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Android Hacks: Video review of SuperCSDIv4 for the G1

Make your G1 feel like a Nexus One! Okay… maybe that was going too far. LOL. But this WILL make your G1 feel BETTER than new.

As always, you will need root in order to flash custom ROMs. ESPECIALLY custom Spanish ones.

This ROM comes to you courtesy of Spain and well known developer [email protected] from HTCMania. I don’t know what that guy put in his bowl of “Kernel Flakes” but this really is the fastest ROM I have yet to experience.

Now, I didn’t believe the hype surrounding this ROM. I too was an unbeliever. You always hear of new developers touting their ROMs as the fastest or how some kid made a ROM that can cook you a hotpocket in 30 seconds flat. Well, I am pleased to say that I was wrong with this ROM.

Being a flash junkie myself, I have been around the ROM block and can honestly say this is not placebo. Linpack alone can support my claim and even if it didn’t, I would still stand behind this ROM. Even with NO RAM hack this ROM beats the competition and still supports 3D gaming.

My only comlaint is that I wish some devs and themers would give this ROM a little bit of love. It is definitely an eyesore and it would be nice to see this packed up with the correct APN settings. A stock Eclair 2.1 theme wouldn’t hurt either.

Installation Instructions

Disclaimer: This is a European ROM and although its working great for ME, some weirdness may be likely as a result. As always, wipe data, wipe ext and repair ext PRIOR to flashing/installing. Don’t forget, Nandroid is your best friend so backup yo stuff UP!

Update: MLIGN gave this some love and fixed all the broken stuff (Correct APN settings with Data, 3G, MMS. English keyboard as well).


For best results, use an ext2 partition. It is much faster than ext3 and ext4 and doesn’t journal itself (thanks Kmobs!) You may want to consider repartitioning.

This ROM will fly but only if you jam out to some Spanish music while its flashing. Weird, huh?

Setup is pretty easy.

Apps2SD is not enabled by default so you will have to turn it on.

  • You can do this by opening the preinstalled SupSetup 4 app.
  • Press the big “S” to continue.
  • Now select Options and then select App2SD and LinuxSwap.
  • Check off App2SD and exit the app.
  • Once exited reboot your phone and apps2sd will be enabled.

Google Maps was removed cuz of problems with upgrading so download from the Market now!

Now that’s all there is to it! Flash this ROM to see for yourself that there is nothing faster on the G1. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

Chris is a long time gamer and tech enthusiast. His newest passion is Android and its ever growing community. He loves people, food, life and lives by the philosophy that "you choose your attitude." He likes choosing a positive one. =)

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  • andymitty

    That’s my only explanation for it’s insane speed.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Es muy caliente!!!! XD

      • http://Website will

        hey man i just got a g1 and i want this rom soo bad the only thing is idk how to get it

    • http://Website steve

      runs super fast, and a great ROM wont be taking this one off for a while, unless you get ahold of a even fast ROM!!!

  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    Will ext2 better than ext3 or ext4 for all ROMs?

    • Christopher Chavez

      Ext2 is the fastest cuz it doesn’t journal itself.

      Ext4 comes in second.

      Ext3 is the slowest.

      This goes for ALL ROMs. Unless they specifically ask you to use ext4 or whatever…

  • http://Website coggy9

    What class sdcard do you use for ROM reviews?

    • Christopher Chavez

      I use an 8GB Class 6 micro sd. Generic. =)

  • Clarence Smith

    Flame Flame Flame….there you go “flamed” again lol.

