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Hands on as new Dell Mini 5 details leak: Amazon deal, new colors, new name


At the last MobileMonday Austin, Dell was on hand and during their presentation casually pulled a Mini 5 out and held it up for the crowd to see. At the time I was playing with my own phone and wouldn’t have ever noticed but luckily Todd was paying attention and demanded I go get photos. Good thing too, this big guy is looking pretty awesome.

We got to play with the device (they said they are hesitant to call it a phone because of it’s size) for a good half hour and came away pretty impressed. We grabbed a handful of photos but had been waiting to post them until some new information about the device came to light…

Today Engadget came across a leaked flyer that reveals new details and even a new name. The Dell Streak will be available in a number of color and design options (thanks to Dell Design Studio) and feature a new content partnership with That means the Streak will have a Kindle e-book reader app, Amazon MP3, Amazon video streams- the full gamut of Amazon digital content goodness.

Check out the two leaked flyers below:

Colors and specs

Digital content from Amazon

So what else do we know about it?

Size: Back when we played with the device it was still the Dell Mini 5 but a lot of things were starting to look pretty final. Like the form factor. As you can see in the photos (and in the flyers above and videos online) this thing is production ready. It has an incredibly slim body (in the same range of a Nexus or iPhone) and feels really good in hand (although that might change if you have tiny hands).

Dang thin

in a huge hand

with a Nexus and iPhone

Custom UI: The Mini 5 is running a custom user interface but overall it wasn’t as intrusive as some others we’ve seen. I asked the rep how ‘deep’ the customizations were and he said they hope to never be more than a few weeks behind the official Android upgrades. The UI had a couple really nice ideas. You can launch the full app tray from any screen on the phone (no need to return home), you can easily add new home screens on the fly (with custom backgrounds), there were a number of custom yet clean widgets, all sorts of stuff that seemed natural and usable.

That being said, it wasn’t the prettiest interface I’ve ever seen. Lots of gray gradients and rounded edges left me wanting something a bit more sharp for the huge 5-inch WVGA (800 x 480) screen.

Default home

Add a home screen

Facebook widget

Keyboard: The Streak has a virtual keyboard but I thought it was worthy to note how huge it feels on the 5 inch screen. They’ve even got room to fit a full num pad on there. Which I think is a first on an Android virtual keyboard (at least displaying them alongside one another). The touchscreen felt very accurate and typing on this beast was a joy.

wiiiidescreen keyboard

And other goodies: We’ve got a few more shots of the Mini 5 on our Flickr page. The unit on display was also capable of receiving live over the air TV (via a small third party unit). And even though there is only one channel here in Austin broadcasting in the new mobile standard format (which means probably fewer elsewhere), it was pretty cool to see live, high quality OTA TV on a phone.

The Mini 5 also had the full range of Google apps (market, maps, etc) so we know Dell is in the good graces of Google.

Let’s wrap this up

The Dell Mini 5, er, the Dell Streak, really looks to be shaping up into a hot device. While it was running a dated version of Android, we’ve heard reports that Dell plans to get it upgraded in time for launch. When will that be? Well, they aren’t saying. But given how polished this thing is looking it’s gotta be soon.

Given all the discussion and jokes about the size of this beast (myself included) it was really nice to play with it in person to see how normal it felt. Sure it was larger than any phone I’ve ever used, but in an awesome way, not a look-at-me-holding-a-platter-against-my-face sorta way.

Via: Todd

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website Josh

    When they get 2.0+ on this thing I’d want to install Multitouch Paint and see how the multitouch accuracy is.

    • http://Website Sylla

      It’s almost certainly running 2.1 since dell have confirmed it’ll be running something newer than 1.6 which leaves 2.0 (which wasn’t out for long before 2.1 was so unlikely), 2.1 and 2.2/5/whatever.

      Now, If they can produce a tablet built for a player with some ingenious multi-media capability and landing at sub-600 USD. I don’t see any reason why this tablet won’t land in my car for the kids. Opinions:

  • http://Website Todd
    • Angie Strickland

      YEAH EWWW :)

    • Clark Wimberly

      Those are the hands of some surly hobo we ran into in the parking lot.

      • Brian Douglas Hayes

        Well, if surly hobos approve, I’m sure it’ll be a hit!

        • http://Website Todd

          9 out of 10 surly hobos choose Android as their preferred mobile OS…

          … because the “Google Shop” app has the most accurate deals on malt liquor and cigarettes.

  • Mike Leahy

    >Given all the discussion and jokes about the size of this beast….

    Wait for it… wait for it… Does it come in brown?

    :: smacks forehead ::

    Yeah.. I’ll probably get this one as it’ll be a nice real time app / game demo device.

