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HTC Incredible on order at Verizon warehouse

The last rumor we heard about the HTC Incredible was it would arrive in two weeks. We predicted Verizon would announce the phone at CTIA, but the show came and went with no Android-related news from the nation’s largest carrier.

Almost two weeks to the day since the last rumor, someone who “knows a guy” that works in a Verizon warehouse has leaked some inventory screens which claim the Incredible is on order for over 150k units. The source claims the product has actually been delivered, but they have not received it into their system.

In a former life I managed a CompUSA (RIP) warehouse and have a history with retail inventory systems. Normally “on order” means just that, but sometimes transactions didn’t post in our system till the day after we received the purchase order. Either way, it is a positive sign to see the initial shipment of phones is in the system (received or not).

I’m a little amazed more information has not leaked out, but several different sources still expect the Incredible to land in Verizon stores later this month. We already know the Nexus One is also coming soon, so it will be interesting to see which phone launches first. Both devices should be spec’d and priced in the same ballpark, but the Incredible will offer HTC’s Sense UI while the N1 features stock Android.

The Incredible is expected to his stores this month.

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Source: Android Forums

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