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HTC Desire coming in multiple colors

The HTC Desire is easily one of the most anticipated phones even though no United States carriers have officially announced it. HTC said the phone was accepted by almost every key carrier in every key country but we are waiting till CTIA for some U.S. launch dates.

Someone named Robert Webbe has uploaded some new pics and video to Flickr that show the Desire in two colors, silver and urban brown. The newer silver model is now available for preorder from for €449 ($618) with an expected release date of April 9th.

Which color would you pick?

Via: xda-developers

Source: Flickr

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  • medwa

    That is an attractive device

  • Clark Wimberly

    Leave it to HTC to release multiple colors options of gray and slightly different gray.

  • MattDemers

    Gray’s definitely better aesthetically pleasing. Matches with everything.

    • MattDemers

      MORE aesthetically pleasing, rather. Started writing one comment and it came out another.

  • http://Website 513

    Nothing new, we know it for a month now.

  • Dean Williams

    Whatever color gets it to my hand faster! I prefer the silver, but I honestly don’t care. So long as it’s not white. Ugh. I get so irritated when people think my MT3G is an iPhone (I’m a Realtor so I’m around a lot of 40+ y/o folks).

    My MT3G is only white b/c my mother-in-law gave it to me because she couldn’t work it. Lucky me!

    • http://Website ZRod

      I had that happen once. I wanted to throw them out the window. I would not be caught dead with an iPhone.
      iPhone’s are only great because they jump started smart phones and applications, in every other respect (well, I guess I’ll give them media too), they suck.

      • http://Website ZRod

        Oh, and my MT3G is “Merlot” too. Never seen a non black or white iPhone… say… is that how apple sees us all? Either we want an iPhone or an iPad? Which both suck but are so revolutionary and magical according to them. Maybe 5 years ago.

  • http://Website Mike O

    The title of this article is deceiving, I clicked hoping for more than these two drab colors.

  • droid apps

    This phone is definitely great.

  • http://Website demize!

    That’s not a bad looking handset. I prefer the silver. I like white phones its just my asthetic.I have a white G1. That’s what makes the world go round.

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    I like the gray, but the gray is a bit off-putting.

  • Kham Tran

    I’d take the silver grey Desire over the brown one.

  • http://Website TerriS

    Light colours are much better for ladies – we can see them more easily in our bags, which are often lined in a dark colour anyway! Hence, White or silver are more up my street!!! Bring on the colours please