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How to manually install Android 2.1 for Droid

Starting today, Verizon will begin rolling out the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid. Only 10,000 users should receive the OTA update on the first day, but anyone can manually install it in a few simple steps.

Update: This is the official update file that is being sent out over the air. You can wait a week to get it from Verizon or you can download it from Google now and install it today. This update is only intended for the Verizon Motorola Droid.

We already know how to manually flash an update and we are only waiting on the official download link to be discovered. As soon as someone sends me the link, I will verify it works on my Droid and then share it with everyone else.

For complete details and benefits of the Android 2.1 update, see the official Verizon support page.

To manually install Android 2.1 on the Verizon Droid, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the official Android 2.1 firmware from: Android 2.1 (ESE81)
  2. Copy the file to your microSD card and name it (newb warning: not
  3. Power off your phone. Hold down the “X” button on the physical keyboard and power it back on to boot into recovery mode.
  4. When you see the “/!” symbol, press volume up and the camera button to display the recovery options.
  5. Use the d-pad to navigate to “apply” and select it.
  6. When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.
  7. Profit?

Having problems? Leave a comment or start a thread in our forums for help.

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  • http://Website mike o

    can’t wait!!! drool, is it bad that i dont even own a droid? i can’t wait to get the update to put it on my fiance’s droid so maybe she will stop complaining about it. i really hope this update fixes whatever it is shes complaining about. and she will wanna keep her phone.

    • Dean Williams

      Dude! Just let her be unhappy and give her whatever phone you have. You get Droid. PROFIT!

      • http://Website Mike O

        she keeps saying she wants to give me her droid. but when i ask her when.. shes like why you in a hurry… i tell her its cause im still rocking the env2 with no working “ok” button or “0″. shes gonna miss her chance to ditch her droid in about 2 weeks when the incredible or desire hits verizon. cause im up for an upgrade and im certainly not taking the droid after that.

  • http://Website ICON

    +1 for the underpants gnomes reference

  • http://Website BMaz

    Installing it manually isn’t the same as flashing the rom and instead is just like getting it OTA, just earlier, right? I’m not sure I am adventurous enough to go too far outside of the Verizon-supported process… any long-term risk in doing it manually?

    • http://Website Adam

      Nope, this is the official way to do the update. The OTA method just downloads the file to the same location, and tells the bootloader to apply it.

      • hamza lableg

        what’s the OTA mode can u explan to me plz !!
        i’ve installed the android 2.3 in moy phone but i didn’t like it cuz it doesn’t work well so i dicieded to install the android 2.1 again but i can’t !! plz help me if u know a solution. thx

    • http://Androidandme DannyDarko

      There is no long term effects if you follow the directions as they are layed out for you.Droiders,” DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ROOT”,many qualified Devs have compiled the needed steps for you to really enjoy your Droid or just about any Android phone for that matter. It is the same as an OTA period.That is the beauty of open source you really get to use all of your phones capabilities and your only price is following directions.All the hard work has been done for you.That said go Root and Flash your phones there is a Rom for every taste out there be free, be open be Android cause Droid Does R.F.M:)Droooiiid!

  • http://Website BMaz

    Great, thanks!

  • http://Website Shanej

    Doing the update this way will keep all my apps installed, right? I got my droid after 2.0.1 was already pre-installed

    • http://Website Adam

      Yep, you’ll be fine.

      I’ve done a number of upgrades (2.0 to 2.0.1, 2.0.1 to DroidMod, etc) and haven’t lost any apps or data.

      Well, 2.0 to 2.0.1 did reset Facebook settings, but that was a bug that was fixed.

      • http://Website Shanej

        Did you do it this way or wait for the ota?

        • http://Website Adam

          I performed the 2.0.1 update using this method, with absolutely no ill effects.

          Its nothing to be scared of, everyone. The software is provided by Google/Motorola/Verizon, and the steps outlined above are not undocumented. They’re just different.