    • Christopher Chavez


  • JAguirre1231

    I was going to leave you some love, but then I’d have less. Here’s a 5th grader instead.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Thank you. That will do as well. =)

  • http://Website Darnell

    Good job man. Very helpful


    • Christopher Chavez

      Thanks, Darnell! Appreciate it! =D

      • http://Website Darnell

        Are you sure you don’t have some hispanic blood in you? lol

        • Christopher Chavez

          LOL! Hellooooooo? CHAVEZ! Believe it or not, I’m actually 100% Mexican! Crazy, huh? =)

  • http://Website Rsoe

    I cant flash my HTC Hero. I’ve tried and I just can’t maybe its my unorganized windows xp. With barely around 1 gb of memory left on the hard drive. Make a youtube video on how to simply flash a ROM. Ur method of doing it.

  • http://Website Grant

    Nice review, and even better dance moves.

  • rokuthirteen

    First video of yours I’ve watched. Nice work ^_^ And, hideous theme? It’s groovy. It goes with the hodge-podge, sand-coloured white G1 back. <.<

    Great video, Chris!

  • http://Website Brajin

    Very interesting ROM, glad you got Grant to make the corrections.

  • dub

    Mann great vid keep up the great work Chris!

  • chrisrodz07

    Love the ROM!

  • http://Website Ruben

    Can I flash this on a 32b.

    • Christopher Chavez

      You sure can! Works even better on the Mytouch =)

      • http://Website Ruben

        You are the man. Thanks.

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    Really good ROM. My G1 is suspiciously fast all of a sudden. My only regret is finding out about this ROM so close to the end of its lifeline, as I’m getting a Nexus very soon.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Same here… This has reduced my N1 fever (for now)


      Got a whole new case of the Sprint Evo FLU though! LOL!

  • http://Website lowlevelninja

    Any links for that Wolverine wallpaper? Nice find BTW.

  • http://Website angelo

    i am currently running cyanogen and want to flash do you think it is worth it. i feel like i will be cheating on cyanogen if i leave.

    • Christopher Chavez

      LOL!!!! I know a lot of people feel that way when they get attached to a dev and their ROMs.
      I think you should try it out.
      Check out my video on “Amon RA’s Recovery” and how to use SwitchROM.
      That way you can try it and if you’re not BLOWN AWAY, you can easily return to Cyanogen with a full restore of your apps and settings =)

  • http://Website chris

    noob here. this post made me want to root my g1 for the first time. had one since day 1 and its been slowy dying since donut. i read the warning posts about rooting. i wanna know if there is a difference to the way you get Cyanogen’s roms on there and the way you would get this one.

    im having a hard time getting clear cut instructions on how to flash eclair…

    again, i have been researching and am ready to take the plunge but i would also like to know what might not be working in this rom.

    also maybe a lil info on the superuser app would be great too….. ;)

    • Demi Adejuyigbe

      Superuser is basically a way to manage what applications have access to root permissions and root functions. If an application requires that your phone be rooted, then when you run it, it will ask you to give it to access your phone’s root functions. It’s kind of their way of allowing the user to know that it’s getting to the root of the phone, just how Market apps show you what they can access.

      • http://Website chris

        thanks a lot man! people are so helpful here! and i know this was a question for the forums. im sorry. now i just need to see if i can firgure out how to get this super fast rom on my g1. breathe some life back into this thing lol

        • Christopher Chavez

          This will breathe FIRE INTO IT!!!!

          Root that thing! If you need help or anymore questions Tweet me =)

          ARRIBA ARRIBA!!!

  • http://Website Dylan Andersen

    Awesome work!

  • http://Website Richelle

    This video and the rom are both HOT!!! can’t ask for more.. lol

    • Christopher Chavez

      LOLOLOL!!!! HAHAHAHAH.. Thanks, Richelle! *blushing* =p

  • http://Website Ben

    Oh. My Lort.

    I upgraded to the Nexus One last week…and when I saw this—I had to install it on my old G1. It’s incredibly fast. I love it. Thank you! If I had waited only TWO WEEKS I would have held off on the Nexus One. Oh well at least my going out phone is now an amazing G1!


