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AdMob: 70% of iPhone devs plan to develop for Android

AdMob has released a new publisher survey which highlights Android’s increasing popularity. Over 100 developers responded to the survey in which Android and iPhone were the top two mobile operating systems. Even though most devs use the iPhone as their personal device, the overwhelming majority are planning to develop for Android. Over 70% of iPhone devs are planning to create Android apps in the next six months.

Highlights of the survey include:

  • 31% of developers are currently developing for more than one mobile platform and almost half (47%) said they plan on developing on more than one platform in the next 6 months.
  • More than 70% of iPhone developers plan to develop for Android over the next six months and close to half of Android developers (48%) plan to develop for iPhone.
  • Many developers are new to mobile with 49% saying they have been developing for mobile less than a year.
  • 58% of respondents develop for the mobile web.

Hit up the source link for the full report.

68% of devs plan to target Android in the next 6 months.

Source: AdMob Publisher Survey

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  • http://Website Bouke

    I think it is more interesting to see that there are already more developers developing for the Android platform than the iPhone platform!

    Great news

    • http://Website Daniel

      More developers using AdMob, not (necessarily) more developers overall. Which makes sense, considering how it’s harder to monetize on Android. Ads are more often the best way to go.

      • http://Website J. Mc

        How/why harder to monitize on Android?
        Cheaper buy-in than Apple
        Same number of ways to pay (or does AT&T allow carrier billing?)
        pricing is competitive
        Rotating “featured” section that isn’t dependent on previous downloads
        taken on a per-phone basis, I would think that Android would be *easier* to monetize, but not being in the game except as a consumer, I really don’t know.
        Help me to understand?

        • http://Website Daniel

          For one, it’s harder because there’s a smaller target audience, which is further reduced by the fact there are so few countries where people are given the choice of purchase. The list of countries where you can sell apps is even smaller – I couldn’t sell apps in the Market even if I wanted to, for example; ads are pretty much my only choice.

          Statistics also demonstrate Android owners are less likely to pay for apps, and theories about that are abound – like Android’s open-sourceness attracting the “everything should be free-as-in-gratis” mentality that often floats around Linux users. Or the Market being simply bad at discoverability (something that has improved with Android 1.6, but not everyone has it yet, unfortunately, and there are still ways to go anyway). And so on.

    • http://Website senia

      You gotta love the timing of Google – having a recent release of Android powered Phones then buying this mobile-advertising firm.

      Will Admob be The New Adsense for Mobile?

  • Killa

    I think that’s pretty cool. I mean Android developing for iPhone, and iPhone developing for Android. Kinda like you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours (I still don’t like Steve Jobs). Maybe now we’ll see iPhone quality games more often (not that we didn’t have some already).

    • http://Website Ali

      that makes like no sense at all…

      • Killa

        Uhh… how so?

        • http://Website Spinach

          I think Killa is reading this as: Apple is responsible for making iPhone apps, and they will now be making apps for Android. Likewise Google who is responsible for all Android apps, will now be making iPhone apps.

          I just gave myself a headache.

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  • http://Website Mike

    I can’t help bringing this up. I thought Steve Jobs said “Java is dead.” Wouldn’t this be the proverbial “dead” ghost coming back to haunt Mr. Jobs? I sure hope so. ;)

  • http://Website J. Mc

    How come they asked about WinMo 6.x but not Win7Phone?
    That’s supposed to be the 3rd leg of the smartphone wars…