          (However, using 3rd party “custom” ROMs like DroidMod, etc will violate your warranty and possibly cause weird issues, but this update isn’t 3rd party… Its the real deal.)

          Think of it like upgrading your PC’s OS. You can either wait until the software updates itself, or be proactive and do the update yourself without waiting.

          Now, the only catch here is that the vendor(s) are slowly rolling it out, so as to make sure there aren’t any real-world issues with the update – and to be able to correct them without causing hundreds of thousands of Droids to become unstable/unusable. Its savvy of them to do this, in my opinion.

          • http://Website ryan

            i tried doing the manual update and it keeps saying no such file or directory and i renamed it and did everything step by step it could be where im dragging the file to? any ideas

  • http://Website Jason Huebel

    Will this negate rooting of 2.0.1? Or will root/superuser access remain? I have to be honest, I’m unclear on the specifics of the changes rooting makes. Perhaps it’s just permission changes or adding the default user to sudoers?

    • http://Website al52025

      Yes it will get rid of root. Wait for a moddified version of this update to hit that doesnt destroy root. But the question is if u have root y r u not using a rom that had 2.1 on it weeks ago

  • Randomguyweird

    Do I need to be rooted to do this?

    • http://Website Rick


  • http://Website nick

    No, its probably better to not be rooted.

  • http://Website Jason

    Did anyone get it? Please share the file!

  • http://Website buzzdar
    • JohnnyACEâ™  GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}â„¢

      Check the date on that article.


  • http://Website MVL

    In case anyone is wondering, the update got delayed, no one gets it today. Check BGR for details.

    • Mike4

      What?!? Nooooooo!!!!!

  • http://Website Droid’tastic

    BGR is reporting, with picture, the OTA is delayed with no new date. (TBD) Grrrrr!

  • http://Website droidlover
  • Mike4

    Man, I’m impatient. I keep hitting refresh for that link to appear in the article!

    Seriously, though, why doesn’t Verizon provide the link on the upgrade page of their site? Would it not be cheaper for the files to be downloaded from the site, rather than having to push it out to the phones and using mobile data… or is the bandwidth cost essentially the same? If it’s the same, I guess that makes sense. I don’t think Verizon wants customers upgrading manually and screwing it up.

  • http://Website Samer

    Would this work on the Milestone??
    Please say yes

    • http://Website Jason

      I wouldn’t try it, you could prevent yourself from receiving any future updates your carrier would put out and you would probably void your warranty.

  • http://Website Timbo89

    What is the link to the update firmware?

  • http://Website Nick

    Verizon made an announcement today that the release went out to the test users as planned and the OTA will roll out shortly… No delay in the release but they gotta make sure that the update is functional before sending it out to the masses…

  • http://Website Peter

    Interesting, has a link to the official Android 2.1 version for the Milestone from the Motorola site:

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  • http://Website Maqubex

    I installed the official 2.1 Update on a telus Milestone (canada) and now, it’s not detecting my network…
    Any way I can revert back?
    I thought this was the official update and didn’t bother to backup and all that stuff…
    I’m an idiot…with no patience. What are my options?

    • http://Website coggy9

      You could try finding a SHX(Moto repair file) for the Telus Milestone and flash it using RSD Lite(few consider it illegal,but Google it to be safe)

  • http://Website crazy34

    WHERES THE UPDATE?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

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  • http://Website soccer568

    You know some1 on android already got the heres the link to it: everyone so far says it worked fine for them.

  • http://Website Joshua Banks
  • http://Website Antonio

    Interesting… Would this work with a european Motorola Milestone?

    • http://Website Name (required)

      oops, never mind, already answered…

  • http://Website Mike

    Is the update at the top of this page still accurate? Has there been another delay? I just want to know if there are known issues before I decide to get the update manually… Thanks

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Sorry that was an old message from when the post first went up. This is the final update and it works with no issues. Many people have manually installed it and it works great.

  • http://Website Chris

    I just followed the directions. I hope this works. So far it is sitting on the red eye forever. Seems to have worked. I have 2.1-update 1 now. Nothing looks different though.