  • http://Website Dylan Andersen

    Can you post a link to a working metamorph stock white theme? The ones at that german site with don’t have a valid theme file for metamorph, keeps erroring out.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Funny you should say that. I was looking for the same thing.
      I’m actually working on my next video now on how to theme it up using Metamorph as well as a list of themes you can use. =)

  • Reignzone

    Wow. I cannot believe you still own a G1. You really weren’t kidding about remaining faithful to the “true roots” of Android. Very interesting…

    • Christopher Chavez

      Stephan! How are you, man? Long time no “see”
      Still Blackberrying it up?

  • http://Website finnish Android developer

    HTC Dream G1 is the one that will always be remembered warmly as the device that nested Android when Android was truly born and began taking it’s first baby steps. G1 is THE game-changer. Android was truly born on G1. As you move on to Nexus One, HTC Evo 4G etc. save your old fellow G1 and keep it well. It will be a wanted treasure some day.

  • http://Website Sick Guitarist

    How do I know my apps are saving to the SD? I followed your instructions, on first boot it showed i had like 39mb of memory left over, followed your apps2sd instructions and it showed 73mb, but now i have installed a few apps and my 73 is now 70mb, what gives?

    Hey very fast rom, one thing i do miss from downgrading the 2.1 complete eclair is the window drawer window animations. But the speed definitely makes up for it.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Your cache is still saved to your phone. That’s why the more apps you install the lower your ROM will go down… But as you noticed not to the size of the app itself.

      You can download a very useful app called CacheMate that will clear out your cache for you. This will keep your ROM running speedy and CALIENTE!!! =D

  • http://Website SickGuitarist

    Oh, and no multitouch :(

  • http://Website azraelpc

    There’s a patch to enable Multitouch :) You can get it on Superatmel’s wuala account (online hard drive), or in this mirror:

    For installing, apply the zip file from the recovery menu, just like a ROM. After that, you get multitouch on both Webbrowser and the Gallery.

    Credits go to Superatmel :)

  • http://Website azraelpc

    By the way, the LinuxSwap option should be activated (with swap partition done in the SD card), and it will fly when going back to the desktop.

  • http://Website Sick Guitarist

    Thanks azraelpc, multitouch…enabled!

    Ive been installing a bunch of apps and it looks like my internal phone storage slightly goes down but not to the capacity of the apk installed.

  • Akt3

    superatmel is a crack and the other rom with eclair is VERY VERY FAST!!!! and stable too

  • http://Website JRsoft

    If you want CSDI Themes, in my wuala’s storage i have some:

  • http://Website steven

    Hey Chris, can you compile ROMS that dont require a data plan sign in because i dont have data and i want to try this ROM out!

    • Christopher Chavez

      There’s an option during Setup to skip sign in =)

  • http://Website Dennis Rodman


    Very fast rom! is there anything that doesn’t work tho? camera, video or any other apps? I always have to revert back to my oem rom due to bugs on the roms i’ve flashed from xda.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Camera, video everything works GREAT! Very content.

      Only hiccup would be some apps missing from the Market (from what I hear) because its a European ROM so they have a slightly different Market than we do…

      Can’t confirm this though. =/

  • Kevin

    Damn I’m tempted. Has anyone switched from Cyanogen’s ROM to this?

    I’m hesitant to make the switch because Cyanogen’s is pretty rock solid. Might not be as fast as this one thought.

    Anyone have a comparison???

    • Christopher Chavez

      If you can get it to install, this ROM spanks Cyanogen’s.

      Very stable. Very amazing. Very spicy.

      Just Nandroid your Cyanogen and if you don’t like El Caliente ROM you can go back to Cyan’s. =)

  • http://Website azraelpc

    @Dennis Rodman: All the software runs perfect. The only application which gave me Force Close was The Sims 3, and i’m using this ROM since it was CSDI v1. Even tried more complicated software like SpeedX (3d videogame) and it worked like a charm.

