wilensky

    The HSPDA+ Speed may have a higher peak, but it has a lower coding efficiency and WIMAX will deliver an overall better and more reliably even speed as rated. No Caps for Clearwire services, either.

    • http://Website mitsu8

      We’ll see about that.

      • http://Website mmark27

        They have already said officially that there is NO CAP on data!

        Also, for the doubters, the 4G service will be the same price as the 3G service. Sprint has strongly suggested this and they have never said that 4G may carry extra surcharges.

        Evo4G is going to be THE superphone even if it is on 3G.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      We will have to wait and see, but all the hands on tests I have seen for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ show that it offers faster download speeds than Sprint’s WiMax.

      • http://Website J. Mc

        Pretty sure that the N1 is hspa+ 7.2 out of the box, so when T-mobile has the network running, won’t the N1′s theoretical max crush 4G’s average speed?

        • http://Website Dgourd

          You are comparing a theoretical max with actual speeds. The average speeds will never actually reach that theoretical max. Sprint’s 4G network has a theoretical max of 10 mbps so it still crushes the N1

          • http://Website garet

            Ok before the update on T-mo I am getting 2 mbps and Wimax will have 3-6 doesnt sound like it will be crushed by anything.

          • http://Website J. Mc

            Well, see, here’s the thing about that – It’s all about headroom and backhaul.

            Right now, T-Mobile does NOT have the backhaul infrastructure to support anythign close to the 21Mbps that they’re touting for HSPA+. But when they do, overall average speed will increase closer to 3-4 Mbps.

            Additionally, you have to consider headroom. packet transfers and multiplexing take place in the headroom of a wireless signal. How close you can get to theoretical max (assuming backhaul is not an issue) is a function of how many packets vs the total room you have to move them in. Think of it like those old sliding-piece puzzles we played with as kids.

            Now, Sprint has reported 10Mbps theoretical max with user average speeds in the 4-6 Mbps range. Assume clear, strong signal and minimum traffic and you are using 66% of the theoretical max.

            T-Mobile is reporting 21Mbps, meaning WAY more headroom, and thus more possibility of approaching theoretical max with an equipped device. Thus you’ll see more N1s getting closer to 7.2 more often than you would on Sprint’s network.

            As a complicating factor, though…it’s very possible to reprogram the baseband of standard HSPA devices to “tune in” on HSPA+ because the packet transfer protocal is extremely similar. Thus you can very well have a lot of modders hyping up to HSPA+, which will drag everybody down on actual max numbers, especially if the backhaul isn’t up to the task.

        • http://Website worldbfree4me

          At this time: Sprint/Clear do not have a cap on 4G. However, T-Mobile will cap @ 5GB and I’m sure Verizon and ATT will follow suit. Also, why on earth would Clear open up the Spectrum wide open when their is no competition. I’m sure if they wanted too, we could see easily 15mbs down and 6mbs up from Clears network. In addition, Sprint and Clear have made it clear (no pun intended) that they could intergrate LTE onto the Spectrum if need be as a company named Beecham has created an WiMaxx/LTE chip that’s ready to ship.

    • http://Website Chris

      While AT&T and the other networks will have faster 4g speeds (when they finally get to market). Sprint has far more capacity in thier netoworks to support the amount of data thats about to hit thier networks. The last I read At&T is nowhere close capacity wise.

  • http://Website johnwebster

    1 Reason not to get the EVO 4G, ITS HUGE!
    I saw someone on the train with an htc hd2 last week, it looked ridiculous. Prefer the smaller phones that you can fit in your jeans pocket.

    • http://Website Name (required)

      You must wear skinny tight jeans?

    • http://Website akil

      if your a girl that’s 5’2 with small hands, with a phone that big then its gonna look retarded but if your a guy taller than 5’10 the phone in your hands wont look that bad

      i’m 6’0 and my nexus one is barly even visible in my hand when i talk on it

      • http://Website Fuzzy

        My grandma used to say, make sure you marry a girl with small hands. I asked her why? And she said, “It will make your ‘stuff’ look bigger!”

        My wise old grandma was correct. This phone will look ridiculous in my girl friend’s hands.

  • http://Website Hyperion

    don’t believe the hype. that thing’s the brick of superphones/devices.

