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Android Hacks: Improve reception for G1 and myTouch3G

Editors note: As we previously mentioned, we are finally bringing more contributors on board so we can provide our readers with more content. We are going to overhaul the site to improve the navigation, but we are getting some guys started early so we can hit the ground running. Our latest edition is Christopher Chavez who we had the pleasure of meeting at CES in Las Vegas. Christopher will be primarily doing videos that are related to hacks and whatever else he finds interesting.

As you may have noticed, our video contributors will be using their own YouTube accounts. We already have our main YouTube account, but we want our contributors to keep their own accounts so they can promote their own stuff and better interact with our readers. Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube accounts (and go comment and rate their vids) in order to get the latest updates.

From Christopher: So if you’re like me, lack of reception can really get on your nerves. Well, fear no more! Someone was able to get us this upgraded radio from someone’s something or other (LOL). Anyway, what this will do is give your phone a MEGA BOOST of reception! So now you will have more bars than you used to and even 3G where you only had Edge. Awesome right? So follow my vid and flash this already!

As always, be sure to make backups when performing any hacks on your Android phones. This is not for beginners.

Visit the YouTube page for download links and instructions.

Chris is a long time gamer and tech enthusiast. His newest passion is Android and its ever growing community. He loves people, food, life and lives by the philosophy that "you choose your attitude." He likes choosing a positive one. =)

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  • dezvous

    I currently have a G1 with the Hero UI running and the latest radio. If I upgraded to this radio would I still be able to use the Hero UI?

    • http://Website Kainoah

      Thats what I was wondering, I’m running Cyanogen’s Rom if I update the radio will I still be able use it?

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yes, it doesn’t matter what ROM you are running since this updates your radio’s firmware. Has nothing to do with the ROM =p
      Only requirement is that you have the previous upgraded radio (ends with 26I)
      That’s all! =D

    • http://Website mytharak

      The part with the dog was an amusing touch. “I’m trying to record some video, Ma” lol

      So, it’s working with Haykuro’s SPL? That’s all I really wanted to know.

      • Christopher Chavez

        Yup. Working great. No issues what-so-ever =)

  • http://Website William Furr

    Since I hate following instructions from videos, I pulled up the original thread on XDA Developers about this radio ROM.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Thanks, William!
      I prefer following written directions as well. =p
      I make video’s as a supplement to my written instructions. =)

      • http://Website dbeauyat

        You’re right! Please do continue to make videos: it’s a very very convenient way to let things be understood in couple of seconds!! Don’t stop guy! ;) DO CONTINUE TO MAKE VIDEOS!

  • http://Website Kyle

    Tmobile is supposed to have the update that contains this radio to all g1 users by the 15th at the latest

  • http://Website Chuck

    Really….this fruit is the best you could find!

    • Clark Wimberly

      you’re just jealous because that dance was so fabulous

    • Christopher Chavez

      Best fruit of the best =)

    • http://Website rdrizzle

      Pretty irritating hair, fruit defintitely agreed, but I guess at least he is animated…typical california dude…ggrrr…oh well Anyways, congrats and decent video.

      • Christopher Chavez

        My hair is irritating? Hahaha.. Its not even in the video! LOL

        And “fruit”?? Not sure what that implies but I love fruit!
        There’s tons here in Cali. Love it =)

  • http://Website Patrick O’Leary

    Radio is extracted from the mT3G DMD64 OTA. It’s compatible with . It should also be included with the G1 DMD64 OTA when it gets pushed. The official changelog is that it should “improve call quality.”

    • http://Website Patrick O’Leary

      Bonus not-HTML-but-looks-like-HTML stripping! I said compatible with [insert ROM here] but I used angle brackets.

  • http://Website WootRoot

    Awesome Chris, congrats!

  • http://Website mikee

    Congratulations Chris! You’re moving on up!

  • http://Website Snakedr

    Good video, what image is that in your background?

    • http://Website mytharak

      The Carebear? He said he wouldn’t go there.

      • http://Website Snakedr

        No the background you see within android in the first section of the video?