    Recommended settings:
    Linuxswap ON (SupSetup).
    Home app in main memory ON (Spare Parts).
    Windows Animations and Effects in “Slow” (nicer).

  • http://Website JB

    Ok so I’ve never rooted my G1. This seems to be the ticket for those of us holding onto them knowing we are probobly not getting an update? If this is so, then would someone be kind enough to email me simple explanations on rooting my phone to prepare for this? Thanks in advamce for any education! [email protected]

    • Christopher Chavez

      Tweet me and I can send you some good links.
      Welcome to THE DARKSIDE…. =D

  • http://Website Louiethe8th

    Great vid…as always. Glad to see you on this site. How is this ROM on the battery?? I was using cannons complete eclair and it drained the battery pretty quick. So im now back to the latest cyanogen. Im out in the field working with no way to charge for 8-10 hours.

    • Christopher Chavez

      No matter what, the faster the ROM, the harder its going to be on battery life. Its up to you if its worth that trade off.. =/
      But what you can do when you’re out in the field is underclock to 2400 MAX CPU so it will last much longer if that’s a major concern for you…
      Later when you get near some power you can raise the CPU speed again =)

  • http://Website Sick Guitarist

    Flashed this last night, So far im really convinced by the speed of this rom. Even though its a 1.6 rom it has a 2.1 feel to it with icons, widgets, menus etc. Here are the pros and cons of running this ROM:

    - Fastest Rom…EVER!
    - Stock Apps2Sd
    - Modded Keyboard very fluid and pretty
    - Few nice little tweaks to the menu, glow icons and notification bar.

    - Multitouch not equipped (see thread for update)
    - 1.6 Rom :(
    - Ugly Pulldown bar
    - Ugly in contacts menu and contact icons
    - Window transitions could be better.

    The speed makes up for all of these, Im keeping an eye out for Cannon202′s Complete Eclair Rom ( )

    Once theres an update enabling video IM THERE DUDE!

    • http://Website Terrell

      Agreed. i was running that ROM for a little while. i liked the feel of it but with all ROMs (and it might just be my phone) they all stop working after a while. Manup456 is the only one that has been solid for since it was released.

  • http://Website Terrell

    Love all your videos. Check em all out plus you listen to PTH so that’s a big thumbs up in my book. I want to witness this ROM magic but I just can’t give up the manup456 2.1 ROM lol. Got it running pretty fast and have zero problems other than video and facebook sync. Decisions…decisions

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah… Just save it using SwitchROM or Nandroid! Then you can come back to it easily if you aren’t BLOWN AWAY by this ROM. =)
      I’m telling ya, you will be amazed. Its even faster than all those ROMs touting JIT and boasting double the linpack results (believe it or not)
      Its great =)

  • http://Website Ero-Sannin

    What are the chances of someone making a bench mark app? to we can get numerical performance rating?

    • Christopher Chavez

      Did you watch the video? I showed the app to use for benchmarks. Linpack. Its in the Market.

      I would rely SOLELY on benchmarks though. I tested a ROM yesterday that was getting DOUBLE the benchmarks as this ROM but ran nowhere near as fast.

      I go by feel. And trust me, I’m an expert. ;)

  • http://Website Ero-Sannin (Expert)

    Sorry cant watch videos at work. I rely solely on text. I understand about bench marks. The biggest issue with android is app to app smoothness. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the benchmark info on the review? I trust everyone who has tells me they are an expert. JK Thanks for the info! Love your work so far keep it up. I took that new radio you advised as well.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Oh nice!

      Sorry, the written review was more of a supplement to the video.

      My benchmarks on this ROM were right around the 2.634 Mflops and 2.2 second range…

      And I agree. I wish there was something that would calculate speed of apps opening or how quick the orientation changes from portrait to landscape.. *sigh* Maybe some day =)

  • http://Website maria

    I’ve had my G1 since Nov 2008 and didn’t root it until today. I was never compelled to do it until I saw the video. Wow. It’s like I have a brand new phone again!