    • http://Website 6knowspring

      What do you mean that it’s the break of smartphones?

  • Zacqary Adam Green

    In November, the Droid was the best phone ever.

    In January, the Nexus One was the best phone ever.

    In February, the HTC Desire was the best phone ever.

    In March, the EVO 4G is the best phone ever.

    In the first half of April, there will be a new best phone ever, and another one in the second half of April.

    There will be a new best phone ever in each week of May.

    To paraphrase Weird Al, your new phone’s got the clocks, it rocks, but it was obsolete before you opened the box.

  • http://Website alex

    iPhone 4g on T-mobile HSPA+ coming out in the summer

    • Dr.Jeckyl

      Seriously? Buh-bye.

    • http://Website MrSatoV

      For those married to iPhone no matter what else is out there, yeah, they’ll think its great. But we’ve seen the specs that leaked out and it’s nothing to brag about. Evo hands down.

      However, I also recently read about the 1.5 Ghz HTC phone coming out probably either end of summer or just in time for xmas shopping.

      All that said, the Evo is the first phone that seems to meet all of my needs and wants, and beyond that, I don’t care what comes out. After the Evo, my next phone would have to be free, AND better to make m switch.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    The wife has already committed to letting us upgrade to the N1 and we’re pretty happy with T-Mo so the N1 for sure. Would be nice to have the bigger screen though. Besides I like to have the latest update as soon as possible so waiting on HTC to update the Sense ROMs would be a pain.

  • @robotmaxtron

    I love love love my NexusOne on T-Mobile and actually just broke a quite fresh contract with Sprint but I feel like most of these features the evo touts aren’t really so special. HSPA+ i honestly think is going to blow WiMax away. Tethering is not native but can be done on rooted and non rooted android phones alike already. As for increased storage, yes that’s nice but running Cyanogenmod AppstoSD in place there’s no need for that either.

    Really the only super neat stuff about the EVO is the 4.3in screen and the hdmi out. I would LOVE to get hdmi on my phone as i use it to store music, movies, tv shows, comic books whatever. The front facing camera i can’t imagine anybody is going to seriously ever use (although the 8mp camera is attractive) All in all a nice phone, but nothing earth shattering.

    I would never go to sprint for the phone, but if you had to (or choose not to leave) Sprint I probably would get the EVO over the N1 for the Sense UI and the HDMI over the N1, but that’s about it.

    • http://Website chewtoy

      It’s silly “I can’t imagine it’ll ever get used” attitudes like that which have kept video calling from becoming ubiquitous. It’s ONLY attitudes like that.

      It’s like when you work in an enterprise and all the people scoff at the usefulness of instant messaging and voip and video calling, and then you hand them OCS client (because that’s one of the few unified communications clients companies are starting to accept).

      You ask a manager in a remote office to just press the ‘share desktop’ button before he describeIs his problem, even just ONE TIME, and suddenly that whole remote office is clamoring for OCS a few days later.

      Then you IM someone in the office and press the voice call button, and start *talking* to them without their picking up the phone, and you get a similar reaction.

      Then you hit the video call button. The light goes on and their world changes forever. Suddenly a guy with a laptop and a webcam is showing you live video of the problem with the building security system, and later he’s telling everyone how cool it is.

      You don’t think a front-facing camera will be used because you are short on imagination. All phones should have cameras facing both directions (or on swivels), and all of them should have video conferencing built in. It’s 2010, for crying out loud!

      • http://Website MrSatoV

        Amen brother, you said it. My brother sent my mom a cell phone from London a few years ago and it had cameras in both directions. Too bad the carrier here couldn’t handle the video call. Its a oooooold idea that who knows why hasn’t taken off. I hope it will very soon. I’m optimistic because so many people are video conferencing using Skype on a PC now. I’m looking to ditch the PC all-together!

    • http://Website seekis

      I agree with having the most up to date updates. That’s the only thing that is making me want to hold out for sprints release of the N1 later this year. I just don’t know how pong I will be able to wait after the eve’s released

  • http://Website lolobabes

    I like my N1 better, Supersonic(Sprint HTC EVO 4G) is quite too big(bigger than iphone?),darn! Desire is big enough but this is a monster!!! lol

    But if I get one for free, why not?!?!? ahihihihi

    • http://Website ontheFritz

      I kind of agree with the size thing. My nexus is the perfect size to stay in my pocket even with a case. The evo screen looks great, but I’ve fallen too much in love with my nexus to feel that bad about my decision.

