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Android 2.1 leaks out for Verizon Droid Eris

Someone claiming to work for HTC in China has leaked the Android 2.1 firmware for the Verizon Droid Eris on the XDA-developers forum. There were some issues with the initial dump that was posted, but the devs were able to repair it and successfully flash it to their phone.

The ROM appears to be fully functional and includes the new version of Sense UI. Like we predicted, some Android 2.1 features were not included (no live wallpapers).

Instructions for flashing the ROM are available on XDA, but only expert users should attempt it at this point. Several other devs are also working to port some of the code over to the CDMA HTC Hero.

Even though we now have proof an Android 2.1 firmware is available, it could still be several months before Verizon actually rolls this out. All we know at this point is to look for it in Q2 2010. Part of me thinks Google is working with the carriers to have a coordinated release of Android 2.1 across multiple handsets at the same time.

Now the waiting game begins.

Android 2.1 running on the Droid Eris.

Source: xda-developers

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  • http://Website Kyle

    I believe that Google is doing something with all carriers because right now it looks like (according to this sites articles and TmoNews) that when people get 2.1/2.0 it will be in Q2. It may be a few months but hey, it’s better than Q3/Q4!

  • http://Website sma

    Why would it be Q2 when VZW and/or HTC said Q1? Link to the sudden change in release date, please.

    Sounds like most people got it working with no problems, while some hit a few bumps. Still, no one seems to have failed to get it running.
    Sample space: about 30

  • Willie

    Is the wait almost over?
    Haven’t heard of anyone who has bricked their phone doing the 2.1 flash yet.
    I would bet they want 2.1 as close to perfect as they can get it. Then send it to everyone at once.

  • Dylan Andersen

    Good note to say is that the CDMA Hero devs have acknowledged they still cannot get the camera or sensors to work without specific Hero drivers and source. It’s a better, more stable build than the 2.0.1 GSM Hero leak they were working off.

  • http://Website Ramon

    Hmm Android fragmentation won’t be so bad after all these updates!!

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  • http://Website andrew

    I really hope the 2.1 firmware comes out for droid, and soon. That looks mad nice.

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    Well I can confirm that it is ported to the Sprint HTC hero and works very well. Still no camera, mms or vvm but very smooth and fast.

  • http://Website Yenot71

    Just put 2.1 on my Eris and it looks to be the real deal it has all the verizon stuff that came on the 1.5 eris rom and more stuff, it runs so smooth

  • http://Website Justin

    I just updated to 2.1 firmware on my eris and everything works perfect. Camera, sms, email, applications (google goggles, handcent, mobilebuzz, etc) I had to redownload all my apps but everything on my sd card stayed. Its moving incredibly smooth and way faster than with 1.5 when I bought it. I love it and im glad I did it, I hate waiting…Im pleased tho.

    • http://Website rs

      Hello Justin,

      Is there a way that I can upgrade my droid eris to 2.1? I tried downloading the zip file, it threw me an error.

      Do you have any suggestions?



  • phil253

    Decided to go ahead and update now. works great! Its like having a new phone! This is what I’ve been waiting for.

  • http://Website stentor142

    This photo is fake!

  • http://Website gtj

    How did you guys update?Ive got the euro hero and would love to bump to 2.1. Can you point me in the download/instructions direction

    • http://Website Mark

      Never thought we’d turn this around but, CDMA roms won’t work on the gsm hero.

    • http://Website Mikecoffee

      Head over to xda and the rom is available for hero gsm and cdma hero

  • http://Website Michael Reimer

    Where does one find 2.1 for Eris? How does one download it? How does one install it? When will the Verizon Version be available? Thanks.

  • http://Website zach

    Maybe now that it’s been leaked Verizon will push to release it sooner rather than later since there’s hype about it now.

  • http://Website peter

    I just bought the Eris from a Verizon store. The salesman indicated that he thought it would be a couple of weeks from when the firmware update would come. Not sure if that was accurate.

    • http://Website TheBreeze

      Unfortunately, “a couple of weeks” is their response to most questions… :-(

  • http://Website Brian

    I installed this ROM and it is working perfectly. The turn by turn navigation is awesome!! Google Goggles is cool, but not compelling yet. The ability to pinch and see all of my desktops is very cool. It’s extremely stable, and faster than the 1.5 firmware.

    • http://Website kevin

      how did you install the software and i how can get the 2.1 on my eris droid phone.please email me back and let me know Thanks.

  • http://Website webchaser

    Any updates on 2.1 for Eris? Motorola Droid has been delayed.

  • http://Website alec

    I heard from a VZW employee it should only be a week or two now until the final release

    • http://Website kevin

      i sure hope so

  • http://Website Jesse

    well im DL the legit (OTA) 2.1 now!! sweet update nice add on very happy. be warned gets about 2/3 way then waits there for a few mins. dont worry it didnt freeze just slow to move on. for vague list of whats new

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