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Cricket Wireless to launch first Android phone in July

Boy Genius Report has posted some leaked slides which reveal Cricket’s 2010 device lineup. Among the new devices is the Kyocera Zio, which will be the carrier’s first Android smartphone. The Kyocera Zio is targeted for a June 2010 release with a retail price of $299.

Most of our readers probably don’t pay any attention to Cricket Wireless, but the carrier recently reached a roaming agreement with Sprint to provide nationwide coverage in all 50 states.

Cricket is positioning itself as T-Mobile’s chief rival and is going after the larger carrier in print and radio ads. The carrier now claims a coverage area 277 million people, which is 9 million more than T-Mobile. Cricket is also marketing their unlimited plans at half the cost of T-Mobile.

It will be interesting to see what rate plans Cricket offers for their smartphone lineup because they have some of the best values in the industry right now. Cricket customers can currently get unlimited talk, text, and web for only $35 per month (no contract required).

They might not offer the fastest Android phones, but it looks like Cricket really could deliver the cheapest unlimited 3G smartphone value. Any takers?

The Kyocera Zio.

Source: BGR

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  • Jonathan Frederickson

    Assuming their smartphone data plans are the same price as their current plans… this is a great deal. I’ve looked at Cricket in the past and it was never very appealing simply because of the lack of smartphones… Android phones in particular. This is perfect. :P

  • Jim Nariel

    This looks good – look forward to the launch later in the year

  • http://Website Burt Reynolds

    I could certainly be mistaken, but it looks to me as if the roaming agreement covers voice/text only, based on the coverage map. No data (web).

  • http://Website Malcolm

    Burt, I hope you are wrong; but I think you are right.

  • http://Website azeem

    have the droid flashed to cricket it works the same as it would work on verizon :]

    • http://Website robyn

      which model droid..did u flash to cricket??? I am not in love w cricket..but love their prices…like oe of the others…I am not thrilled to put money out oon one of cricket’s “the first”..BUT//if a flashed droid in heaven…pls apprise

    • http://Website Kira

      Really? You have the incredible? I’m hoeing to get outta veizon, keep my incredible and go to cricket.

  • http://Website bruce brown

    i have been a cricket wireless customer since last year when i bought the morotola evoke did not like the features or screen was not a true smartphone but NOW I FOUND MY BABY AND WILL BUY IN JUNE!!

  • Christel

    I have been a Cricket customer since they came to Cincinnati 4 yrs ago and I love their service and I keep up to date with the latest phones, I have the Motorola Hint and I have been waiting on a new phone to come out and I cant wait for the Droid. Burt, I do travel alot and you are right, the roaming doesnt cover the web, only voice/text, but that coverage is great, when I first got Cricket, I didnt get service in alot of places, now I get it everywhere I travel to, they have came a long way for a great price

  • http://Website Amparo

    Yea….. I don’t think I will buy their FIRST smartphone…I bought the Evoke (their FIRST touchscreen phone) and it was the worst $300 I ever spent! i was so angry and ever since, I am very hesitant to buy a FIRST of anything, especially from cricket. I will wait to see how the reviews turn out and until the Hype goes down as well.

    • http://Website Amazing JAM

      Amparo, the EVOKE is what I considered to be a thE-JOKE. Characteristics couldnt even label it as a smartphone. But, I am putting full faith into the ZIO, tho made by KYOCERA, its running ANDROID operating system, and though the version is 1.6 it is upgradeable. Try going to your local CRICKET store once the phone goes on sale and interact with it I DONT THINK YOIU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

    • http://Website maraboo

      i agree on the EVOKE . what a terrible phone. but i’m going to jump all over this android.

  • http://Website Amazing JAM

    Does anyone have an idea when the Kyocera Zio will be going on sale, also, Have anyone heard any rumors about FULL FLASHING capabilities for the HTC EVO?

  • http://Website TRINA


  • kelly


    • http://Website Will Williams

      when is this phone going to be released to the public?

  • http://Website Vianney

    Seriously I’m not impressed. I bought the wannabe smart phone cricket released last year and I had to get it replaced three times. Four years as a cricket custumer and they were always doing things which looked cheap but endded up super expensive. Yesterday I bought the mytouch slide and finally swiched to t-mobile.

  • Bryan Foster

    i have been waiting to dump verizon as soon as cricket has an android smartphone. if this phone really does come out, im going to switch in a heartbeat! way to go cricket!

  • http://Website chris

    Guess this is very late news, But I been using a moto droid on cricket fully working with 3G in Houston for 6 months and so i have is crickets first android phone, plus i still get over the air updates and also got to love that $50 all i pay a month and never ever had a problem with cricket service.

    • http://Website kw

      @chris: i’m n houston too. what phone do you have and where did you get it? i am looking to get rid of att and was thinking about cricket or boost, but boost has limited phones to choose so cricket it will be. where did you go to get urs plz? thx!

  • http://Website chocolate sweet

    ive been a cricket customer for several years while my family researched an browsed other carriers including other local carriers in other states and according to my knowledge cricket has been successful in everything theyd premoted. sure theres the small black and white that nobody ever reads as far as the evoke but you can always count on cricket providing the best service in the nation so far so im excited to see what they have in store for there customers.

  • Jasnine

    someone posted pics on the site.

  • http://Website Scott

    My verizon contract ends on all of phones well the last one in March so when that happens hopefully cricket has the android so i can switch and get a way from verizon’s expensive service. If not then i will probably see about getting Sprint’s and flash it if it is affordable to buy by then.

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  • http://Website nikki

    Just bought the droid from cricket and i am in love with it and got it for a great price!!!

    • http://Website average joe

      I am about to drop my contract with the big V and am looking into this new Android smart phone. Can you please tell me what you think of this new phone and if you have noticed any errors?

  • http://Website SimplySaid

    Just to let others know: A friend in my class recently bought the android smartphone from cricket. I had asked her about it when I saw it in her hands if it was from cricket cause i knew her previous phone was cause I had the same old phone she had. She informed me that her plan is 60 sum odd dollars. The plan for the cricket smart phones: Blackberry curve and android start at $55 which of course comes out to 60 sum odd with taxes after(not sure if it depends on where you live but where I am thats what it lists on the site: www(Dot)mycricket(Dot)com/cell-phone-plans (I put [Dot] encase it wont let me list the address if normal).
    Which 60 I cant honestly complain compared to other companies and how much they would charge. I remember when I was with Sprint, to have unlimited txt, web, and calling was 60 sum odd dollars but that was with a really crapy phone that was useless on trying to view any websites at the time so im sure phones of better capability, the plans cost more period.
    –Just want to at least inform some people cause with other cricket phones, a unlimited data plan runs 40 dollars, which got me all excited at 1st cause I was thinking “Man to get that phone and only pay 40 for unlimited data would be great”, but then I started to think if something seems to good to be true im sure its not like many cases with the cell phone buisness. They broadcast one thing to make you think one thing to be sneaky.