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Download Swype Beta for Android now

We previewed the Swype keyboard last year and now a public beta is available for a limited number of participants. Android users just need to visit the Swype Beta site and register to become a tester. An email will then be sent to the user that allows them to download the installer and begin using Swype.

I know this has been available on some phones like the new myTouch 3G with 3.5 mm headset jack, but this is the first time many users will get to experience this innovative input method.

If you check out the beta, please let us know what you think and what improvements Swype could make for Android.

Check out the video demo below and head over to Sywpe’s site for more tips and tricks.

Here are the details:

  • Initially we will have a limited number of participants – we’ll expand it soon
  • In English and Spanish – more languages to come
  • Limited Features – some key features of Swype require OEM integration
  • HVGA and WVGA Resolutions – don’t worry we’ll detect this automatically
  • Limited End User Support – mostly via our forum
  • If your phone came pre-installed with Swype DO NOT download this beta (it won’t work)

Source: Swype

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  • John Stankosky

    That looks amazing! I’d love to try it out if I had a non-keyboard phone. I still have a G1, but if anyone is willing to donate one to me… lol.

    • http://Website ermac

      Uuuh yeah buddy, I’m using it on a cliq…………notice the relativity??? Its great for one thumb txting. Using leaked beta.

    • jalberty

      I downloaded it to my G1. The keyboard looks great, big key, but the swype is not working.

    • rcornelous

      I downloaded this beta, and I have a G1. It works just as advertised!

  • http://Website coggy9

    Been using a leaked beta,can anyone see any major fixes/differences in this beta? If not,I think my leaked beta will be just fine.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      What version is it?

      The official beta is

      • http://Website g1 user

        Leaked version I have is 0.35.39359

        • http://Website coggy9

          I got

          • http://Website Shawn

            Was using the leaked beta also, it expired on me this weekend, this version has a few new interface changes.

  • http://Website shreve

    This looks cool, but I don’t quite understand the point..

    • anakin78z

      The idea is that you can type really fast with only one hand.

  • http://Website Christopher Cook

    Hmmm…I just registered and tried it out for a bit. It’s interesting, but I don’t really see the benefit here. I remember quite a few people complaining about always seeing the auto-suggest bar above the stock Android keyboard. I can’t imagine very many people wanting an auto-suggest feature that totally covers up what you were typing.

    • ontheFritz

      I agree. I tried it out for a night, and I couldn’t take it. It worked fine. But it’s definitely not for me. I’m much faster on the normal N1 keyboard. I can see the beneifts. Just not my style.

  • E-man

    This looks pretty sweet!

  • MattDemers

    Sadly I can’t seem to get past the tutorial. It just hangs after the “Watch as we write Swype is quick” part.

    • http://Website l3reak

      I had this same issue. It turned out that the installer had downloaded the wrong version of swype for my Droid. I went on wifi as swype suggested, uninstalled and reinstalled it, and it worked!

      Anyway, definitely get this of you were on the leaked beta, quite a bit has been visually polished, and I imagine there’s changes under the hoops as well.

      • http://Website Joe

        I have a droid eris and when i try to swype it wont let me

    • MattDemers

      Problem fixed itself. Happily Swyping away now.

  • http://Website lou

    been using the leaked version for a while now and this one is pretty much the same except it looks more like the one im guessing the Cliq XT and the new Mytouch have….I would like it if it figured out curse words better or allowed us to add words to its dictionary like with SlideIT, but overall its good

    • http://Website Mark

      To add your own words, just tap the word once. After that, you can Swype the word.

      • http://Website lou

        good looking out dude, i take back what I said swype is officially the shiznite!

        • http://Website Kenny

          Man, I had been using the leaked Swype app for like a month and a half, loved it. Then it expired. Since at the time, I didn’t know about the beta, I went looking for similar products on the market. Found SlideIT.

          Now, I see some differences here; first of, with the Swype app I had, the “add a word” feature didn’t quite work. With SlideIT is VERY easy to add a word and it actually works. Another difference was that with Swype the suggestion box was different, akwardly different, it was uncomfortable. It annoyed me most of the times, but with SlideIT, the suggestions are as you slide, so they appear on the screen, without blocking view of anything.

          Personally, I am sticking with SlideIT until I see some improvement, ease of use wise with Swype.

          I will not go back to tapping keys again, sliding/swiping is the way to go.

  • http://Website Mubariz

    Just tried this out and it is promising! Great idea!