    If it indeed comes with HDMI that is the hotness… Now once Google works out a fully baked & proper / bluetooth stack I’m just aching to get external game controllers connected. I’ve got most of the code ready (tested on desktop version of Typhon), but the bluetooth stack is still munged w/ Android.

    Hot device though; me wants…

  • http://Website geova

    any info on pricing yet?

  • anakin78z

    Ok, want this more than ever now.
    The Amazon thing sounds friggin awesome, and I hope it’s not a Dell exclusive (video and kindle, that is, as we already have the other two).
    OTA TV on my phone is something I really want, too.

    Gah, how can I look at my Nexus One and be lusting after this thing so much?

  • Brian Douglas Hayes

    I’m totally shocked that Dell did it right this time. I had visions of the Dell DJ and Axim when this thing was announced. Solid hardware, but nothing unique on the software side.

    The killer app here is the Amazon partnership–nobody else has that, and it makes the Mini5/Streak a very worthy competitor to the iPad. It’s a close match now–even both of them have stupid names!

    Kidding aside, I like the format/size of this Dell better than the iPad, which seems a bit too big to just kick back and read/watch movies with. I just hope it’s priced competitively-and I hope we can get a version that’s not attached to a 3G data plan.

  • http://Website matt

    Any word on processor speed and ram

  • krazytrixxxsta

    impressive, too bad i dont have any use for it at the moment.

  • http://Website kathi17

    I really like this, even more than the desire. It’s the perfect size for my purse, and has a nice big screen, without being so big that I can’t keep it with me wherever I go.

    I have no desire for those 10″ screens, if I get something that big, I would rather just get a new laptop.

    This for a phone, along with a new laptop would make me very happy. If this and the Desire came to T-Mobile, it would be almost impossible to choose between them, but I think this would win.

    I don’t like the colors it comes in though, I need burnished gold to match my purses!

  • http://Website manly man

    Man after all the trash i was talking about the dell mini 5 being the size of a 1st gen psp! I could see myself buying this if is 2.1+!

  • http://Website Jim R

    Will this be available online direct from Dell, or will it only be available from AT&T and/or T-Mobile?

  • http://Website treefq

    Nice … thing. Too bad its on AT&T. I’ll never go to AT&T

  • MattDemers

    That it a big flippin’ phone.

  • http://Website DannyB

    > The Mini 5 also had the full range of Google apps (market,
    > maps, etc) so we know Dell is in the good graces of Google.

    What Google giveth, AT&T taketh away.

  • http://Website cain

    Is it a phone as well?

  • http://Website suripen

    I ready an article from Dell guy, it does come with dock and mini HDMI port, which can be connected to TV and watch your mobile screen on big TV. He did not mention about hooking about key board and mouse but I would assume it can be done using BT. I hope this will release some dependency on my laptop when I am on the go.

  • http://Website Dillio

    If I can get this without a mandatory data plan, and I can just stick in any SIM card and use it as a phone also, I’ll get it.

  • http://Website Mark

    It halped becouse I need a new phone and a laptop and iam thinking of geting a ipad but this is like all in one.
    Keep up the good work

  • Alluza

    Hey, iPad is NOT as the same as this Dell and cannot be compared. This Dell is great but it is still a Smart Phone. You can compare it with iPhone, of course, but is absolutely non-sense if you are trying to compare it with iPad.

  • http://Website Cxaz


    Dell just read my thoughts!

    I won’t need to turn on my computer every time I receive an e-mail that needs a big answer. Now it will be possible to have the best of two worlds together. Phone and computer in a way that I can carry and I can see.

    Ipad is too big (stupid device, people just love what they see on television…), smartphones are too small for my needs and patience.

  • http://Website carlleigh

    They’ve almost sold me! But I want it just a little bit bigger. I’ve been carrying paperback books in my pants pocket for years. Standard size 6 3/4 inch by 4 1/8 inch. Pull the display right to the edge and you could get a 7 1/2 screen in a 6 3/4 by 4 1/8 inch device. Just the right size for a paperback replacement ebook reader. With a 3G phone connection and a blue tooth head set it wouldn’t even have to leave my pocket to answer a calls. Put a 1 to 2 Ghz processor, let me connect to my Samsung SyncMaster 2433mw display add a real keyboard and a real mouse, while I am at work or home, frankly I wouldn’t even need a second computer for my desktop.

    The day has come. The average computer/mobile phone user needs to buy only one computer to do everything.

  • http://Website darft

    look like this should be out in the next few weeks – carphone warehouse have got some info on this and specs on this.

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  • http://Website paygo

    The Dell streak does look amazing, ive been looking at getting it on pre pay the 16gb version that is.

    I was looking at it this morning at but as I like to shop around I want to make sure I get the best deal first.

  • bestdealsbox

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  • rofl

    I used to be recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m now not positive whether or not this post is written by means of him as nobody else understand such precise approximately my problem. You are wonderful! Thank you!

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