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Dell Aero arriving on AT&T soon


No they haven’t renamed the Streak/Mini 5; set the wayback machine to October of last year and you will find us reporting on Michael Dell’s announcement that a device similar to the Mini 3i released in China would find its way to the U.S.

Just a short six months later they appear to finally be making good on that claim in the form of the Aero for AT&T.

Details are fairly light right now, but AT&T has indicated that the link will go live shortly with some official details. CTIA kicks off tomorrow so we should know more than you ever wanted to about this thing before the week is out.

The device is certainly the spitting image of the Mini 3i chassis, so we should be looking at a 3.5″ screen but chances are the internals have gotten an upgrade since last year as a 3.2 MP camera and no WiFi would be a serious fail today.

I think perhaps most interesting is that AT&T is yet again, as you can see in the image above, releasing a device with a heavily skinned version of Android.

AT&T ads for the Backflip (Backfail, Backflop, Crapflip) have never mentioned Android, if AT&T follows the same pattern with the Aero I think it might be time for some serious conspiracy theories.

What do you think AT&T faithful, are you ever going to get an actual sanctioned stock Android device?

Update: The Aero page is now live with a few more pictures and some additional details. The screen is confirmed as a 3.5″ nHD (640×360) display just like the Mini 3i, the camera has been bumped up to 5 MP, WiFi and GPS are a go along with Flash Lite support. No more details about the skinned UI or what is powering the Aero, but presumably that will all come out during CTIA this week so stay tuned.

Via: MobileCrunch

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  • http://Website Gunderstorm

    Who cares if we get an “an actual sanctioned stock Android device”? We have the Nexus One!

    • Sean Riley

      Trust me if I were on AT&T I would be right with you on the Nexus One, but I’m pretty sure there are a fair number of people that would rather pay a couple hundred bucks for a new device rather than over five hundred.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      Actually you don’t have anything. No carrier has the Nexus One.

      Google is just selling it at a reduced price for some carriers if they have the right plan.

      Actually since there is NO reduced price for AT&T the phone is more T-Mobile because T-Mobile has the reduced price but the phone is no carriers phone as I stated above.

      You guys are lucky that you are getting any android phone after the fail of the backflip a.k.a backFLOP


    • http://Website ken

      It depends on your preferences really.. but on an absurd sidenote, whenever I heard about the Dell Mini 5, I always think of the tablet.. Not their phone.

      I was born on 2010 :)

  • http://Website Boxy B

    The AT&T link is up and so far there’s a 5MP camera.

    Does anyone know if the screen is resistive or capacitive?

    • Sean Riley

      The Mini 3i is capacitive and as nothing else has been downgraded for this device it is reasonable to assume that this will be capacitive as well.

  • NookSurfer

    I think slowly, we will begin to see most of the carriers carrying all the different brands of phones. This is probably a precursor to the iPhone going from AT&T exclusively to everyone.

    • anakin78z

      There still seems to be an overwhelming amount of exclusivity going on. Even with Android devices, there are hardly any available on more than one network in the same country. Even the Hero, which is on both Sprint and Verizon, looks completely different on each of those.
      Really the Nexus One is the first phone I can think of which is the same on each network (save the radio), and will be available for all four major carriers.

  • anakin78z

    To be fair, none of the myTouch commercials mention Android, and if they do, it’s so subtle that I’ve never noticed. Only the Sprint ads have mentioned Android directly, if I recall correctly (hell, even the Droid commercials never say ‘An’droid).

    Anyhoo, this has nothing on the mini 5, so meh.

    • Sean Riley

      They may not say “Android” specifically, but the myTouch ads say “With Google” and in the Droid ads the Google logo is as large as the Verizon logo. There is nothing in the Backflip ads to suggest any affiliation with Android or Google; it actually just says “with MotoBlur.” So I would definitely characterize AT&T’s approach as different.

      I agree the Mini 5 will quite literally completely overshadow this device, but if Dell gives this thing a decent processor it could be a respectable option for those that can’t imagine carrying around a 5″ phone.

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  • Gautch

    I like how they totally photoshopped Facebook in there on that last image. Plus this looks like vista.

    Im still waiting to see what else AT&T gets for android this year.

  • David Shellabarger

    It sounded like the Wimberly bros kinda liked the Backflip.
    Not a big fan Sean?

    • Sean Riley

      They may have liked it better than the Cliq, but that is damning with faint praise. I think it’s an ill conceived form factor with outdated internal hardware and AT&T has unreasonably locked down the Android experience. So no, not a fan.

      That’s just my opinion though, if it works for someone else that’s great for them. I kind of like the Droid’s keyboard and it is almost universally hated so to each their own.

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  • http://Website Christy

    Guess what? I was under the understanding that my Dell Aero was Android 1.6 when I bought it. It’s only a 1.4!!!!!! I do have an idea. The Tech rep I spoke to last night said if enough people with Aero’s ping for updates, the tech dept will release it.

    Here’s the instructions on how to do this.

    Go to second screen, tap search.

    Type DM this brings up list DM Service(cloud with an up and down arrow).

    Tap software update. Then Search for Updates.

    This can be done once every 24 hours.

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