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Foursquare for Android getting refreshed before SXSW

Foursquare and Gowalla are gearing up for a check-in battle next week in Austin during SXSW (and we will be there). I am a huge fan of both location-based services and it’s exciting to see all the changes both companies are rolling out. Gowalla just released v1.0 of their Android app to the Market and now Foursquare will also be getting an important update this week.

TechCrunch posted some early screens of the latest Foursquare for iPhone and it looks a million times better than the current Android offering. We asked Foursquare where was the love for Android and they responded a new version will be out this week. In fact “All three clients (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) will be getting refreshed before SXSW”.

It is way too early to predict which check-in app will come out on top (I think both can survive) so I suggest trying out both. Check back next week for a full report on both services and how their Android apps stack up.

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  • MattDemers

    I’m quite happy with this. My friends and I use Foursquare a lot, so it’ll be nice if the Android version gets things like the text messaging and more colorful interface.

  • http://Website Todd

    “…It is way too early to predict which check-in app will come out on top”

    Two factors

    1 – Of the two, whichever implements coupons best ( not first, Brightkite is already offering coupons, but poorly implemented ).

    2 – Whichever implements the Activity Stream spec best;

    …with regard to the social object ( in this case a location ). Foursquare has a big head start on this, as seen in the new “History”, but they are NOT using the spec.

    Should either service do both “right” – they “win”.

  • http://Website t’

    I swear I must be the only person that doesn’t get these services.

    In an age where privacy, particularly online, is being eroded with the force of a tsunami, I just don’t get why people want to publicly announce where they are every time they take 20 footsteps.

    Maybe I’m just getting old.

  • Seth B.

    I have to say that this is a good thing, Foursquare could use a little polish. I have tried Gowalla, but … the android app, while new, just leaves me a little wanting. That and its constant trying to turn on my wifi.

  • http://Website archboy

    In this age on ‘social’ everything. I’m still not quite sure what do to with foursquares and gowalla?

    Or is that if I don’t know what it is then I don’t need it.

  • http://Website Jack

    This article is about the Android version, but the screenshots you posted are clearing from the iPhone version. So what’s the point of the screenshots again?

    • http://Website David

      As the article says the Iphone version got an update recently and the android should be updated soon. The point of the screenshot is to show you what it could like if they try and make it look like the iphone version.

  • Purist

    How about this, neither of them wins. Thanks to Buzz.

    • http://Website Jasee

      Ditto @Purist

  • http://Website alicia

    You would think that with Gowalla being based out of Austin, they would come up with some trips for SXSW, but their latest version leaves that out.

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  • james

    loving foursquare for android, however was a little shattered the Android version lacked the “Nearby Tips” functionality, so i replicated it and created an app called “TipFinder” for Android :)
    check out my website for more info!