  • Manly Man

    For Me the price for this phone would be the selling point for me to pick this over N1!

  • http://Website ROb

    oOh Spriint. I can’t blame you for tryiing. My N3XU5 0N3 will always be my number one. This deviice is soo stunning. But I must say. The HTC Evo came out of now where. But unfortunatley its available for a network speed that isn’t available and by the time it is. Magenta will already have HSPA on stand by…not to mention the millions spent on getting everyone to upgrade to Smartphones.

    The Nexus 2 will shiine throughout upon release…that will be a truue Super Phone! xD

  • stalker

    I’ve nexus one. But I love this phone too..

  • http://Website Abdul Mannan WAHEED

    Well I am htc PDA phone user last 3 years without any issue.
    I will waith for htc Evo 4G :-)

  • http://Website Brad

    Why does everybody talk and quote “lab” data speeds when the talk about GSM data service. We’ll see how it actually does when it hits the real world with real live customers loading it down. Also it’s not like WiMAX will be stagnant there are newer specs to increase speeds.

    How do you know Sprint/Clearwire will not bump up their WiMAX speeds?

    • http://Website MrSatoV

      Seriously, who needs faster than wimax? When is it fast enough? Give me 2mps and I’ll be very happy. It is enough to do very decent video calls and watch 720p streaming video. You need more on a phone?

  • http://Website Stephen

    I think for me it comes down to a couple of things. First is how much this thing might cost, so that could make or break it for me. Sure all the hardware on this phone is awesome, however there seems to be no forecasted date for 4G here in Michigan so that really is not a selling point at all.

    My one hesitation is one of the things you stated above, updates to the phone. That is the one thing in my opinion that usually puts the N1 ahead cause I really do not want to wait 3 to 6 months for XYZ provider to put out an update.

  • SHaitien

    I voted EVO but I’d really like to have an HTC Supersonic on T-Mobile. I’ve looked around and still can’t find a better family plan deal, so I’m staying with T-Mobile.

    • http://Website Joel

      Sprint’s plans offer more at the same price

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  • http://Website Miguel

    A bit smitten by the latest and greatest are we? I see alot of glossing over some big reasons not to get the EVO.

    It’s a great phone, but price is a big factor, yet it’s unknown and the entire point is cast aside here. Some people want a bigger screen. I like it, but I would have to see how comfortable it is to use everyday.

    Noce phone. Basically the HD2 with some nice upgrades and running Android!

  • http://Website treefq

    I am a giant living in a small world. I don’t fit through doorways easily, I am always hitting my head on some, like light fixtures. Dont fit in average size cars.

    what loots funny is those puny little phones in my hands. All you guys complaining about the keyboard size make me laugh. If its hard now, try it with my hands.

    I am actually looking forward to the EVO. Finally a phone that will be comfortable in my hand!!!!

    • http://Website The Gr8 1

      I agree with you TOTALLY. I have to bend over for everything. I have a Blackberry Curve and I have grown to love the puny keyboard but the phone disappears into my palm(even sideways-thumb across. I played with an EVO yesterday and it has me hooked.

  • Jonathan

    I think if the Nexus One gets 720p video recording, it would go a long way toward closing the gap between the two phones. Does the EVO have dual mics?

    • http://Website mmark27

      yes, dual mics. It is a standard on HTC phones now.

  • William Furr

    There’s no question, the EVO is the top tier Android phone now. Anyone who says different is just trying to rationalize their purchase or contract.

    I just hope T-Mobile comes out with something better this summer. I’m due for an upgrade.

    • http://Website Miguel

      How is it the “top phone” when it’s not even out yet? It’s due out “sometime in Summer 2010″. Theoretically that could be between now and September 23.

      More probable is that another higher-spec phone will be announced, and maybe even released, before the EVO.