  • http://Website JimK

    I installed it, everything went fine. I have live wallpapers and the new weather/news widget. My About screen shows Firmware 2.1-update1, build no. ESE81. Everything seems to be running smoothly, but I did NOT get any new home launcher, app drawer or home screens. I got all the other mentioned features of 2.1 but not that. Weird?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The update does not include the 3D launcher as seen on the Nexus One.

      • http://Website KSChris

        Seriously? That sucks.. was looking forward to that.

        Any reason why?

        • Nick

          I believe the reason is because the Droid homescreen / app drawer will rotate to landscape view if the physical keyboard is extended whereas the Nexus one does not have landscape view on the homescreen or app drawer ever.

          Soo… compatibility issues? Too much work/delay for something they deemed non-essential? Who knows.

          I don’t know why they didn’t add the extra homescreens though.

          • http://Website KSChris

            Yeah, the lack of additional home screens is a bummer.

            I was looking forward to the update, but now Live Wallpapers is pretty much the only new addition that affects me.

  • http://Website marcquill

    it didnt work for me

  • http://Website marcquill

    i keep getting signature fail

    • Taylor Wimberly

      That is because you previously rooted your phone. This update is intended for normal users who have not hacked their device.

      • http://Website Dave

        Mines rooted and my Droid updated just fine.

  • http://Website Qjenkins

    Just tried to use the link to download and it won’t. says “content is not supported on this phone” tried doing it from my pc to my sd and it won’t let me save it there either. what gives?!

  • http://Website Hans

    Sucks this doesn’t get nine homescreens like the milestone. :(

  • http://Website KSChris

    It worked for me, but it feels like it slowed my phone down a bit.. is that normal??

  • http://Website Hans

    The update worked on my phone. :) But it makes me sad that I can’t have more than three screens. :(

    • http://Website ryan

      just download the app helixlauncher it gives you up to seven screens

      • http://Website colby

        did you check the what the helix application is asking permsission for. i was going to download it but it request access to ” services that cost you money ” check it out my friend

  • GJepp

    The update worked perfectly for me — took less than 5 minutes from start to finish!

  • http://Website Kyle

    So I rooted and used Droidmod (awesome by the way) I guess I will unroot tonight to prep fot the ota. anyone unrooted and updated yet? I will reroot when they get it going for the update. Anyone have any issues?

  • http://Website KSChris

    Anyone else experience slight lag?

    It’s not really bad, but I’m definitely noticing some since installing..

    I wonder if it’d have been better to wait for the update rather than manually installing?

    Is there any way to go back to 2.0 and just wait until tomorrow or whenever?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      No issues here at all. Actually feels faster to me.

      You can always turn off animations for a little extra speed boost.

      Settings > Sound & display settings > Animation > No animations

      I see no point in returning to 2.0.1 and then coming back to 2.1 as it will be exactly the same.

  • parrisp

    Ok so I did the manual update but it is stuck on the load screen. Any advice?…

    • http://Website jrh18

      I seem to have the same issue the droid eye and droid start screen just keeps looping for about 5 minutes now. Did this ever stop?

      • http://Website jrh18

        I got this working had to factory reset the phone.

    • http://Website Nicc

      yeah i have the same problem, have you found any solution by any chance?

  • http://Website jason

    I keep getting an error when I attempt to download, it says content is not supported by phone. Anyone know how to fix this?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Try downloading from your computer.

  • http://Website Brandon

    No multitouch in Browser!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Pinch zoom is working for me.

      • http://Website vixitl

        I too can confirm no pinch zoom on browser after install..

        • http://Website vixitl

          Reset after clearing cache solved issue.

          • Andrew

            Still isn’t working for me. I cleared cache then removed battery.

  • Mike4

    Anyone else suddenly have a dead phone?

