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Canadians like to buy Android apps. Will they be able to sell them soon?

Canada just gained access to paid applications in the Android Market this week and Distimo has already published a list of the most popular downloads. Even though Canadians can now purchase apps, their developers are unable to sell them. Distimo expects Google will announce support for selling paid apps from Canada soon (in addition to other countries).

Only 11 countries have access to paid Android applications vs the Apple App Store which covers 77. Which countries would you like to see Google add next?

The most popular paid applications and games in Canada.

Source: Distimo

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  • http://Website I DRIVE TOYOTA

    Google is managing this really bad, lots of people asking on the android support site when they’ll add their country. Me, I want to be able to buy and sell apps from Sweden ofcourse. Unless they fix this android will never gain full momentum in these countries.

  • Craigo

    Oh please bring paid apps to Optus in Australia! They were the first telco to bring Android to Australia, and now they are only telco to not offer paid apps! It’s totally bizarre why they don’t have them and the other telcos in Australia do.

  • A-Droid

    Hungary, please.. (here we would like to release paid apps to the market)

  • http://Website Ram’on


  • http://Website Nexus One owner

    But I think Google’s strategy is to push more ad-supported/free apps to the Market, and that is risky because Android could loose the momentum in a large part of the world. And talking about risky strategy, they sell the Nexus One only online but they deliver it only in US and Great Britain. What’s that about?

  • Giedrius

    I would be happy if they open android store worldwide, both for paying for apps and for developing paid apps.
    Sure, maybe google do not cares for direct revenue from that country. Application developers might use different payment processors for their applications if they can not use google’s and make trial application available for “free”. For example, free navigation software with paid maps, free music software with paid mp3, etc. The more this approach spreads the less revenue google will get in long term.

  • http://Website Todd

    It’s a good thing Andriod is so open, unlike Apple, which likes to control who gets their apps and when… oh wait.. yeah. Excuse me, I need to snort some more opendust.

  • http://Website Jo

    Mexico! Though there are several good quality, free apps.

  • http://Website Mark

    China! …though I’m not exactly holding my breath.

  • http://Website Artur Nowak


  • http://Website Al

    China, seconded. There’s a ton of android phones here, it could be a right little gold mine.

  • http://Website qlimax

    switzerland !

  • http://Website tienha

    Vietnam pleaseeeeeee

  • http://Website Scott

    Australia… puh-lease.

  • http://Website Android


  • http://Website DanPT


  • http://Website LocDT


  • Arunabh Das


  • http://Website Peter

    Cant even sell Apps in CANADA! … How does Google even expect to allow Android to have the variety of apps that the IPhone does without allowing people to even make a business out of it. Shame on you Google, I thought you were better than this…

  • http://Website Graeme

    Selling apps from Canada has been “coming soon” for an awfully long time now. I’m getting tired of waiting.