  • http://Website Berserko

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that after tmobile switches to the faster network, Google will update the Nexus One accordingly, (HQ YouTube, better apps, etc.). The only thing that wouldn’t change is the hardware. This still puts the Nexus One in the top echelon of smartphones. And it is the best out right now!

    • anakin78z

      I don’t see why they couldn’t update it right now. There’s this thing called wifi I use all the time. Faster than 4g.

  • http://Website Anthony

    Can anyone tell me if you will be able to talk and web browse at the same time if not N1 all the way.we gotta learn to keep our phones for a while cause the feed on our lusts

  • http://Website EMoney

    FYI, T-Mobile already has several handsets that will run on and support HSPA+, including the Cliq, CliqXT, MT3G, & Behold 2, not to mention the HD2.

  • OMG Android App Reviews

    I am personally going for the HTC Desire as its perfect for someone in the UK.

  • http://Website Denns P

    Well I have the N1.

    Mine has apps2d so unlimited app space.

    I have wifi tethering.

    I have Youtube with HQ enabled over 3g.

    I have a 3.7 inch screen thats AMOLED not TFT like the evo.

    And being in New York i am getting HSDPA+ speeds already 6 megs a second is PLENTY for me. Screw 4g.

    Keeping Nexus one all the way

    • http://Website LockedNLoaded

      “WIFI Tethering”???

      That was the ABSOLUTE DUMBEST thing that I have ever heard. WHAT IDIOT would connect to a WIFI connection that is tethered from your phone, when you could connect directly to the WIFI connection DIRECTLY???? What a D.A. Even if u were “WIFI Tethering” a desktop, it would be better to get a wireless adapter via usp. JUST DUMB!

      • kmccann

        wow dude…way to not know what you are talking about. try a google search for wifi tether.

  • http://Website Andy

    As far as I can tell the Evo will probably hit the market at least 6 months after the Nexus One did. In today’s wireless environment, 6 months is actually quite a long time. It’s wholly unsurprising that there will be phones that will surpass the Nexus One’s specs by this summer.

    For N1 owners that have to have the latest and greatest, there are some positives. The N1 still has great specs and has gotten tons of attention from modders if you want to really push the performance (it’s possible using various hacks and ROMs to overclock the processor, free up more RAM, use Sense UI, and store apps on an SD card). Secondly, many people bought the N1 unsubsidized – if you HAVE to have the Evo you can sell the N1 on eBay and you won’t take a massive financial hit.

  • http://Website Mark

    I don’t understand this site’s usage of the term “4G Android Apps” lately. You can argue that 4G would be nice to have for all those “bandwidth hungry” apps. But this site keeps using the term “4G app” as if there are going to be apps that only work when your device is connected to a 4G network.

    Um hello, my Nexus One can connect to WiFi and have access to faster internet speeds than 4G will ever support. Any app that requires at least 4G speeds will work just fine on my Nexus One connected to Wifi.

    As for the Evo, yeah it’s a sweet device, but I’ll be sticking with my Nexus One. The ability to get Android OS updates as soon as they are available is too important to me.

    And the HDMI port on that phone? What is the use case for that exactly? If I want to watch a video file or youtube or something on my TV that’s what my HTPC is for.

    Are you going to run a HDMI cable to your couch so that you can hold your phone and control the video (pause, rewind, etc…) with the phone in your hand? Or are you going to hop up and run over to the TV to pick up your phone every time you want to pause a video or something? I just don’t see the appeal.

    • BmoreBadBoy

      That’s actually a good point. And there’s no infrared port, so no dice on trying to get a universal remote to control playback. There is bluetooth though. I’m sure you could jerry-rig a bt keyboard or some other bt input device that would allow you to control playback comfortably from your living room couch.

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    Geeeeeeeez, I don’t even understand the level that some people have to feel jealous and have to act as if because people get excited about something, idiots have to justify the purchase of their phone by trying to be negative. OK WE GET IT, you spent your money on a N1 and you are happy. SO WHAT!! Dont try and poo poo on a newer device just because people are getting excited over it. Guess what?? Noone is asking you to switch your N1 for the EVO. But please make no mistake about it, just because you like the N1 doesn’t mean its the best phone in the universe. Maybe to you in world you are living in, but people have the choice to disagree with you and get whatever phones they want. And if they want this phone, STFU and go play with your N1.

