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Calling all mobile app developers: What can you do with 4G?

As many as five new Android phones could be announced next week during CTIA, but the one I am looking forward to the most is the HTC Supersonic. This device is significant because it is rumored to be the first 4G handset for Sprint’s new WiMax network.

We already tested Sprint’s 4G network using the Overdrive and found download speeds of 3-6 Mbps. At the upper end, these speeds are 10x faster than the average 3G connection (600 Kbps vs 6 Mbps). Sprint is going to cover 120 million people by the end of this year, so many of you will be able to benefit from the faster network.

To check out the current and upcoming 4G coverage areas, please visit

One of the most exciting aspects about a 4G Android handset is going to be the new 4G apps that spring up to take advantage of the faster speeds. The most obvious apps to benefit will be video streaming services (ESPN via Sprint TV anyone?), but I’m curious to see what new ideas come to the forefront.

What types of 4G apps would you like to see created? Live broadcasting of video (Qik, Ustream)? Complete phone backups and restorations? Voice chat during online games? Video calling using VOIP (Fring)? Online file storage for all your media?

If you can dream it then someone can build it, so share your ideas for 4G apps.

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  • droid free apps

    Voice chat during multi player games with audiences (like classic yahoo pool, where others could be watching), will be awesome.
    What will be more amazing is if android got there before iPhone. There is no denying the greatness of android.

    Open is the future of cellphone. Put the control in the hands of users and developers. Apple need to reconsider their policies.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Unless Apple launches their next iPhone with Sprint (unlikely), then Android will have the first 4G handset in the United States.

  • Andrew

    One thing I’ve always wanted is a fast reliable way to stream media onto my phone from my home server. A mobile version of Boxee would be awesome too :)

  • http://4gapps Kevin Merkel

    Netflix and Hulu will be great in HD tethered to an LCD ,as well as live auction sites with streaming video and realtime bidding . Virtual reality like the old Google Lively chat rooms a must.

  • http://Website daki

    I dont envy your connection speeds. I mean 3-6mbps, I get way better speeds on my 3g network today. And if I turn to 4g lte I get 50mbps and thats today as well

    • http://Website joel


    • http://Website joel

      Ok lte is currently not available anywhere. Then lte and wimax have theoretical speeds of 100 plus att and t-mobile are the only carriers to get that and its only around 3 or so. Except in philadelphia where t-mobile has speeds of 10 with a usb modem only

      • http://Website Kronite

        “Ok lte is currently not available anywhere”

        Oslo, Norway? That’s somewhere last time I checked. ;-)
        With an USB modem you get speeds around 60mbps.
        NetCom launched the worlds first commercial LTE/4G network in Oslo Dec 2009, and it’s going to be available in all the biggest cities in the country this year.

        • http://Website Joel

          In the United States. The 50 Mbs he was talking about was Verizon testing and they says 8 – 12 Will be the average

  • ExtremeT

    As far as I know 4G is actually a lot faster than 3-6Mbps but maybe I’m wrong. Either way I’d like to see some good HD video streaming like Ustream come to Android as well as some true MMO games. That’s my current wishlist for anything 4G.

  • http://Website Tony

    wow. if sprint get hulu and netflix apps they will be very tough to beat. at&t isn’t expected to get 4g till 2012-2013. it’s been a while since i’ve been able to say i’m proud to be a sprint customer.

  • stalker

    I am curious too about 4G. But we don’t have even 3G implemented in my country. So, I am more curious about 3G here. :D :D

  • http://Website Todd

    Need 4G for XMPP to make push *really* real-time.

    Right now, and as an example, a Google Wave session with several hundred people participating in it is hella laggy ( yes I know part of that is the phone’s CPU/GPU, and that need improving too )

  • David Shellabarger

    The app I want is the one were I no longer have to pay my cable bill and I just use my cell data connection to tether with any computer I sit down at.

    • Bencamerondavis

      Jetflicks is not a bad app… and you may also want to try PDANet App..

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  • http://Website andrioain

    long live android! :+)

  • Droid Games

    Voice chat during online games would be cool. Also 3G would be great for “facetime” or whatever protocol android devices will use for video chatting, this is the most anticipated feature from social perspective as I think, wifi is not available everywhere and 3g video chatting is not as smooth as it could be on 4g!