    As far as I know, I did not yet get the update. I went to bed last night and my phone was fine. I didn’t look at it first thing this morning, but I went to go use it just now to dial into a work call and it’s completely dead. I’ve had it “charging” for about 10 minutes now and I’m still getting nothing. Pressing and/or holding the power button does nothing. Removing and re-inserting the battery does nothing.

    I don’t have another phone to even call Verizon on and ask what’s going on, and I can’t just go to the store because I’m working, so I’m stuck until it magically comes back to life.

    • Mike4

      Sorry if I scared anyone. Apparently it WAS just a dead battery (as I was hoping and praying). The charger I was using wasn’t giving it any juice for some reason.


  • http://Website juanita

    So I did my update my self. Just a couple questions. This is the official one right. It won’t mess with my warrenty or anything right? It. Was simple to install and seems to work great.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, this is the official update. No, it will not void your warranty.

  • http://Website jer276

    Just tried to use the link to download and it says: “failed to open /sdcard/” (no such file or directory)
    Signature verification failed.
    Installation Aborted
    Rooted Droid. Any help?

    • Nick

      I’m pretty sure the update will not work on a rooted Droid. You need to unroot before installing the update.

      • http://Website jer276

        Thanks Nick. I unrooted my Droid, and installed the update.
        Works like a charm now. Thanks again

    • gsunger78

      I am having the same exact issue. I never rooted my phone before. This is my first time ever trying to manually update this phone.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        If you get the error “no such file or directory” it means you do not have the file in the correct location.

        It needs to be in the main directory of your SD card. Make sure it is not in another folder or accidentally named

        • gsunger78

          I am still having issues. I think it has to do with Astro. Is there a way to get around this so it will update correctly?

          Thank you

    • http://Website vvivixitl

      Make sure the file is on the main root of the SD card…and not in the downloads folder or any folder for that matter.

      • gsunger78

        Thank you. I think the issue is that it went into my download file. I am using Astro. How do I get it into the appropriate location?

  • Vanessa

    Works, thank you =D

  • http://Website Zach

    I did the update, now I can’t install anything from the market, I keep getting a message saying the download failed. Anyone have the same problem? Never had thid problem on 2.0.1

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Just installed a couple apps from the Market (free and paid) with no issues.

    • http://Website Mike

      same here. everything i try to install says download was unsuccessful. wtf

  • http://Website Tom

    Installed it and so far its works well.

    The pinch to zoom was a little laggy but it worked (Browser), and I had one moment after loading a Live Wallpaper that it said Force Close.

    But other than that, everything seems to be working fine.

    The voice-to-text worked fairly good – I’ll be using that while driving.

    • http://Website Tom

      On top of that:

      That does anyone know if I will still receive the OTA Verizon Update Notification still?

      Also, for future updates; does this disable any notifications?

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Yes, you will still receive future OTA updates. This update is exactly the same that normal users would get. You are just installing it early instead of waiting.

      • http://Website Zer0-9

        This is just the official update, so future OTA updates will still apply.

  • Andrew

    Multi-touch isnt working.

    • http://Website Andrew

      Tried clearing cache. No luck.

  • Eric L

    Works great. Thanks

  • http://Website aaron

    Make sure your on a web site that will allow zoom you should still see the zoom in and out buttons as before and you can still double tap to zoom.

    • http://Website aaron

      Also my phone is still rooted and it worked for me although I currently did not have and rom installed at the time, and I dowloaded the file straight to my phone then using a file manager I renamed and moved to the root of my sd card and installed the update by only using my phone no computer needed and everything works fine my phone is actually a little faster. So psyched

  • http://Website Anonymous

    Anybody else’s browser not do the pinch and zoom even with the update?

    • http://Website AC

      Mine will zoom out. Not in.

  • http://Website frank

    Anyone got info on the Eris 2.1 release? I’m wanting this badly. I’m afraid to root and put the leaked 2.1 on as I don’t want to brick the phone and void warranty. Any info appreciated.

  • http://Website Raphael Salgado

    I can do that update in Brazilian Milestone?