  • http://Website jackhat

    I have a Sprint Hero and I gotta say, as bad as.s as this phone looks, I’m not sure ill ever buy anything with sense again. I have been waiting like five months for an Android update (that was promised “soon”)


    • http://Website brandt00

      I am in the same boat!

  • http://Website russ

    i love my nexus one. not gonna lie, already feeling a bit of envy and its not even out yet, but i think the more highpowered android devices, the better! what better way to get the best apps to the system we ALL take advantage of?

  • http://Website chewtoy

    I’m on Sprint because of the combo of cost and coverage.

    They’re the only carrier with both reasonable prices AND good coverage. TMO’s coverage area is pathetic — Sprint phones roam onto Verizon, without causing me to pay the Verizon prices.

    So what I’m really waiting for is a good Android phone on sprint.

    If the N1 comes to sprint very soon, it may be my purchase. If I have to wait for the EVO, Sprint better hope Apple doesn’t release the next iphone, because 1) I have no doubt it’ll be another leap forward and 2) my work will pay the difference in bill between AT&T and Sprint. :-)

  • http://Website Ali

    that whole, sense ui taking longer to update arguement shouldn’t be implemented just yet… how many stock android phones have been updated to 2.1? as far as i know the update dates on most phone are pretty close together… so i dont think it’ll make a big difference… im sure htc will make sure their handsets with their sense ui have a fighting chance to compete having the latest update… or atleast they’ll pressure to let google give them a headstart to start updating sense…

    • http://Website Ty

      Exactly. Wasn’t this argument trotted out when the Moto Droid was introduced? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Hero/Eris update come first. Sprint has promised Q1 2010 for Hero, and HTC already has Sense running well on 2.1; the leaked Eris and Legend roms are solid and quite snappy.

  • http://Website zzz

    I have Nexus ONe now. Will buy the EVO on the first day it is available. I am in Europe, with no 4G coverage in my city. My weeeks salary is around 120 USD. And I will buy the EVO no matter what price it comes. I may pay +40% more then US geeks, because I am in Europe.
    Now you ask a big “WHY all this ?”

    Because of specs !!!!

    • http://Website cloud858rk

      The Evo is CDMA, not GSM. And most CDMA carriers don’t let you take your phones from another network on theirs.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      Dude really $120 USD? You need to buy more important stuff like food and clothes than a phone. In the USA teenagers make more money than that working at a fast food restaurant (since the min. wage is like $7.25 and the teenager works 4 hours a day for 5 days. That equals $145 USD)

      That doesn’t apply if you are a teenager but still, you better NOT buy anything you don’t need for like a year to buy this phone unlocked (if they let you)

      • http://Website Nithin Jino

        With that salary you better be happy that you got the N1

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  • http://Website Rich G

    The only sticking point with the EVO is the network.

  • http://Website Matt

    This phone looks great, if a bit huge. I’ll stay happy with my Nexus One thanks. Sure the ECO specs out higher and has some really great features, but 5 months down the road something will drop that will make the EVO look dated and then I might start to get a little antsy.

    Lets face it, the Nexus One isn’t a low spec phone by any means, and will be updated accordingly. It should stay quite competitive for a good while.

  • d4yw41k3r

    CDMA? HTC r u nuts??!
    There are willing customers in Europe who desire this phone! I dont’t care about LTE or WiMax, HSDPA is well enough. But the Supersonic/EVO would have been perfect for my needs.

    Lets hope HTC will also come with a GSM version, soon. Otherwise I dont know what phone to buy next. The SE X10? Brrr, I dont like the blue interface – looks like cripple MS Windows. And the HTC Legend? Its nice, but with a 768 MHz CPU? Naaaay.

  • http://Website Jerry

    ONe reason to go with the Nexus one is because it’s more hackable.. more support in the XDA forum for STOCK android devices… you hsould have added that

    I’m still wondering which one I should grab… 4G should be available in Boston pretty soon… I wish I could have both .. so i can switch between N1 and Evo for Sprint..

  • http://Website Jackson
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  • krazytrixxxsta

    android phones just keep getting better and better.

  • Pingback: 5 reasons to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S – Android and Me()

  • http://Website Mocha K

    I just looked at the HD2 for tmobile, and it makes this phone look like poop…ha…You cant count on a phone to be the best forever.

