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An unofficial Android-inspired theme for Chrome

Over 20 percent of our visitors use the Chrome browser so I thought some people might find this interesting. While digging around for a previous article I came across the site of Roman Nurik, Developer Programs Engineer at Google. He just released an unofficial Chrome extension called Robot Theme that was Android-inspired. Chrome themes can be easily installed (and removed) with a single click, so give it some love.

Know of any other Android inspired themes for Chrome? Post the links in the comments.

The Robot Theme by Roman Nurik.

Via: Roman Nurik

Source: Robot Theme

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  • http://Website Jack

    Awesome theme! Love it!

  • http://Website Mike

    Great theme.

  • http://Website Shane

    Now if someone would just give me a free android device.

    • http://Website Jack

      Haha…I know how you feel! I have yet to own an Android powered phone! I want one sooooo bad.

      • Ken

        I’ll second that- been rockin my HTC Touch 6900 w/ winmo 6 for way too long- contract is up later this year. All this Apple lawsuit crap makes me want an Android phone that much more!!! Thanks Apple!

        • http://Website Brandon Hatch

          Hahaha that’s awesome! Best response to that bull incident yet. Great wallpaper btw!!

  • Ricky Olivares

    Its cool! I only wish the designer had changed the default buttons. Like the home and refresh buttons.

  • Lemon

    I made one for firefox ages ago here:

    • http://Website Svashtar

      Yeah, but FireFox sucks, and sorry to tell you, your theme sucks too (in comparison with this one of course). :o)

      No hard feeling though.

      • http://Website sansenoy

        Firefox is by far the best web browser in existence; until chrome gets noscript, download statusbar, video download helper (dream on) and a separate search box, it doesn’t really stand a chance for a serious user (on windows only)…

        • http://Website Ile

          Why would you want a separate search box when you can do everything in one box?

  • E-man

    Really fun theme. I’m glad to have come across it. :)
    I’ve been looking for a new chrome theme and this hit the spot.

  • Jonathan Frederickson

    A Chrome theme? That actually looks good? Unheard of!

  • DailySmartPhone

    Hey thanks for the post. I just installed it. Looks great.

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  • Weeds

    Great theme, Thanks!

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  • Olsenvon

    Hi all!… i didnt get the chance of install this theme cause aparently is deleted from google extensions… does anybody nows why?? and somebody have the installer?

  • Dexif

    An error occurred:
    Item not found. This item may have been removed by its author.

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  • Dalka

    Great theme, Thanks! I like firefox.

  • desreg2913

    been using it quite some time =)

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