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Android Hacks: How to fully customize the look of your ROM with MetaMorph

Have you ever seen a theme online and thought, “Why can’t I just have the app drawer tab and leave the rest stock?” Or, “I wish I could change my bootscreen and leave the rest alone.”

Well, developer Stericson has found the answer. He’s a very well known dev around these parts and you can thank him for making an app called Metamorph.

Metamorph is basically an app that lets you pick apart pieces of the UI on your custom ROM and theme it however you like! So you can pick apart the pieces of themes you like and combine them to make a whole new theme catered to your liking.

The app can be a little tricky if you’re using it for the first time but that’s why I’m going to walk you through it and gain full control over the look of your favorite ROM.

First thing to do is download Metamorph from the Market (the donate version works better than the free one).

Then find a theme (or part of a theme) that SUPPORTS Metamorph.

Here’s a list of them on XDA:…

If you want the Espresso theme by Ultra Spikey that I used in this video:…

Always perform a Nandroid or save using SwitchROM/BART before modifying any part of your ROM in case of incompatibilities.

To apply a theme, make a folder on the root of your sd card and name it “AndroidThemes”.

Then find the theme (or part of the theme) that’s compatible with your ROM and download the zip file.

Extract the zip file of the theme into the “AndroidThemes” folder.

Now, open your Metamorph app, click on the “Existing Themes” button and look through the folders until you find the .thm file.

Select it and you will be asked to apply the whole theme or parts of the theme (if its a FULL theme).

Select “Apply All” or pick the specific parts and you’re all set!

Note: Some themes or parts of a theme may require a reboot.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Originally I was pretty hard on Metamorph simply beause I didn’t know how to use it. But now that I do, I think its a such a great idea and will provide a better user experience for anyone looking to customize the look of their custom ROM.

Thanks to all the awesome themers out there! You guys do amazing things and we all appreciate it!

Special thanks to Stericson for making this app so we could all gain a better user experience from our phones.

Via: YouTube

Source: MetaMorph

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  • Dylan Andersen

    Can you link to the stock Android 2.0 theme for Metamorph?

    • http://Website Zak Jones!

      Yeah, if anyone has a link to stock themes, that’d be super helpful. I love the stock theme, but theres a couple parts from other themes I want, and of course I’ll screw it up.

    • Christopher Chavez

      There is a FULL Android 2.0 Stock theme for Metamorph on that XDA thread.

      The notification bar in whatever ROM you have NEEDS to be white already or the icons will get all wonky. =p

  • Ruben Sun

    what themes are compatible with ROMs based off of 1.6 CSDI?

    • Christopher Chavez

      I’m not sure exactly WHICH ONES, but Espresso seems to work great.
      Also Green Highlights. I looooooove me some green highlights =)

  • Frosty Goodness

    I wish you could do this sort of thing for Stock 1.6

    • Christopher Chavez

      Time to root that G1! =D
      Unlock its FULL potential =)

  • http://Website StewDroid

    Anywhere I can get a stock 2.1 theme?

  • http://Website Jessewolfe

    So does your phone have to be rooted for this to work?

    • http://Website Zak Jones!

      Yeah, need a rooted device to do much of anything cool. :p

  • amgarlin

    Man Chris, I checked this rom out, and I finally got everything working on it propery (or so I thought). It is super fast and all. But when I went to plug it into my car stereo it wont push the audio through to my speakers. It worked on CM. I use meridian but it wont work on an music player (I’ve tried).

    There seemed to be a setting on supSetup that addressed this but when I enable the “special headphones” (I think thats what its called?) setting and did reboot it still wont play through my speakers. It sucks but that made this rom a no go (I have it bookmarked on switchrom though). Anyone else have this problem or a possible fix.

    Im using a G1 (of course). And the htc 4-in-1 adapter.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Headphone thingy seems to be broken. I’m working with HTCClay to get this fixed in a future update. I know this can be a BIG deal for some people… =/

      • amgarlin

        mejorguille from the xda-developers forum gave me a fix:

        “Here is how you fix the problem with headphones:
        Install the free apk from the developers site (paid on market), and install with astro/linda/whatever. Add the widget to homescreen and switch it to on. That fixes all issues with htc adapters”

        It a little toggle widget. I checked it out and it works. The widget has a quirk that I saw on superCSDIv4 (don’t know if its on other roms). When you plug in the adapter the widget switches to “on” but you have to press it again for it to push audio through the htc adapter.

        So now I’m back on superCSDI and I’m loving it.

  • http://Website jerrycycle

    If you use andexplorer you don’t have to rename or extract, just pick your theme and morph.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Oh really? Back in the day you had to use AndExplorer to extract it then pick your theme =/
      Of course, that was when I hated Metamorph. =p

  • http://Website Jessewolfe

    Looking at the mods….. they seem to all be for android 1.6. I have the moment with 1.5. So im guessing these are not for me?

    • Christopher Chavez

      Can you root your Moment? And install a custom ROM on it?
      If not then…….. no. =(

  • http://Website Kevin

    lol, dude you’re a fool. The video was nice tho, great walkthru. Hopefully you guys can make more android tutorials like this. It really helps.

    Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks again.

    • Christopher Chavez

      HAHA! Ummm…. thanks? =p

  • http://Website rome

    I fuzz with this app and This author. You have to choose your attitude pretty easy to make a phone you like just for yourself with this app.

  • http://Website Jessewolfe

    I was planning on rooting it (samsung moment). Where can i get a custom rom from?

  • vlxvzthtcz

    anybody else having the same issues with Metamorph saying that it applied the theme/theme part, rebooting, & then having no changes?

    • http://Website jaymelu

      I have the same issue.

    • vlxvzthtcz

      more specifically, i am running SuperCSDIv4 and i can’t seem to get any launchers or widgets to change. i think that the dialer app was replaced with one theme that i MetaMorphed however. =/

      • amgarlin

        metamorph affects the apk’s that are in you /system/apps. So if you have a theme piece that is going to affect, let’s say. /system/apps/AdvanceLauncher.apk but you have Launcher.apk then it automatically skips the application of that theme piece. You have to have theme pieces that match the items in your /system/apps. Metamorph is prety straight forward in that reguard.

  • http://Website Shaniece

    How can I get that background on your phone? Green is my fav color and I am so in love with that droid pic.

  • http://Website Biosfear

    Will this work with Android 1.5?
    I have a HTC Hero and would like to try this.
    i cant wait for the 2.1 update! :@

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