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Android app video review: Timeriffic

Our new site is still a couple months off, but one of our big areas of focus is going to become apps and games. We have not been consistently posting reviews and that is going to change. In order to ramp up, we are bringing on a couple new contributors to help with both written and video reviews.

Alex is one new guy we are trying out and he has filmed a quick review of Timeriffic.

Timeriffic does one thing: it can mute or un-mute the global Android ringer at a specified time of the day.

Example: Got class M, W, F at 8am (we’re sorry for ya), use Timeriffic to

  • Un-mute your volume from 7am – 8am during the ride to class,
  • Switch to vibrate at 8am,
  • and then back to full volume at 9am.

If you have any suggestions of other apps you would like Alex to take a look at, please leave a comment.

Source: Rdrr Labs

From time to time we invite guest bloggers to contribute articles about various Android topics. This is one of those times...

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  • http://Website Christopher Cook

    Sounds like an extremely dumbed down version of the Android classic “Locale”. I’ll pass.

    • http://Website Nunya

      You sir, are an idiot!

      • http://Website Inquisitor

        I really hope you’re just calling him an idiot because he stated the obvious. Otherwise, you’re the idiot. Either way that was rude. Locale pwns this thing, although I haven’t checked out Setting Profiles or any of those other apps so I won’t comment on those. This app looks really useless compared to everything else.

        • http://Website Brantyr

          Locale also pwns your wallet at $10 (and the beta version has a killswitch). This does what I want for free and doesn’t upload my personal info to strange websites like locale does –
          I’ll admit I haven’t tried other setting changer apps (except juice defender) because I hadn’t heard of them though.

          You sir, are an idiot, as is the first commenter.

  • http://Website del

    I suggest you check out Setting Profiles. It’s so much powerful and better than Locale.

  • Brian Stringfellow

    I switched to Timeriffic when my Locale beta expired. I really loved Locale, but as it turns out, I don’t need all the fancy features. Timeriffic and ‘Google Voice Locations’ is working out just fine.

  • http://Website ChaosKiller

    Looks really interesting, will look at it :)

  • http://Website Tim

    Timeriffic is different then Local in that it doesn’t use GPs at all it is conpletely time/date based, Also, it’s free.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Yet another volume app…

  • http://Website lolobabes

    I agree this seems like a simpler version of locale but its still very useful besides you dont need to turn on your gps.(battery drain)

  • http://Website Anon

    FoxyRing does the same, and more (e.g. change volume based on ambient noise level)…

  • Federico Elles

    Suggestion for an app for Alex to review: “Speed Dial Folder” (an additional App Launcher for less-frequently used apps).
    Disclosure: Yes, it is my app. I would love to receive some feedback about it – but no, it is not commercial, just hopefully as useful for others as for me :)

  • davidposso

    I really like this app, and the video review idea, thanks for it it is really helpful.

  • alex corbi


    Ich will suggest Alex to check my app Voice Alerts

    It basically use the text-to-speech library to read out loud the events that happen in your android phone.

    When you receive an email,sms or tweet the content will be read, specially useful while you are driving, also alerts the time, battery, wifi, bluetooth events and much more.

  • Eric

    This is a really great app. I used locale and this is a lot more useful because it is time based. Better yet keeps my wife getting angry at me when my phone goes off in the niddle of the night or I don’t have to worry about turning the volume back up in the morning. Just download it already lol.

  • Idan

    This is the app I was waiting for. I was really annoyed changing the settings again and again. Finally a great functional apply for my Nexus one.

  • Dean Williams

    On a basic level, this is about the only thing I missed from my BB Curve. Way too many times have I turned the volume down at night only to miss a few calls/texts the next morning because I forgot to turn it back up when I woke up.

  • Miguel Wickert

    Nice, thanks for sharing. I’ll check it out. :)

  • anakin78z

    Been using this app for a long time. Does exactly what I want it to do. Such a simple thing, but so great at the same time.

  • http://Website TWC

    Setting profiles will silent or vibrate your phone when it “sees” a busy appointment in your calendar. It also does when locale and timerrific will do.

  • http://Website jettrue

    Deleted this one… and one of biggest reasons… it’s very shallow of me… but this program had some of the ugliest graphics I’ve ever seen. As well as a confusing UI. I just can’t support ugly programs. Free or not. ;)

    Instead, I use Juice defender which also has a night mode (turns off data and makes the phone silent), and then I use audio manager to make home screen shortcuts to go direct from silent to vibrate to loud mode. Anyway, I prefer having control over it myself, as there are too many variables in my life.

    And I don’t want Locale… too much battery use and contant gps gathering.

  • http://Website Roze

    This app is a big battery hog!!! Uninstalled it after 2 days of tremendous battery drain from the app.

  • DJMoore

    All I want, folks, is to shut my ringer off for an hour or two on demand, like walking into a movie, joining a meeting, or sitting down to dinner, not necessarily on a given schedule.

    In effect, I want a profile that, when activated, lasts for a set time, then returns to normal. I do NOT NOT NOT want to have to set the time of day, just a duration.

    I also need the display to clearly show that the profile is active

    I don’t know why this needs to access my personal log, either.

    And I concur the UI is ugly.