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Engadget releases Android application

Some people might consider Engadget as one of our competitors, but we are actually friends. They were a little slow to jump on the Android bandwagon, but Engadget is now one of the best sources for exclusive news about Google’s mobile operating system. Engadget has Sprint as one of their top sponsors and they were all over the HTC EVO 4G announcement with great coverage.

We already knew this was coming, but the Engadget app for Android has finally been released. The app allows quick access to all of their content including Engadget, Engadget Mobile, Engadget HD, podcasts, the Engadget Show, galleries, and more. The overall user interface is extremely polished for its first release and Engadget is already planning an update to add a home screen widget.

I’m glad the app came out when it did because we have been planning an update to our aging RSS widget which will be a full blown app. I know Clark is up to the challenge, but the bar has just been raised.

Source: Engadget

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  • Dylan Andersen

    In very poor taste, Engadget has disabled the notification bar in favor a “full-screen mode” and disappointing iPhone-inspired navigation buttons on the bottom.

    “@cyngus: Unless you need an immersive experience, do not hide the notification bar, this is how users get important events.”

    • andymitty

      You would think with how long it took for them to release their app on Android they would have figured out that we are very fond of our notification bar!

  • http://Website stillerwinter

    The only thing I think thats postive on an app is that there is no advertising. But for all other its just crap. They kill some of their money. With an up to date smartphone (and i don’t mean an iPhone) its no problem to use the full webpage. IMHO its even a better experience. And as last point don’t forget most regular reader use a rrs feed reader (and switch to read in the BROWSER). I think with these better devices the app model for content is over. Also where is flash in an app?

  • http://Website Curtis


  • Killa

    Wow! I just gave the thing a whirl and as you said Taylor, it is EXTREMELY polished! This is definitely the best looking news app I have ever seen. All they have to do is add (along with the widget of course) the notification bar and landscape view and it will be perfect.

    To be honest I have never followed them before so I’m just curious, what’s the difference between Engadget and EngadgetHD?

  • http://Website Samer

    I want an ANDROID AND ME app!

    • http://Website andrew

      A Yea I agree, I can’t wait for android and me native app…

  • stalker

    I am regular visitor of engadget. Will install that app.

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  • http://Website [email protected]

    would be good if the engadget app have full or bigger screen mode for larger display androids. i have both Samsung Galaxy S and Tab, looks weird when looking at a Galaxy S sized engadget on the Tab…