        • Christopher Chavez

          The wallpaper is from Tokidoki!
          Hit me up on Twitter and I’ll send you the link =)

    • Christopher Chavez

      If you’re talking about the recovery…. I wont go there =p
      If you’re talking about my Homescreen. Its a wallpaper from Tokidoki! I love it! =D

  • Adam

    Yaaay Chris! :D

  • E-man

    Lol! I loved the dog attack and the “mom I’m trying to record a video”. :)

    • Christopher Chavez

      LOL! Thanks. =)
      The dog is effectively trained to go for the jugular. Hahaha =D

  • soggynapkin

    Well I’m glad that my update is making waves. I didn’t realize such a small thing could be such a great contribution for the community. Thanks for the support all.


    • Christopher Chavez

      Thank YOU! This really is making a HUGE difference and changing lives. LOL =)

  • http://Website rich

    Just i manually upgraded my radio for the call performance.. if I flash this radio after flashing the other one earlier, will I keep the call performance improvements?

  • stickANDROID

    YEa!! thanks for having you as a costumer for android stickers!!!

  • Killa

    Lucky! (To everyone that gets to do this) I can’t do anything to my MT3G cause my family doesn’t have a computer. I would love to have this so much!

    Oh yeah, great job Chris! Its good to see that Android and Me is starting to expand a lot more. This is my favorite Android site. Keep up the great work guys! :)

  • Mobile Brazzers

    I just flashed this Radio Update to my phone and so far it does seem like it improved performance.

    I live in an area with real bad reception, and I usually have little no no reception inside my house.

    One particular room- where my computer is- always has ZERO reception.

    When I rebooted after this update, i had frikkin 3 bars.

    It’s since gone down to one, but I suppose thats better than zero… we’ll see how it goes

    btw im on Cyanogen Mod, and had the latest radio prior to the flash

  • http://Website Yatrik

    Awesome work Chris! Your videos are the best!

  • http://Website Jak Crow

    Now if only something like this comes out for the N1.

  • http://Website Terrell

    Haha Chris is awesome. Love his vids. About to flash this right meow

    • Christopher Chavez

      LOL! Did you just say….. meow? =p

      Super Troopers? Hahahaha…. =D

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    This is the first thing I do when the kids go to bed. Much appreciated and welcome aboard Chris!

    • Christopher Chavez

      Thanks! =D

      • Dr.Jeckyl

        Loaded it and will test fully at work tomorrow since I normally get full bars at home(cell tower literally across the street).

        Rockin the Blue Care Bear myself. Really diggin the functionality of Amon_RA’s stuff.

        • Dr.Jeckyl

          3 bars solid in a building I usually get MAYBE 1. Impressive find Chris!

          • Christopher Chavez

            SWEET! I’m glad it worked out for you!
            Carebear…. STARE!!!! =D

  • http://Website dart

    Congrats Chris! You’re moving up!

  • http://Website Ramon

    I guess no love for unrooted users huh?

    • Christopher Chavez

      No sir. None for “you people”. LOL
      Root your phone, man! =D

      Oh, and if you know how to Fastboot you can always flash the radio that way NO ROOT NEEDED =)

      Just make sure you have or flash the previous one first (

      Enjoy! =D

  • http://Website isbamike

    I loaded it on my MYT3g with no problem. I went over to a section of my building that I know everyone has reception problems and didn’t notice a difference. I will try some other places.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Best way to test is to know EXACTLY what you had before at a specific spot (desk, bedroom, toilet)
      And then test again after you flash.

      • http://Website Soundwave123

        If you want to be technical and know exactly what improvements this radio will do download anycut from the market. After that add activity then select fieldtest. On your homescreen you will see a new shortcut. Open it then press menu and select what you want to see before flashing then do the same after flashing. That my friend would be how to test it.

        • Christopher Chavez

          Oh. I used the SpeedTest app from the Market. Figured it would be the easiest way (and reliable)
          I got double the download speeds. SWEET! =D

  • http://Website steven

    I can tell a big difference on my mytouch. (dallas)

  • Andrew

    Did T-Mobile or the FCC send the dog to attack you for boosting your radio?

  • http://Website Chris

    This guy is such a douche, I may actually stop reading Android and Me if he’s going to be posting regular videos. Seriously. There’s a lot of good android blogs out there that don’t feature a dancing flamboyant man yelling at me and telling me about SUPER COOL AND EASY “HACKS”.

    I can just check xda myself and read the detailed instructions available on the forum.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Douche? For trying to help my fellow Android peeps?

      Flamboyant? For including a cool dance sequence? =p

      And why would you even watch the video or click this post if you could just “get it from XDA”??? LOL Couldn’t resist, could you? =)

    • Demi Adejuyigbe

      People like you get on my nerves very easily.