  • Norfeldt

    I tried to flash it, but the APN didn’t work. Which means that it is completly useless.

  • http://Website steven

    hey chris! This ROM is the best, i think ill never change it! but chris how do I underclock where is the settings for that! also how do I know if APP2SD is working? the internal memory still goes down…thanks chris you soo helpful man!

  • Andrew Garlinghouse

    Ok I’ve been having a problem everytime I try to restore my apps to the ext2 part. After I flash and everything when I boot up everything works fine. I then run the a2sd script on reboot to pull the preinstalled apps over to the ext2 part. Then i reboot recovery and do an ext2 wipe ==> ext repair (on Amon RA btw). Then from the terminal I run: “bart -e -r apps” to load all my apps onto the ext2 part of My sd card. Ive done this like twice and each time when I reboot after restoring my apps, when the phoe boots up I get a black screen after the initial android splash screen. And I have to end up doing a battery pull and reflash. Anyone have an insight into this issue.

  • http://Website angelo

    hey chris question after i did apps2sd and linux swap i reboot and after andy the android screen goes blank what do i do. and also how do i restore my apps and make sure they are on my sd thanks

  • maldita

    Hello Chris,
    Nice review btw.! my question is.. can someone tell me of a good tutorial to root my phone. I have had my G1 since march 2009 and never do anything to it . my phone is running 1.6 OS with build # DMD64.. please help…! I’m looking forward to install this ROM, it seen that is the best out there.. super fast.!!

  • http://Website hitchy

    i saw da vid but dont kno wat da 1st thing i sud do

  • http://Website Name (required)

    i got a 1.6 can someone plz show me how to reboot it .

  • http://Website Doug


    With this 1.6 ROM you aren’t missing to many apps exclusives for 2.1?

  • http://Website Brick

    Flashed from Cyanogen, and while this one appears to be quicker at the moment, I cannot get past it failing to connect to my data plan. consistently fails to connect after flashing, and also applied the radio upgrade hack from one of your other posts. I DID do a wipe … and an ext repair prior to flashing to this ROM. Would like to check it out more, but without my data, it’s nearly useless to me. Going back to Cyanogen for now. X-D

    • http://Website Brick

      I guess if I read, you DID state that the APN settings on the ROM you link us too are not correct. back to trying it out…now using the Elegant Themed version of this ROM. So Far so FAST!

  • http://Website Fufanu

    Hi Christopher,

    could you post a new Link for your ROM. My SuperCSDIv4 isnĀ“t so good.

    Thanks by the way for your Review!

  • http://Website cvang

    hi, can you tell me in detail where to download SuperCSDIv4 for mytouch, how to put it into mytouch 3g phone and how to installed it and rooted it please?


  • http://Website brian

    I just installed this mod… I really like it so far. I have an 8 gig sdcard installed but I am not sure how I should partition it. For example I found that one site stated I should partition it 1 gig ext2 and 7 gig fat. The apps will then install into the ext2 and the fat is just for readable storage by any OS(if I am looking at this correctly). Another states that none of my partitions should exceed 1.5 gigs. It’s starting to hurt the melon. Is there an app I can use to format the card or a good tute to do it via CLI? Thanks in advance!

  • http://Website system186

    I flashed the rom and everything is good. But I don’t have the Dialer and Contact app.I can answer to call but I can’t call .;( What should I do ?

  • http://Triedthisone trav1856

    I flashed it, it works GREAT, but one odd thing, there was no Android Market. Just how am I supposed to install apps without the Market? I know, I know…I can use .apk files, but I would really like the option, rather than it being a necessity.

  • http://Website ROBBIE


    THANKS FOR SUGGESTING THIS ROM , i m having mytouch 3g 32b ship s on g , sapphire verison, radio – , spl- 1.33.0006 (sapp 30000) cpl-10 ,


    ————- ROBBIE