  • http://Website Roger

    I just installed the Swype beta on my Sprint Hero. It’s difficult to see the advantages of this over the keyboard that comes stock with HTC Sense UI. It’s difficult to get used to, but as I was texting it became more natural. There are a few major hangups though.

    1. It can’t always tell what word you are spelling, even if you draw it perfectly. For example, the “U” key is directly between “O” and “R.” Therefore, it can’t tell the difference between “for” and “four.” So every time you want to spell “for” you have to select it from the list after you’ve typed (swyped?) it.

    2. It doesn’t auto-correct things like “im” to “I’m” and things like that. The best it does is ask you to select from the list.

    These two things make it a bit more cumbersome than I would like. It’s a great idea, but the keyboard that came stock on my phone is much better at guessing what I’m actually typing. I might keep Swype around for a little longer, but I don’t imagine I’ll switch completely.

    • http://Website Mark

      re: 1. you can change the accuracy settings to be more predictive. the only downside is that if you in fact did make a mistake w/ your swiping (uhh swyping?) then you’ll have to delete and start over.

      re: 2. the tutorial is kind of a must if you want to shorten your learning curve. to do “i’m”, you have to swype from “i” to the apostrophe to the “m”. i know there’s an autocorrection setting, but i’ve never used it. the apostrophe thing was pretty easy to get used to.

      just some background, i’ve been using swype since late january, and it’s totally my primary keyboard. i also have smart keyboard, android, and a couple foreign lang keyboards. but among the english language keyboards, i have a hard time returning to the old-style keyboards. excluding blackberry folks, i don’t think physical keyboard users can type faster than i can while using swype.

    • http://Website Mike

      I absolutely love this. I have been using the leaked beta for about a week now, and I can’t get over how accurate it is. In. fact, I am using it to write this message right now. There are a few things you need to get used to, but once you learn the tricks, it is amazing! For example, entering “I’m” is easy once you learn to draw from the I to the . (where the apostrophe is), then to the m. The tutorial is great, but there are a few more tips in the user guide found under help. Give it time, it becomes much more natural. Btw, the suggestion box has the right answer on top 90% of the time, and you just continue typing in that case, so the popup isn’t that big of a deal…

  • http://Website Mark

    just installed the beta. i was using the leaked version that was modded by someone to stop the crash window popup problem. that modded version was really solid, and last updated feb 1. anyway, the beta is prettier. i haven’t used it enough to see if the performance is any different, but at first glance it looks to be at least as good as the leaked version. also, the leaked version was a little funky with switching the symbols and getting back, but the beta is totally cleaned up with that. landscape also works great.

    (nexus one w/ update; not rooted, still stock android.)

  • http://Website Kevin

    Nice love the official version

  • http://Website bill

    what about privacy issues? I was warned that you could get every key stroke made, and that exposes a lot of serious info.

  • Thomas

    Wonder what sort of things need OEM integration…

  • http://Website Antonio

    I don’t know about anyone else, but this new version is sooo much cleaner and more functional, and just nicer overall. Looks nice on the Cliq as well, the old one didn’t look as nice on cliq’s screen, sort of clunky

  • http://Website Tim H

    Ummm… a Nexus One is not an Android phone according to the beta site?? :)

  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    I had swype on my Moto Droid for a while, and it is very fast. The only problem was that it’s more of a “quick type without proper grammar” sort of thing. The way you put capitals, contractions, and the like is very counterintuitive.

    • http://Website Mike

      The capitalization is much more accurate now. Sentences get a capital letter now. I would suggest trying the new beta version. It is definitely much better.

      • Brian Stringfellow

        “Sentences get a capital letter now”

        Do you mean without tapping the shift key? I don’t see this happening. You would think it would switch to caps after a period and space, but it doesn’t. Sure wish it did. Please tell me how.

        • http://Website andres

          new sentences get caps for me too (on official beta.)

          also i kind of like the “normal” way of getting a capital letter, which is to touch the first letter, swype up off the keypad and then back down to finish the word. honestly though, how often do you capitilize when it isn’t a name or the first word of a sentence?

          i’m loving the system. on my g1 i was able to watch the recommended words because i could purely touch type. on the N1 i lost that and i got much slower. now i can watch the words as they come up and it is even pretty accurate. thinking of tweaking that setting bar to get the popup to come up less.

  • http://Website CJ

    I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this for months using the leaks and I’ve had this official beta for about 2 days and I still don’t get it. This complicates a simple process. Swype will never gain any real traction in the mobile space and will die a much deserved death in short order.

