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Droid does delays: No 2.1 update today

Are we really surprised? Boy Genius Report is claiming the Motorola Droid update to Android 2.1 has been delayed and we tend to agree with them. They go on to say a last minute bug was found and there is no new ETA for the update.

We were expecting the first batch of updates to go out at 12 PM EST, but no users have reported receiving the official update.

This is really ironic because this is the second time Motorola has posted on their Facebook page that the update was coming out and then failed to deliver. Maybe there really is something to that tip we got yesterday which blamed Bitfone for the delay.

Stay tuned for details. If we find any new information we will update this post. If you magically receive the OTA update, hit up our tip line and let us know.

The OTA for Android 2.1 is now TBD.

Source: BGR

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  • http://Website Mike O

    REALLY? C’MON WTF ???? Why are they doing this to us?

  • http://Website mikeDroid

    Ughhhhhhhhh teasesssss

  • Sean Riley


    I mean, whatever, I’m fine. I’m just going to go break some stuff for totally unrelated reasons.

  • skeltonmedia

    It’s not like any of us were actually getting one today…Whats a few more days?

    • sayitloudbap

      Well, they said it in feb too. Its more about credibility. Don’t say it is coming out if it doesn’t. Atleast they never gave any sort of false hope when I was on the blackberry. They just updated it and you’d find out later that there was an update. and when it was out it was out.

      Please android… stop messing around.

  • http://Website Colin

    This is completely ridiculous.

  • http://NONE Disgusted

    I AM DONE WITH MOTOROLA! They have had plenty of time to figure this out. I believe since January. CMON. DEAR APPLE – PLEASE RELEASE AN iPhone to Verizon. I’m tired of these school yard mobile devices.

    • http://Website J. Mc

      Tell you what…
      I’ll pay your activation fees for your walled garden, get-it-when-we-damn-well-tell-you-that-you-can-have-it, one thing at a time, no multi-tasking, just like everybody else, iWannaPhone.

      All you have to do is promise never to darken the door of these comment threads ever again, you tool.

    • http://Website Also disgusted

      I agree with you. I only left my iphone for VZW’s network, but I find I like this phone. I only wanted 2.1 for the live wallpapers and 3D ap drawer, so I think I’ll just root it and be done. Everything I want is there anyway.

      • http://Website J. Mc

        Dude, for you, I’ll pay a year of your terrible AT&T contract, just to get you to NEVER COMMENT AGAIN.

        Mainly because your comment doesn’t make a damn bit of sense…you left the iPhone for the droid (good job), because why? Physical keyboard? Multi-tasking? Replaceable battery? Oh, wait…here it is…OPEN ACCESS! as evidenced by “I’ll just root and be done with it”. This MUST be the deal-breaker feature since you just can’t do that on the iPhone. Yet you agree with the dude who wants to jump ship back to the iPhone? huh? WHAAAAA?!?!?

        Get thee gone.

        • http://Website carig

          Dude, you should probly settle down, I’m pretty sure he was agreeing with you. I think the comment sounds more like an endorsement of the Droid because it is.

          • http://Website J. Mc

            Comment-thread fail. +6 damage.
            First – His comment was clearly in response to “Disgusted”. You can tell by how it’s nested.
            Second – “I left the iPhone for VZW’s network”. Not a ringing endorsement for the droid.
            Third – After said same bed-shitting, wherin he endorses the idea of going back to the iPhone (since he agrees with the first d-bag who said it), he then proposes a reasonable solution, i.e. rooting his paperweight.

            My biggest problem with ‘also disgusted’ is that by agreeing he was just encouraging ‘disgusted’. I proposed a fairly funny (IMNSHO) way to point out what troll-feeding gets you.

        • http://Website also disgusted

          Ok, man chill the f*&k out. What phone you got man? I wasn’t saying I am going back to the damn iphone. Don’t be so literal d-bag. I don’t, and would never, go back to apple anything. I love my droid. I was agreeing with his “they have had plenty of time to figure this out” comment.

          • http://Website J. Mc

            I’m sorry the internet hurtt your feelings.

            Are you familiar witha concept known as hyperbole? It means the intentional exaggeration of a concept to convey a point. Such as “Your comment was a little confusing” becomes “I’ll pay you to stop talking”.