  • leviiiiiii

    Any reason it says my gallery is not installed on my phone after I updated? This phones already pissing me off and I’ve only had it 3 days.

  • leviiiiiii

    Haha nevermind. It magically started working again.

  • http://Website matrix

    im not going to try this. i can wait

  • http://Website Dave thy shave

    Under firmware version I have 2.1-update 1, does everyone have this?

    • http://Website JDub

      I just did mine and that is what I am showing also.

    • http://Website AC

      I show the same thing.

      Pinch-to-zoom seems to only zoom out – not in.

  • http://Website fray

    I can’t save zip file advice ?

  • http://Website Drizzle

    Just updated a friends Droid. Worked perfect everything running as it should. Thanks! Jealous…mytouch…

  • http://Website ck

    If something goes wrong with the update and it begins to not work properly, when I get the ota to my phone can I juss reinstal it again

  • http://Website Jill

    Ok – I was a big chicken – I will hack my pc’s to death but was scared to mess with my Droid. I bit the bullet and installed the update. Smooth sailing!

  • http://Website fray

    OK it says its not supported on my Droid does anyone know why is says that?

  • http://Website AC

    Can I delete the file from the root of the phone once the update is installed?

  • http://Website DavidD

    Will this work on the Droid Eris?

  • http://Website JT

    I did the update without any issue – but it loses the charge extremely fast, and it takes forever to charge the phone back.

    I’ve killed all unnecessary apps, it won’t break the 80% charge mark, even after a reboot and battery removal. Any ideas?

    • http://Website vixitl

      Hmmmmm…..3 hr of charge and only 90% done..

  • http://Website Rob

    Can someone please explain where the root of the SD card is? I cannot get it to update it says no file or folder exists?

    • jimmy.tandel

      it means u put it in ur SD CARD. dont put it in any folders or anything. and u have to name it “” and if its already a “.zip” file then rename the file “update” and then put it in ur sd card

  • http://Website tim

    Signature verification failed.
    Installation Aborted.

    I uninstalled Astro File Manager just in case but this is in the root of sdcard with the name (and not

  • jimmy.tandel

    there was no pint of this UPDATE. i dont see any difference

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  • http://Website matrix

    what is the folders name for the sd card?? i dont see anything labled sd card when connected to my computer.

  • http://Website Rob

    No matter what I do I keep getting an error and aborted message. I give up. I’ll wait for the OTA

    • http://Website JT


      Back up your device. Factory reset it. Try the update again. Shouldn’t take longer then a few minutes and you will be up and running 2.1

      Good luck~

  • http://Website Judy

    I have been desperately waiting for the update. So, I used the link above directly from my phone and it wouldn’t work. I then connected my Droid to my laptop and downloaded the update from above but clicked on save and used the location
    computer–>Removable Disk F (which is my Droid). After it finished downloading, I followed the rest of the instructions. When I was done, on my phone, I went to settings->about phone->firmware version and VIOLA! It said 2.1 – update 1
    YEAH!!! Haven’t gotten around all of it yet, but all my music, pics are still there, I have pinch to zoom, etc. Have to play to see what else is different, but I am psyched!!!

  • http://Website Judy

    Just realized I don’t have extra screens….Anyone know the deal with that?

    • http://Website KSChris

      Unfortunately, the 2.1 update for the Droid doesn’t come with the additional home screens, or the 3D launcher…. it’s a bummer.

      • http://Website Judy


  • http://Website jrh18

    I take it flash did not come with this update.

  • http://Website aWgh

    A little scared as the reboot took unusually long. Gallery app erased, whats up with that?!?

  • http://Website aWgh

    o never mind, it was in the tray just not on the homepage, prob solved! This is off sweet, look at my 3D gallery!!!

  • http://Website 300h

    How do you create the file I don’t know how to do it?

  • http://Website joel

    everytime i try it it doesnt read it. acting like the file isnt good or something

  • http://Website Samir

    I just updated to 2.1 Update 1. Live wallpaper, Pinch to zoom is working. I have also called verizon. and they mentioned that, local verizon stores will upgrade phone as well, most likely same method that is described.