      You hide behind your anonymity on the internet, and think it’s totally fine to rip on others, even when they’re being helpful. If you think he’s a douche (an opinion which is completely unfounded from reading your comment) then please, by all means, leave this site forever. I’m sure A&M can handle the loss of three page hits per day from you. As a matter of fact, just go buy an iPhone or something, because comments like this give all Android users a bad name, and frankly, I don’t want to be associated with assholes like you.

      Chris (other Chris, the so-called “flamboyant” Chris) I thought this tutorial was helpful. I’ve been getting better reception around town, but I still have a problem where I suddenly get no service after being in the same place for a while. (Usually my home) I think it’s an issue with my specific phone, so I won’t worry about it, but thanks.

      • Christopher Chavez

        HAHA! Thanks! I couldn’t have said that better myself!

        And yeah, I’ve been testing this radio update for weeks now.
        And I know exactly where in my house I have dead spots.
        Most of ‘em are gone although some still remain.
        All in all, the upgrade has been nothing but positive.
        No new deadspots =p

        Thanks again for lookin’ out, Demi. Appreciate it =)

  • http://Website Tiberiu Oprisiu

    I installed this but didn’t see a jump in signal really. A couple of days after installing I found out that whenever my mother would call me the call would fail and not even ring on my end. I eventually went back to the older version and now she can call me fine. Additionally, there would be times where the phone would not pick up any sort of data signal. That too is fixed after I reverted back to the old radio.

  • Nikolay Kolev

    T-Mobile just pushed it as a OTA update.

    • http://Website ace

      Do you have a link or know how to get to that update? :) thanks

  • http://Website ace

    Can someone tell me how to check if i have the right radio version? and if not how do i get the right one. thanks

    • http://Website ace

      ok i found out how to find what radio version i had. its
      is there any way to get the correct version? and if i root my mt3g in order to boost my radio does it come with the correct radio version?

  • http://Website Rsoe

    Ive seen him on youtube. He’s cool Lol I wish he was my best friend lol i wanted my phone flashed but rethought it since the 2.1 update is coming so ill wait but the supersonic is now official so yay!!!!! Its mine lol

  • Rsoe

    Yay got an android and me account

  • http://Website Kenny

    Chris, I installed the radio yesterday, but I see no difference. Can you help me out man? I’d like to enjoy more bars bro, thanks.

  • http://Website Tyron

    Whats up chris, i have the open eclair 2.1.1 update for my rooted g1, is there any new and improved roms that may work better for me, because i am starting to not like how slow this eclair 2.1 is on my g1… please let me know what i am capable of doing with this problem… thankyou

  • http://Website Louie

    Thanks chris your amazing. Why so many haterz out there. There just mad because probably dance better than them. Haha. Good work.
    P.S. all of your videos are a big help.
    Also chris what do you think is the best hero rom. And do you thinks its smoother than cyanogen.
    [email protected] thank you

  • http://Website Shafiq

    How would I upgrade my mytouch 3g 32a on t-mobile from the stock radio to the latest one mentioned above? I haven’t found any tutorials on upgrading from the stock radio to the next one and then onto the latest one.

    Sorry for the newbie question but I’m only 16 and have had the phone for a week. :{)

  • http://Website jiovan

    hi im new to the whole android hacking cellphones stuff (not to computers) but i can fallow instructions really well…. my question is and im sorry is gonna sound too dumb for most of you guys lol but i just bought a new mytouch 3g the one with the 3.5 jack and 1.6 firmware and i looovee it but reception is a big big problem…. so is this hack/upgrade compatible with my phone or i need to upgrade anything first since is a brand new phone? and if it is.. the file to be downloaded is the one for the mytouch 3g is it gonna work on my 3g 3.5 jack edition?

    i know im such a newbie lol but i pick up things quick lol so sorry for the question any any help will be appreciated. ;)

  • Mybrokengoldwing

    yoooo. so i know i did everything right, radio’s been updated, but i didnt really see too much of a difference in the signal. do u have any suggestions? or am i just trippin? lol

  • CG

    Well, I can tell you I did get a girl because of how well this works. Thanks boss! Good video by the way

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  • http://Website Jande

    how can I get better reception on my android hewitt phone

  • paul

    I want To know how to up dates for my phone or if you can do it for me, or if there a app that can automatically do it for Me