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Could Google’s superphone land in Verizon stores?

Verizon’s version of the Nexus One is coming this spring and could be unveiled as early as March 23rd. The phone will definitely be sold online through Google’s phone store, but BGR is reporting it might also be available in stores. Several Verizon employees have said they already received training on the Nexus One.

This would be a surprise move by Google because they did not do this for T-Mobile (and were heavily criticized). Others have also speculated Google did this intentionally to limit sales since this was their first smartphone they have sold and supported. Google might feel this phone is ready for prime time now that they setup a call center and released several OTA updates (which addressed some 3G issues).

Verizon customers: Would you be more likely to purchase the Nexus One if you could hold it in your hands first?

Source: BGR

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  • http://Website Art

    Absolutely would have to have it in hand, tending to go towards Droid in May when contract expires,

  • http://Website Art

    I have talked to the developer of one of the best golf apps on the Iphone, Iswing,, I asked if he was developing for Android and he said to stay tuned for news

  • http://Website Marco

    several OTA updates? There was only one and that hasn’t fixed the 3G issue for most of the people. I am curious to see the Verizon N1, will it have the same problems with the touchscreen calibration (I don’t mean the issues with the multitouch functionality)?

  • http://Website John Perkins

    I’m actually waiting for the HTC Desire, but I do think being able to actually use the phone first might help some people make the decision to buy.

  • skeltonmedia

    Verizon knows how to move phones. I would hope that Google realizes this after the success of the Droid launch. Google simply failed with the T-mo launch. Time to let the pros handle this one.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I wouldn’t call the launch a fail. I think Google accomplished everything they wanted to with the N1 launch. I was super happy myself to be holding my engraved N1 less than 24hrs after the official product announcement.

      • skeltonmedia

        Fanboys/girls aside, not many people have a clue what a Nexus One is. Droid on the other hand has become somewhat of a household name due to it’s marketing campaign and in store promotion. Motorola and Verizon are cashing in on this strategy.

        For average consumers, having phones at retail stores is most important, considering a majority of the people need help transferring info from phone to phone. When you are buying a new phone on a 2 year contract you will usually want to compare while you are in the store to make sure you aren’t stuck with a dud phone.

        I would expect to at least see demo units at Verizon stores for the launch, it will be interesting to see if the phones will be sold exclusively on the google website. Certainly a new strategy for selling a phone. I just don’t see how it will be a success.

        • http://Website J. Mc

          See, there’s a lot of name recognition with the Droid because Verizon and Motorola spent 2.4 shitpots of money on “DROID!!!! HELL YEAH, DUDE, I’M GONNA GET MY DROID ON” commercials. So who hoo. lots of people bought a droid.

          Google has run…exactly one commercial, ever. And still sold 100K phones in a week. Blowout numbers? Nah, but they didn’t need them to be, because their upfront was low.

          I don’t expect to see demos or live phones at the stores, and if I do, I’ll be pretty pissed. Why T-Mobile would be OK with that I’ll never know.

          • skeltonmedia

            The Nexus 1 only sold 20,000 in its first week and Droid 250,000. Obviously marketing has a lot to do with the hype, but it was also the availability in stores that create a successful launch for the majority of the population who are normal consumers, not just fanboys. If you saw a Droid commercial you could check one out for yourself and compare it with other phones.

            Of course fanboys bought one the first day, but the majority of consumers need to see it in person to even know what it is or consider it for the next 2 years. You wouldn’t see the iPhone where it is today without expensive marketing and retail demos. I wouldn’t sign a lease on a 35,000 dollar car without test driving it first. It’s the consumers mentality, especially in a recession. Google can’t change that.

          • Erick.G

            Its a good thing its a Google Phone and not a VZW phone or a T-Mo Phone the whole point was to bring to the states the concept of a phone not being tied to a carrier but a phone should go with its user a phone should be unlocked to use where ever the user chooses

  • Yetii

    Hell yes

  • http://Website William Furr

    Not being able to handle a Nexus One in a store hasn’t deterred me in the least. Not being able to use the plan of my choice is the stumbling block for me. I’m too cheap to pay the unsubsidized price.

  • http://Website droidwolf

    I probly would have got the n1 instead of the cliq if I could have held it first

  • http://Website Shane

    My friend has it (he works for google) and he let me play with it…so I don’t need to hold it anymore!

  • E-man

    I have been waiting months for this device to be released on Verizon and I am getting it whether it is at their stores or not.

  • mcdisease

    A lot of the time when you go into a store they have dummy versions of their phones anyways…so no. Find a friend who has one.

  • http://Website jeff

    nope, becasue i think the droid is better ;-P keyboard FTW

  • http://Website Bob

    Definitely yes. If I can hold it and then walk out with it, that’s much better. Especially as Verizon has a 30 day “try it and return it if you’re not happy” policy, which I assume would hold.

  • http://Website Sejin

    I currently own the droid eris, it is my first smartphone, but every single one of my friends have a smartphone also and ive played around a bit on all of them. i love my phone, but i wish i had more multitouch options, bigger screen, a faster processor, and live wallpapers ;] i love the onscreen keyboard, especially since i can use swype now, i see no point in getting a phone with a physical keyboard. depending on what smartphones come out in 2010, the nexus one is my top choice. unless they make a motoroi xt720 for cdma, id be all over that shit haha

  • http://Website Hans

    If I didn’t have my Droid and had a cheap phone,I would get it. Of course,seeing it in your hands does help a lot with deciding if one should get it or not.

  • http://Website Davion Witherspoon

    I am one of the T Mobile Family plan users who got screwed on the N1 i waited 1 1/2 weeks for my G1 and was a t mobile customer for years before and i know alot of people would be mad is verizon got it in store and t mobile didnt

  • http://Website manly man

    If they did this, that would a big win for verizon!

  • Auston

    I just got the droid and I’m trying to talk my girlfriend into getting the N1 when her contract is up this month, I’m still happy with my droid but the n1 is amazing.

  • http://Website Scott

    Just got the HTC Eris through Verizon. Love this phone! Once they update to 2.1, it will be an even nicer phone. In 1.5 years when I renew my contract, the N1 or its equivalent will be “Zen”… I’ll wait until then to upgrade. Looking forward to the Android Tablet made by HTC though… :)

  • http://Website Jasee

    That’s why I like the VZ stores… I can handle the phone first, whether I purchase there, or on Ebay ;). Note: I did pay retail on my Droid at my local VZ store.

  • http://Website Matt

    I would definately be more tempted to get the N1 from a store. If something were to happen to my I could have a new one that day. I don’t like to have to mail stuff in and wait.

  • http://Website Opher

    I’ve been holding out for the Nexus One, having held/tried the Droid and ERIS at Verizon stores. YES – put it in stores so people can try it out. That’s how to sell technology.

    • http://Website Andy

      Been waiting, too. Tempted many time to get the Droid. But, I can’t really say I’d be MORE likely, as I’m going to get this as soon as it’s available either way – in the store or on the Web. I’d prefer to pick it up, maybe even camp out the night before.

  • http://Website bill

    thats gonna suck if they start putting it out in stores cause i have one and i dont want to have the same phone as everybody else. i like the fact that unlike an iphone i dont see every person holding one

  • http://Website Jim

    What about the GSM/CDMA issue? AFAIK, the N1 is GSM (that’s why it’s on T-Mobile) while VZW is CDMA. It only makes sense that Google would also address the CDMA market, so maybe they have one now.

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