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ESPN Mobile TV comes to Sprint Android phones

ESPN and Sprint are teaming up to give Android users the ultimate sports experience in the palm of their hand. Starting today, ESPN Mobile TV will offer Sprint consumers live sports programming and entertainment from ESPN.

The service will be offered via the existing Sprint TV application and does not require a software upgrade.

“Mobile has become an invaluable screen to the digital consumer. To super serve sports fans, you have to provide live coverage on the go, and we are excited to be working with Sprint to provide this offering to its customers.”Matt MurphySVP ESPN Media Networks

We don’t have a Sprint Android phone at the moment so we are unable to review this service. If you own a HTC Hero or Samsung Moment, please let us know how the new ESPN Mobile TV performs.

Programming and live events through April include:

  • 23 Live Men’s NCAA Basketball Games (including Conference Championship games)
  • 19 Live Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship Games
  • 9 NBA Playoff Games
  • 15 Regular Season NBA Games
  • 30 Live NBA Fastbreak Shows
  • 10 Regular Season MLB Games
  • 50 Live Baseball Tonight Studio Shows
  • 3 College Football Spring games
  • 3 Live Friday Night Fights
  • 3 Live NCAA Hockey Championship Games
  • 5 Live MLS Matches

Source: Sprint

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  • anakin78z

    That sounds awesome, but I really don’t use Sprint, and haven’t since they sucked way back when.
    Exclusivity sucks.

  • oak25

    well, i have been watching all of the LIVE college basketball coverage. If you are in a good spot, you receive a clear picture. I tried it while traveling in a car, and still got okay quality. What more do you want? its ESPN!!! Hopefully 4G comes to Los Angeles soon enough. Then there wont be any problems with the live stream. For now i give it a 8/10. If you are a sports fanatic you WILL LOVE THIS…as i do. :)

  • oak25

    Can you say live ESPN on a 4.3 amoled 4G HTC supersonic…. hehe

  • http://Website A2Boom

    They can accomplish TV, but we are still left waiting for an ESPN Radio app for Android. To listen to ESPN radio I must resort to constantly switching from unreliable stream to stream on StreamFurious. Sprint needs to work on getting a Nexus One, and ESPN needs to roll out their brilliant Iphone app for Android. Why is Sprint so consumed with content? Keep focused on the phone business.

  • http://Website dave

    As an FYI for Taylor, we offer MMA Live late every Thursday night too on ESPN Mobile TV!

  • oak25

    yea taylor! and pti, around the horn blah blah blah

  • V4ND3RP00L

    Just tested this out on my HTC Hero and it works fine and pretty good picture as well. I also don’t seem to be getting any sort of lag.

  • http://Website aleis

    since this isnt a paid app, could someone post the .apk to a uploader site :)

  • http://Website Eric B

    Awesome. I watched it at the airport and it was clear like a regular TV. But I tried it at my home and it was a little spoltchy. (or whatever). So it is really reliant on 3g / 4g coverage.

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  • http://Website Lexlthr

    @ aleis There is nothing to download. It’s already on the phone under live tv.

  • http://Website matt

    What about verizon htc? Can I get it on that?

  • http://Website Judee

    Do best

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  • http://Website paul piccardo

    Someone can tell me if I can watch live soccer matches from world cup africa 2010 in my t-mobile smart phone(HTC HD2) ???? Please I new answer

  • http://Website nicolai


  • http://Website Joe Evans

    So only sprint customers will get mobile tv? Will verizon customers on android be able to get espn mobile tv?

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  • http://Website Rufino