  • Pingback: Reasons to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S |

  • http://Website Solrac

    wake up people!

    the Nexus One still is the best phone in the US. you’ll always have the latest software/features. it’s the best looking device also.
    -the Droid still isn’t on 2.1
    -the Desire is only in Europe
    -the Galaxy isn’t nowhere close to be launched, & it’s GPU is mostly for games which isn’t heavily supported in the 1st place
    -the Evo isn’t out! it’s months away! 4G is only in a handful of areas. the front-facing camera isn’t supported yet. The soft keys take up 80% of the screen. WiMAX will eat your battery in no time.

    • http://Website John

      N1 is a great phone, saying its the best in the US is an opinion.

      I believe you are the one who needs to wake up, technology is being pushed to the limits everyday and it looks like there is no end in sight. Today’s phones will be outdated tomorrow.

      You should just pick a phone that works best for you and is something that you’ll be happy with. Everyone is getting caught up on the hype of new more powerful phones. Same goes with Cars, Televisions, Computers, EVERYTHING

      Relax, its only a matter of a short time before something newer and better gets released.

      • http://Website ed

        Amen…..wake up, go outside and breath some fresh air……sometimes people can be happy with things that aren’t broken!

  • Pingback: Watch the Sprint EVO 4G demonstration – Android and Me()

  • http://Website me

    1 reason not to choose the EVO……Sprint. Enough said.

    • http://Website david sommers

      1 reason to choose the EVO…..Sprint! I’m sick of over paying on Verizon. Now i get to try on sprint 30 days free and pay much less. I cant wait!

    • http://Website LockedNLoaded

      Sounds like someone who is in SF using his Iphone at 2G speeds that sues At&t complaining about someone on sprint with 4g and putting them down. How about u do some research on sprint’s Premier Program, their everything data packages that let’s u talk to any cell phone customer at alot less than your iphone plan. Dude I WORK FOR AT&T (formally Bellsouth) and I have worked for Sprint. I would NEVER EVER EVER choose At&t over Sprint for 100 years. Cost wise Sprint is WAY better. At my job, my sprint phone works & At&t doesn’t, IN THE AT&T building!

      Get a clue. With the LEAST expensive plan for an Iphone with just 450 minutes, it would cost you 39.99 for the plan. 30 for the net(required), and 20 for texting. Thats 90 plus tax which is easily a Ben Frank a month.

      with a 450 plan with sprint it’s 69.99 and you get 7pm nights and weekends and the same thing with net and text PLUS you can call any cell phone in the US and not use your mins & IMO have a BETTER phone than the Iphone 3g or 3gs. You could even double your mins and go to 900 mins for the $90 you would pay at&t and still have 7 pm and the any mobile feature.

  • http://Website Kenji O.

    This is a really nice point. As if I needed more reasons to go with the HTC Evo as my next phone. Thanks for posting!

  • http://Website CM

    Hmm, addressing some comments:

    Screen: It’s NOT AMOLED. It’s a TFT screen, just like the HD2. I know you’re seeing material that says it is a AMOLED screen, but it’s not. If you’ve been following it as closely as I have, you know that following the media coverage of this phone is like a bad game of telephone.

    WIMAX killing battery life: Uhhhh, no. Wimax takes LESS battery life than 3G. The phone is also coming with a 1500mAh battery. The HD2 (which has the same processor and screen) is getting a full day’s worth of use on a smaller battery.

    HD2 being a better phone: Uh, do your homework. Same processor, same screen. Lacking HDMI out, and a ton of other features. It’s not a better phone!

    Something better being released: Yep, it’ll happen. Soon we’ll have phones outputting 1080p video. Even a phone with a SuperAMOLED screen with these same specs would be a big deal.

    Size: The phone isn’t much bigger than an iPhone or N1. The screen is just larger.

  • Pingback: Reasons why you should and get the EVo «

  • http://Website John Cooper

    TFT is a deal killer for me. AMOLED would have made it the quantum leap I have been holding out for. If it means shrinking down the 4.3″ screen, in order to keep the cost down, so be it.