  • http://Website Ron

    Update successful. No issues. No noticeable lag. Pinch zoom works…in and out.

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    So, long awaited.. and.. uhm.. live wallpapers?.. and.. new gallery with pinch zoom in photos?… why did any of us even care about this update? The phones great fosho but this update really meant squat when it comes down to it..

  • http://Website DroidTHEiphonePwnr

    Is this rooting your droid? Is this going to Detroy my phone? How do you know this is the official update? Please answer quick!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      No this is not “rooting” your phone. It is the real update like a normal user would automatically receive over the air. You can tell it is the official update based on the URL of the file download.

  • http://Website BTG

    It keeps saying, E:signature verification failed and wont boot up, any ideas?

  • http://Website DroidTHEiphonePwnr

    Just did it, works great.

  • http://Website Josh

    Live wallpapers FTW! Yeah so far, this update is working perfectly on my droid; I just want to make sure: I can delete the from my sd card now that I’m done with it, right? I would think that its like how you can delete installers for programs once you’re done installing the program.

  • http://Website DgDeBx

    I am not noticing the new clock app from the Nexus One. Was that included with the 2.1 update? Also, is there a way to get the Nexus live wallpaper (with the multicolored light on the grey background)? Neural Network is sort of similar (red light with black background) but I kind of like the Nexus background.

  • http://Website hunkoman

    DL link for 2.1 is dead?

  • http://Website ron

    i keep tryna connect my phone to the computer, but its not letting me move any files over. does anyone know what to do?

  • http://Website droid2

    I didn’t see that coming and I update the new one and am not happy with that and want go back to 2.0.1 for my communicate. I really want that 2.0.1 back until future improve. Any way to get that back?!

  • http://Website dea

    Can you download the file from the phone or does it have to bee from the computer to the phone?

    • http://Website araon

      Yes you can you just need a file manager app I recommend oi file manager you can rename and move with this app

  • http://Website Skippy 2.1 :)

    TOTAL droid newb here! I followed the instruction to the letter and it worked perfectly! my droid is now full of 2.1 goodness! Simple with a perfect result! Voice recognition is excellent! All apps work just as they had previously. Any ‘must have’ live wallpaper recommendations? (using starfield)

  • http://Website Dion

    Cool. but is it only for Moto or can be also install on magic?

  • http://Website Droid

    It works great for me. I love the multi touch!

  • http://Website jt_royer

    I just manually updated mine, my wife’s, mom’s, and dad’s Droid this morning…..holy freaking awesome-ness! I did it all from my Droid too. I used OI installer to move the. Zip file to the sd root.

  • http://Website lembowski

    When I hold down the “x” button on the keyboard my Droid does nothing……..any ideas?

    • http://Website jt_royer

      With your phone off, slide out your keyboard, and press and hold X. Power up your phone, still holding your X button, until you get a ! On your screen. Once you do, press and hold volume up, and camera button. Voila!

  • http://Website Lindsey

    Tried the update, booted into recovery and when i tried to apply the update, it said installation aborted. i get an error E: failed to read footer from /sdcard/ any ideas on why this would happen? never done anything like this before!

  • http://Website Mike

    Downloaded and installed on mine and my wife’s Droids. Works great! Live wallpapers, pinch to zoom, etc.

    Only problem is I missed what happened to the 5 home screens. I still have only the original 3.

  • http://Website Rush

    Just tried it on a rooted droid, after a factory reset, says E:Error in /sdcard/
    (status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    any ideas or advice??? thanks

  • http://Website Johnny Boy

    I get a couple of error msgs.

    1st is: E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command
    this appears when the phone powers on in recovery mode. I select (apply sd card: and it starts but but aborts tells me
    2nd :no such file or directory also states
    3rd :signature failed to verify.
    4th: Installation aborted…

    When I look at the file there are other files in the folders so I know the file copied to the sd card…



    • http://Website Johnny Boy

      Got it I feel so stupid… anyway file extensions must be visible so you know if it becomes… Thanks for the UPDATE…

    • http://Website MichaelScot83

      Ive been having the same problem as you…..did you get it to work? if so how???