    • Sean Riley

      I’ve been thinking that maybe this will gain traction with the tablet devices as thumb typing will be impractical on the larger screens.

  • http://Website kaiso

    I use it exclusively for three weeks now.

  • http://Website Ruben

    I don’t know, like it. I just tried it for the first time twenty minutes ago and am typing this comment. I find it easy and fast. Very cool app.

  • http://Website Phil

    Wow, this is amazing. Its going to be very hard to ever not use something like this. I wish Google would dump the big bucks in this and buy the patent/rights. This would be a huge selling point for android.

  • http://Website Lulu

    I just downloaded it for MT3G. This is by far the best innovative keyboard that I’ve tried. It’s so fast and really easy to use. I’m gonna replace my normal keyboard with this.

  • http://Website Mike

    I find it interesting that the guy who made this is the same guy who invented the t9 method of texting on a regular dialpad. Seems like the concept of finding possible words from groups of letters would definitely translate to this new method. I am absolutely hooked! ! !

  • davidposso

    i can’t download it, every time i try to download the file my phone say “not enough space” I’m hating this problem in my phone (Cliq) do any one knows how to fix this?

    • http://Website KEYLA

      Sounds like you need to get a bigger memory card 4 or 8gb or delete some of the apps you have to make space for the new app. i have a cliq and about to upgrade to an 8 due to so many apps i have.

  • http://Website dutchdude

    It’s really useful and it really predicts the words good, but too bad it’s only in English (and Espagnol) right now. It’s a beta and all and therefore it doesn’t have that much other languages, but right now I don’t really have a use for it.

    By the way, will they charge something for the final version? Might actually buy my first app, if it supports other languages when final.

  • http://Website Dean

    I’ve been using it since yesterday and I have gotten alot better with it.hopefully they can add the speak to text option that came with the standard keyboard on the n1. It takes some getting used to but im getting to where the messages are almost as fast/efficient as when I use the standard virtual keyboard. i an also using swype type type this message.i like how you sony have to process the spacebar which is a common problem i had on the standard keyboard. i have big thumbs and would accident hit the spacebar atleast one every ten messages. I don’t see that being an issue in swype.

    • http://Website andres

      your few typos not withstanding, i agree. i think this system is awesome and yeah, if they add more languages and speak to text button, this app is a real winner.

      seems like many people either just don’t understand (RTFM) or their devices/apps aren’t working correctly. for the people who have issues coming up with the correct words, or are bothered by the pop up, you can adjust in settings. Also remember that you can always just type as you normally would.

      this is key, because if my friend uses my phone to search something while i drive, i can’t bother with trying to explain how to input text. you definitely can get really fast with this (been using it 3 days and the differences are already huge.)

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  • http://Website Ruben

    I just rooted my MyTouch and can not get this to work now that it is rooted. I tried going through the whole process again but still nothing. Maybe a dumb question but, will it not work with a rooted phone? Thanks in advance for the help.

  • http://Website Zack

    The updated MT3G shipped with Swype as the default keyboard. Single text input is really weak for words not found in the dictionary, but it does seem to store words and usernames in its database.

  • http://Website Sara

    I downloaded the official beta three days ago, and so far I love it. It is much more intuitive than I was expecting. Swype has pretty much negated my need for the physical keyboard on my Droid to type out longer comments. It makes one-handed typing so easy and fast.

  • Leeaction

    Ok I downloaded skyp on my hero and seemed to do everything the right way but I still can’t use it to text

    It says it’s installed and everything on my phone but the program never comes up

    can someone help me out?

    • Tony M.

      On the Droid you have to go into the keyboard settings and activate it and then long-press in any input box (text message, email, etc) and select “input method” and then choose “Swype”

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  • Tony M.

    I’m absolutely in love with Swype, I’ve been using it for a couple months with my Moto Droid. It’s had its hiccups with updating or expiring or whatever the hell was going on which has been my only complaint. In a perfect situation I would be told that I will never experience an issue and I can keep it forever. Heck, i’d even pay. I cringe when I think about typing letter by letter. Please officially release Swype. K, thanks!

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  • AndroidAppsMaster

    Hi Ruben,

    You might have the old leaked beta, which has expired a while back. You might want to get the new swype official beta. As unfortunately, swype has closed their official swype beta you might want to get the APK of that by following the instructions at:

    I hope that help,

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  • http://Website kc


  • http://Website steve maynard


  • http://Website ehusic


  • http://Website Ricardo Gely


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