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Fennec gets compiled for the Motorola Milestone

We previously saw Mozilla developers port Fennec (Firefox for mobile) to the Droid and now a German developer has compiled and released a semi-working version. Anyone with a Droid (or Milestone) can grab the package and install it, but you might want to watch the video below before you spend your time setting it up. The app takes up 40 MB and the user interface is very sluggish, so don’t get too excited yet.

Mozilla recently dropped Windows phone support for Firefox mobile and hopes to have at least a public beta by late 2010.

Via: Mobiputing

Source: MartinSchirr

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  • http://Website coggy9

    Who wants a G1 port? I know I do. ;)

  • http://Website Horaz

    40 MB? Guau, a large app!

  • MattDemers

    Eh. Don’t want to ruin my enthusiasm for Fennec by messing around with a buggy app. I’ll wait for the real beta.

  • http://Website Connie

    I would certainly wait for the official version rather than that one. Who knows who. what’s inside that 40 mb of purported-fennec version? And besides, what if the language was even in German.? It would ruin the whole fennec experience.


  • Mike4

    I definitely want to try it out – especially when the 1st official version won’t be available for probably another eight months.

    When I go to the site and go to the download section, I see three options. No matter which one I click on, I get an “Authentication Required” prompt. Apparently these aren’t for public download? Does anyone have a different link?

    • Martin Schirrmacher

      You should use the latest one. The first one is firefox. The second is fennec with debug libs. It needs 50MByte space.
      The last one is fennec without debug informations and need 40Mbyte space.

      On the download page are the username and password.
      username: fennec
      password: android

      Martin Schirrmacher

      • Mike4

        Thanks, Martin. I just noticed that. I don’t know why I didn’t see it when it was in German, but when I translated the page, I was able to read everything and see that very clearly.

        I’m going to take a big leap and make the assumption that you are, in fact, the person who runs that site and has compiled the builds for download. If so, thank you in advance for your hard work.

  • Martin Schirrmacher

    The size is because of the libs.
    If you afraid to install it, look at my site and compile it yourself ;)
    The version is in english.
    Here is my second video with addons

    Martin Schirrmacher

    • http://Website Jeremy

      the fennec.apk is not working for the Nexus One :( Do I need to compile it specifically for each device?

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  • Mike4

    Unfortunately, I can’t get it to install. It just goes through installation and says it wasn’t installed. I tried twice before realizing I might not have enough space, so I then went back and deleted some unnecessary apps to make space. It’s still not working, even though I have 43.81MB available.

  • http://Website rstat1

    Ha I’ve had this app on my droid since the beginning of the project. Definitely has gotten a lot less painful to use over the last few weeks. Some addons like Weave don’t work and it takes a while to load, and doesn’t normally fully load on the first running. But for being a pre-alpha/alpha it runs pretty good.

  • stalker

    I think we should wait for alpha release.

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