            What phone do I have? Really? I have to have a particular phone to play in this game? Fine – Then I have a Motorola StarTac. Been rocking it since 1998. Sure, I lose it in my pocket sometimes, and if my cat gets a hold of it she tries to hide it in the litterbox, but it’s still the hotness.

            See what I did right there? Hyperbole. And it’s funny.
            Seriously, dude, it’s just the internet.

  • http://Website Drew

    “It’s not like any of us were actually getting one today…Whats a few more days?”

    I need live wallpapers or else the terrorists will win.

  • http://Website Jason

    ironic? How is that ironic?

  • http://Website Jack

    Lots of people already running 2.1 on their (rooted) Droid. I guess the same bug is just killing those peoples’ devices .

  • http://Website jack

    I like i said, boycott all android phones, untill everybody gets the update at the same time, not the ones that been selected by google

  • http://Website Matt

    Wow….. when I read about the update not having 5 home screens I decided to learn how to root and flash roms onto my droid (surprisingly easy, even for someone like me who has no priorbackground on that kind of thing, props to all the forums and videos about it). This only makes my choice of rooting all the sweeter.

    That being said I still wish the official 2.1 would have come out. Though I’m not surprised by any of this delay stuff especially due to the recent things motos CEO has said. Android may have saved their butt in the short run, but I would say they are far from loyal to the OS.

    The biggest thing that gets me however is why they chose to put in the live wallpapers in the update and not the 5 homesceens. The only two thoughts that come to mind are that one, perhaps Google wants the 5 screens to help differentiate the nexus from the Droid a bit more (but considering the sense UI this doesn’t make sense) or two there was something in the coding for the Droid that was making it hard for them to put the 5 screens in and they chose to put the live wallpapers in instead due to the potential of making money off of them (this one is hard to believe as well due to the many ROMs and home screen apps that are out there).

    Any thoughts? Hell it could just be that they got lazy.

    • http://Website Also disgusted

      Can you give a link to how you rooted? I’m a noob at it.

      • http://Website Zer0-9

      • http://Website aaron

        Go to you tube and search all the videos for droid review his vids are all very simple and helped me a lot he has videos on how to root then how to make a nandroid back up and how to install custom roms also if you go to and search all adamz post is roms are great I’m running his smoked glass 5.1? Maybe at 1.1 ghz no bugs at all but just make sure all your rooting is done on your sd card the only thing you need to flash is sbrecovery.. its really simple to root honestly but good luck. And I. Will never want the 2.1 ota update I don’t need it I have live wallpaper 3d gallery and drawer and updated music app with 5 screens and my phones a beast

        • http://Website Matt

          AdamZ actually has out a new stable version that I am using. Its version 6.0.1 and it runs off the 2.1 kernel. Pretty much has everything that the official update will have but with 5 screens. This is why I ask why they don’t have the 5 screens enabled. If lone developers can make it happen then why can’t Moto’s “team of experts” get it on there. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. I can see why they decided not to drop Live wallpapers, cause everyone has to admit that there are people out there that are willing to pay for something like that to feel like they are in an exclusive group or just to be able to “customize” their phone. People have been buying that stuff since the day you could change your wallpaper on a dumb phone. But I digress, if a lone moder can make the extra screens happen with no problems, why cant Moto?

          • http://Website nick

            Lol, I have cyanogen

    • http://Website stillerwinter

      I think they suddenly found out they don’t like Android anymore (Money is in the bank, Apple hates and sue android manufacturer and there ist this shiny little win 7 on the horizon).
      So ok Moto, that was my last moto. Hello Dell or HTC ;-)

      • http://Website stillerwinter

        Btw, there is Home + Beta from inuit that has up to 7 screens. It not a newprogrammed home. Its the stock google home with just more screens, nothing more. Stable like the normal home. Make it default and voila perfect!

        3 homes like no home.

      • http://Website Matt

        Sadly I have to agree with you. Moto has really shown no true loyalty to Android. From the Boot loader issue in Europe to the removing of google (which is understandable in some ways, it is an open platform after all) to the comments about windows phone 7 their CEO has said. Like you said the apple vs htc/google case is probably got them a little scared as well.

    • http://Website zezer

      Rooting is simple, however the first 2.1 roms that came out were very unstable. It was found that the 3D tray was the problem. This is removed on most 2.1 roms for the droid. You get 5 screens, live wallpapers, etc. Just not the fancy app screen. I went back to my original rom for the update. Looks like i need to switch back for a while.

