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Android Events Calendar: March 2010

We launched the Android Events Calendar back in November and it started filling up over the last few months. If you are a hardcore Android nerd, you can easily subscribe to the Google calendar and get all the latest event updates directly on your phone (see original post for instructions). The calendar covers all Android related invents including podcasts, meetups, trade shows, earnings calls, product launch dates, and more.

Android events for March

Device Launches:

  • AT&T Motorola Backfliip: AT&T’s first Android phone goes on sale March 7, 2010 for $199 (plus $100 mail in rebate) with 2 year contract. The phone will feature Yahoo search instead of Google and it only ships with Android 1.5. Motorola should eventually upgrade the phone to Android 2.1, but users will be missing out on a lot of newer apps that require Android 1.6 or greater. AT&T is going to launch at least five Android phones this year, so we suggest waiting till next month to see what other choices might be available.
  • T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ XT: Motorola’s second Android phone for T-Mobile is exactly like their first (minus the keyboard). The CLIQ XT goes on sale March 10, 2009 for $129 with 2 year contract. Leaked information from Best Buy claims the phone could be as cheap as $99 with a 2 year contract. This is the cheapest T-Mobile has debuted an Android phone at, so you get what you pay for. Not to the hammer the point, but a new T-Mobile customer could also grab the Nexus One for $179 with 2 year contract.
  • Rumors: Look for a possible Verizon announcement about the Nexus One on March 23, the first day of CTIA.


  • Game Developers Conference: This year’s GDC takes place in San Francisco from March 9-13. Google is sponsoring the event and handing out Droid and Nexus One phones to all the developers. I think we could see a couple big studios announce Android plans and maybe an update on the Unreal Engine.
  • SXSW Interactive: South by Southwest is a set of interactive, film, and music festivals that take place in Austin, TX every spring. The Interactive conference will run from March 12-16. There are quite a few sessions on Android this year with several being hosted by Google. Eric Tseng will be talking about the Nexus One launch in a panel called, “What We’ve Learned About Mobile in the Last Two Months”. A Google Hackathon will also take place that provides a hands-on workshop where attendees will be able to build apps. We are hoping to attend, but there has been some issues with our press passes (oh I’ll find a way in).
  • CTIA: This is the big one. CTIA is the international association of all the big carriers and they will all make a strong appearance at this show. Las Vegas, NV hosts the event from March 23-35. I expect to see new devices from HTC, Motorola, and Samsung headed for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. We just attended the last CTIA in San Diego and I’ve had my fill of Vegas for the year, so we are skipping this show (so we can do others like SXSW and Google I/O).


  • Android and Me podcast: Clark and I are trying to do a weekly show every Wednesday at 3 PM EST on BlogTalkRadio. The show format varies from week to week and we try to keep it under 2 hrs. We have had our issues with BTR, but we are going to stick it out awhile longer and see if we can help them get live shows working on Android phones.
  • AndroidGuys weekly podcast: The AndroidGuys podcast is still broadcast live every Monday night at their new time 10:00 PM EST. The podcast is hosted by Scott Webster of and a collection of other guys (and gals) from,,, and a few others. I try to join the show as often as possible and we always have a great time.

Add your events

Please leave a comment on the Android Events Calendar page if you have an event that you would like added. We welcome your comments if you have any suggestions on other events that can be added as well.

Source: Android Events Calendar

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