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AppBrain: One third of Android Market apps are spam

Everyone reported that the Android Market crossed the 30,000 app mark last week, but how many of the programs are worthy of a download and how do you locate them?

One way to cut through all the crap is to filter out the spam.

AppBrain is a new service that aims to provide the fastest way to get and share Android apps. The website is paired with an Android client (AppBrain Market Sync) which allows easy syncing between website and phone.

The service recently analyzed the Android Market and found that 359 developers spammers had released 10,000 junk applications. AppBrain now automatically filters out these junk apps so that search results are more relevant.

I’ve tested the service out and it definitely offers some unique features like desktop syncing, but I still prefer AppAware for application discovery. The sign up process is pretty simple (uses your Google account) so give it a try and let us know what you think.

With AppBrain you can:

  • Manage your apps from your desktop
  • Get new app recommendations
  • Install apps from the desktop
  • Do fast uninstalls
  • Create shortcuts
  • Share apps with friends

Source: AppBrain Blog

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  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    If there is one thing I don’t knock the App Store for, it is the fact that there are no “crud” apps, at least when it comes to having a BILLION useless soundboards and such like Android Market has.

    • http://Website jen

      Android always touts that its app is all about QUALITY and the Apple’s APP is just about quantity.

      Seeing this report gave me another view of what’s the other side of the coin.

  • Jonathan

    I really like both AppAware and AppBrain. I used to go through all the new releases on the Android Market in order to try to find new apps but that grew tiresome. Both AppAware and AppBrain provide a middle ground that allows for app discovery without requiring excessive effort.
    I do agree that AppAware seems to better suited to discovering new apps, but AppBrain also helped me find several new apps of which I wasn’t previously aware through their recommendation system. AppBrain seems rather like’s recommendations–constructed from an extensive history; AppAware is a bit more like turning on the radio and finding something completely new. Appropriately, I also found out about AppBrain from AppAware.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah it would be cool to see someone merge the two services together. They both have some really cool features that no one else does.

  • http://Website Adam

    shouldn’t the marked have decent search and sort capabilities? i mean.. i think google know something about searching.. right?

  • stalker

    Nice app. Very useful.

  • http://Website 6knowspring

    Looks like a handy app to use- So far AppAware has helped me discover some pretty nifty apps that I wouldn’t have downloaded by just browsing through Android Market.

    Maybe when I’m stuck on the train home I’ll try out App Brain

  • http://Website Glenn

    So the blogger prefers ‘App Ware’ — is there anything he’s not saying about why? He’s not required to disclose any deal he’s got going with the author. Not to say there is–just that there’s nothing saying he doesn’t. -Beck.

  • http://Market Whyze

    How your market looks/works is also based on your device/what version of the Android OS you are using.
    On my Droid, with 2.01, there is a Search feature, and there are categories (apps, games, most popular, newest, etc).
    While I still think it needs a LOT of work, it’s better than my friend had on his older Android device running 1.6.
    So it seems as simple as a software implementation..

  • http://Website Nicu

    People, just get the real thing from Apple, not a poor copy that gives you the privilege to swim in spam and that of not being able to update your phone OS …

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  • http://Website Matt

    So let all stop using ‘number of apps’ as if it’s some useful metric.
    Why not even stop comparing iPhones and Android, what use does it serve?

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  • http://Website appdev34953

    This article is very true but it’s not the amount of spam apps in the system, it’s the lack of filtering from AppBrain. The site I use: RawApps is like Netflix because it has ratings, faves, user comments, etc.

  • David Webb

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