      • http://Website drathos

        Unfortunately, the 5 screens is part of the new launcher (it’s the home app). There’s other home replacements out there that give you additional screens, tho.

    • http://Website Rick

      Well, 2.1 really never had 5 screens or 3D cube in the source files. That is what Google added to the N1.
      If you want more screens on your rooted/non-rooted phone that is light weight and fast, then Helix Launcher is great. It allows you to have 3 to 7 screens, but no 3D app menu.

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  • http://Website Str8havoc

    Lol……thank god I still have my phone rooted

  • http://Website Rick

    That is another fine piece of crap HP product, that blew a gasket. HP should just give up the computer business. They make/sell crap products

    • http://Website J. Mc

      Did you wander in here from 4chan?

      • http://Website Rick

        Nope, Bitfone is owned by HP.

  • http://Website techie99

    Android is open source… motorola (I’m sure w/ some guidance from the carrier) is the one who rolls their “flavor”. Perhaps 5 screens w/ live wallpapers was a bit much for the hardware. Google doesn’t control the implementation/rollout manufacturers and carriers do that as well. Be pissed @ motorola or verizon… (at this point it seems as it is verizons issue… the identical handset across the pond has been running 2.1 for some time now)

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      There have been multiple home replacement apps that have 5 or more screens. There is no hardware limitation on the Droid preventing it from having 5 screens.

    • http://Website stillerwinter

      Yes its not googles fault, its motopoto. But you are wrong in thinking over the pond is 2.1. In europe there is 2.0.1 since 2-3 weeks! Not so fast than yours. With the shitty browser lag problem. Plus moto has used a locked bootloader, so no easy way to flash! Milestone (Droid europe) is NOT open.

      Shame on moto :-(

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  • http://Website Haggie

    May they feel like teaching morons that sit around staring at their phones waiting for them to go from 2.0.1 to 2.1 a lesson that there is a great big world out there and they should take this beautiful day to go outside and enjoy it.

    • http://Website stillerwinter

      Please stop reading websites and stop commenting. Go out and explore the cool world ;-)

      I’m upset because I want a functional camera (yes since 2.0.1 its good, but with 2.0.1 the browser is laggy, so wiating for 2.1 where both problems are solved)

  • MattDemers

    Bah, disappointed that it didn’t come out, but at least there’s one more bug that won’t affect it. Really, we can bunker down for a few more days.

  • Anish

    Droid does lie about the Android 2.1 updates, Droid does(not) respect deadlines, Droid does like to keep people waiting…

  • http://Website zezer

    If thr ota company is a problem why not make an apk that can be downloaded and installed.

    • http://Website Nick

      Hear, hear

  • http://Website Jordan

    Quit complaining about it being delayed! It’s better to have them update the phone to 2.1 after cleaning up any bugs then having them dump it on us with the bugs still there

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    Why are some of you angry that they found an issue and are fixing it for us? Shit happens. There are millions of things that can go wrong with something like this. I’m sure glad I won’t be having bugs.

    Sure I want the patch too. I monitor what’s going on with it constantly, but ffs enjoy your awesome droid as is for a bit longer. Its still badass. Plain and simple.

  • JohnnyACE

    I just checked Boy Genius Report’s article on this, and there seem to be some people in the comments sections claiming to have received their OTA update already. I don’t know whether or not their claims are true, but I think someone might have jumped the gun with the subject of this article.

    I sure hope I get mine today.


  • http://Website Jordan


    In response to reports that Verizon Wireless had suddenly delayed its planned roll-out of the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid, Verizon reached out to Phone Scoop. Spokesperson Thomas Pica said in an email, “The Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola was deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users as scheduled. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will take place, but not just yet. No date scheduled yet.” This message is essentially the same as the one provided yesterday by Verizon Wireless. Users should not expect their devices to update today or at any time during the next several days.

  • ben
    They posted this after I bitched about it on twitter

  • Alan

    On verizon network’s twitter account it says that there was no delay, but the rollout was to a select test group before the real release.

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  • http://Website ani9097

    Hey, I just received the much awaited 2.1 upgrade for my Droid and Milestone… Nice to see Live wallpaper running on it… Thank you Google and Moto :)