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Adobe taunts Android fans with another cool Flash 10.1 demo

Want to watch live streaming games of the 2010 NCAA Final Four from the palm of your hand? You could if your phone supported Flash 10.1, but Adobe is not releasing it till after the tourney is over. Adobe feels your pain so platform evangelist Ryan Stewart uploaded a video to show you what you are missing. It actually looks pretty cool. Hopefully Adobe will have Flash 10.1 out in time for next year’s tourney.

Via: Flash Streamworks

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  • http://Website lo

    I am aching and desperately waiting to have this update on my N1! I mean, how many times, my hopes turned down, when a flash-movie player failed to load on my smartphone due to this lack! Please make this on the next OTA update! Reminiscing the first update:

  • http://Website John x

    I too am patiently waiting for flash player on my sexus 1…. Its going to be dope.

  • http://Website teleknEsis

    I’m really hoping that like all things android it leaks early and some crafty chef gets his hands on it. Looks like they’ve got a pretty functional version running so only a matter of time before it leaks…

  • AG Matt

    It might not be out until next year??? Or so this article makes it sound, I really hope not! Flash coming out will be such a big strike against Apple.

  • medwa

    This makes me even MORE anxious for the Verizon N1 release. I can’t wait to toss my Blackberry Storm!

  • stalker

    I am waiting for flash to be release for android. :)

  • http://Website Bob

    Wow, Viacom is going to be pissed that someone put a video showing their content on YouTube.

  • http://Website gad

    OMG…..not another video.we don’t need another video telling us what Adobe is capable of.When on God’s earth will it be released….phew

  • http://Website jay

    flash player for android is coming in july! june being the earliest!

  • http://Website jay

    flash player for android is coming in july!

  • Mike4

    Damn. I was just looking for a way to stream the games when I thought I would come here – just to see if there was any android news today. What a coincidence there’s a story about this. I really don’t understand why they don’t just release the alpha of Flash and let us start playing with it. Why taunt us?

    As far as the tourny, you’d think someone would have released an app that allows you to stream the games somehow. It seems like easy money to be made.

    Does anyone know of any way to at least stream the audio? I can’t find a shoutcast channel that does.

  • Greg Bulmash

    When I was bouncing around their site a couple of weeks ago, the only public mobile beta you could sign up for (though beta release was still pending) was Palm Pre. Android or Crackberry betas were still in the mysterious future.

  • http://Website JT_Royer

    I’m looking forward to not only the flash capabilities, but also the use of silverlight for streaming movies on netflix. :D Will definitely make my Droid a little sexier.

  • http://Website Guy Bailey

    Man this looks so hot it makes me do a sex wee.

    Seriously though, this is the one thing I use to beat iPhone drones about the head with – we’ve got flash and you haven’t.

    Except we haven’t – yet.

    Come on Adobe.

  • http://Website Richy

    Maybe i’m confusing adobe flash and macromedia flash, but all the flash demo vids seem to just be playing flash videos.

    Does this flash only do videos, or will it also display flash-based websites and flash-based games like miniclip?

    • Mike4

      Adobe Flash and Macromedia Flash are the same thing. Adobe bought Flash from Macromedia years ago. I think the question you meant to ask is whether Flash using a swf extension would also work since we’ve only seen videos of Flash flv movies. I can’t answer this definitively, but everything I’ve seen would indicate yes – we will also get swf and be able to view all Flash sites.

      • http://Website Richy


  • http://Website jay

    This is full flash it does everything! Videos, animated webpages, streaming music, everything!

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