  • http://Website lol @ tmobile fan site

    lol tmobiles hspa SUCKS. Ever use it? Even sprint 3g beats it LOL

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  • http://Website coolfx35

    I’m very excited about the upcoming release of the Evo 4G here in Minnesota, someone has compiled a list of hands-on reviews of the HTC Evo 4G,

    hope you enjoy it.

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  • http://Website John

    you can delete your facebook here directly:

  • http://Website Chahk

    The only 3 reasons I’d want an EVO over my N1 are:
    1. Front-facing 2nd camera for Skype,
    2. HDMI out,
    3. 1GB built-in memory.

    Everything else my N1 can already do. FroYo brings tethering, 3G is fast enough, and bigger is not always better.

    No matter though, as NOTHING will make me switch to Sprint. GSM ftw!

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  • http://Website Lisa

    I have the Tmobile HTC HD2, has alot of bugs in it. Locks up alot and been through everything you can imagine to fix the issues, but the phone size is great, I love it! yes, it is bigger but for me I can toss in my purse and find it and the picture quality is great! My issue with tmobile is coverage :( I am switching to my husband’s Sprint acct friday and getting the EVO. All I can say is I look forward to the phone

  • http://Website Rob


    EVO users are REQUIRED to pay a $10.00 fee even if you have the unlimited plan. The fan base is enraged!

  • http://HTCEVOReview Suzie Hope

    The unleashing of the EVO 4G is sure to be beyond belief. I cannot wait to get in line and wait this phone out. My local Sprint store is going to be open at 8am. I hope this phone is not a failure like the Palm Pre. Such a horrible phone. I got a lot of good info from HTC EVO Review

  • http://Website does it matter

    fuckin geeks

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  • http://Website rob2 and guide to battery saving tips saved my phone. All of the full time auto syncing really wears down The battery. It would die at around 230 daily until the 20 tips were posted, not my EVO lasts all day. Love love love my EVO, I CAME FROM A T-MOBILE BLACKBERRY and my wife just switched from the iPhone after playing with mine after a week. A must have.

  • http://Website rob2

    She actually cancelled her iPhone 4 Preorder.

  • http://Website jay

    i would love to stay with tmobile as i live in the detroit metropolitan area and would be one of the first to receive the tmobile 21mbps 4g…. HOWEVER…. tmobile loses service when i get an hour away from where most of my family lives in ohio…. metropcs, verizon, cricket, sprint, virgin, and boost all get service just fine… tmobile is null from about kenton ohio to champaigne county, i cannot say farther than that bcuz i have not brought my phone farther… it is quite sad that they have the money to roll out supposedly the fastest 4g service, however what good is that service when you barely ever get reception…. sorry tmobile but i’ve already made up my mind, i’ve switched to sprint who is currently sold out of evo’s, they gave me a brand new hero temporarily until the store gets in the shipment of evo’s…. now thats customer service…. within the first hour of having sprint when i made my first call and it went to sprint customer service to check up how i was treated in the store and to welcome me, i was thoroughly impressed… i will be staying with sprint… i was with tmobile for 4 years too long… they advance technology without advancing coverage area… im so happy i get calls and texts in my bedroom now and don’t have to walk to the other side of the house to get service… good riddance tmobile… bring my my evo

  • http://Website OMG!!!!!!!!

    You nerds are ALL Hypernaughts and it must suck! LOL

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  • http://Website Juan Benito Camelot

    Yes I did it, after an extensive search on how to root Android, I came across to this web site Installed the app on my Mac, plug in the phone, and follow the instructions on the computer, (no files to add or remove) when completed I launched Wireless Tether and Shazam it works with no problem. Needless to say that there are many other ways to do root, but I found it way to complicated. ro

  • http://Website jim

    AAnybody know how to edit a calendar event?

  • Laundry Sorter

    living rooms should be decorated with style that is why i always get some living room decoration idea on the internet ~~:

  • http://Website yobmx

    evo is the best no more talkin if u hate the evo then go to The doctor and get some help quick

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  • http://Website mia

    my dad has one like 1 day

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  • baidu

    It regularly amazes me precisely how website owners for example your self can find enough time and the commitment to carry on making terrific blog posts. Your website isgreat and 1 of my must read web sites. I just had to thank you.

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