  • http://Website Nick

    Firmware shows I have 2.1 installed. However no changes took place with the exception of pinch to zoom. Any ideas?

  • angel love

    Worked great for me. I was scared to, but I felt confident that nothing would go wrong after reading all the comments. So far it looks like all the features are there. I do have a comment about live wallpapers…..Why isnt the Android Eye a live wallpaper? That would be nice to see as a wallpaper.

  • http://Website dreww

    DOes this only work on Motorola? I have an eris can I do it no mine?

  • http://Website tpkidd3

    There is a reported issue with Gallery being forceclosed. Google it and be aware that it may happen to you.

  • Mike Leahy

    Yo… You all hear about the 2D performance regression/bug in the 2.1 update? I manually updated to 2.1 and I can’t verify the OTA update, but there seems to be a serious regression for 2D performance with 2.1 on the Droid. Personally this brings up a great deal of ire for me due to the failure of the 2.0 Android OS release on the Droid (buggy as all hell).

    Here is a post on Phandroid:

    Here is my independent verification (I noticed this issue immediately after updating and more than 24 hours before the story broke):

  • http://Website David

    My droid like is taking forever to load the update… is that normal? I’m a little worried :/

  • http://Website MichaelScot83

    Why cant I get this to work?? I tried loading it on to my SD card from my computer and tried downloading the update straight to my SD card on my phone, and each time I click “apply sd card: it says…..E: failed to open….(no such file or directory)….HELP

  • http://Website 3V1L

    Got it! Works good. Kind of a lack luster release if you ask me…


  • http://Website kk

    Update is killing my battery and has messed up some of my apps, bummer

  • http://Website rob

    anyone try this with the Eris? does it work? thanks for the help

  • http://Website tennymatt

    Anyone know how to update manual motorola that is not from verizon. Cos mine isnt working! ! ! Please help out

  • http://Website shea

    I messed up on step 8 dang it. Help anyone?

  • http://Website brennan

    hey does anybody know if this will work for the samsung moment?

    pls say yes

  • http://Website luis

    When I download the file it says it “not supported on this phone.” I have a Motorola Droid, please help.

  • http://Website Austin

    Could this work on a Moonse E-7001 “iRobot” touch tablet?

  • http://Website benni

    when i want to root the ROM, comes the message NO SIGNATURe (264 files) please send me mail on [email protected]

  • http://Website Matt

    Can anyone tell me how I can update the motorola dext in the UK to 2.1???!

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    is the upgrade of droid good for the boost mobile I1 phone?

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    can upgrade my android mid tablet pc firmware 1.6 to 2.1??

  • http://Website kavinda

    ther is an error on updatting. “Signature verification failed”

  • http://www, sanjeev

    thanks for your great tutorial..
    but i am having some problem in upgrading in my Xperia X8 to androis 2.1

    can you suggest me if possible..

  • http://Website RiyaButler

    Hello there,
    I’m an American. I want to Setup an Animation Studio in India. Now i’m searching for animators. I picked India considering that it is cheaper than U.S. I wish to learn the measures for establishing a organization in India, specially an animation studio.

    Can you fellas please help me out?

  • Tauseef

    i found the following error please anyone help me out

    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed

  • Sigrid

    Can I install it on LG GW620?

  • Prem

    How To Manually Install Android 2.1 foryo in LG gw 620

  • Owen Slater

    i recently purchased a Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and my wife keeps pestering me to load WhatsApp. But since I cannot even find a PC Companion Version of the Android Update 2.1 that isn’t corrupt, how am I going to download the app to my “brand new” phone? Frustrated

  • MikkoMuhis

    Non of those damn links works!!
    I can’t find the Android 2 anywhere and I need to reinstall the os for my phone which I bought just 6 hours ago..