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HTC Incredible will hit Verizon stores in just 2 weeks

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As I’m sure several thousand Droids were hurled against walls around the country with the recent news that the 2.1 update has been delayed yet again; lets take a look at one of the potential replacements for your shattered handset. According to DailyTech, sources at Verizon have confirmed that the HTC Incredible will be arriving in stores in the next two weeks.

The Incredible has not been the most well kept secret in HTC’s arsenal; we have seen it on video, we have seen it in photos, and we have seen it in yet more photos.

The Incredible, in either color scheme, looks to be borrowing a bit more from the blocky Droid aesthetic rather than the sleeker lines of the Nexus One which is also due on Verizon in short order.

Last week Taylor reported on some possible tweaks to the specs (copied below) that have been reported on other sites and if those actually come to pass this could really set itself apart from the rest of the current pack, if not you have what basically amounts to an underclocked  Nexus One with an 8 MP camera, an optical track pad, and an FM tuner.

I wouldn’t consider that to be a slam dunk in the Incredible’s favor so if the originally reported specs hold true you are basically looking at a question of Sense versus stock.

If the more incredible (forgive me) specs are real I’m looking at my next phone here, but even with the lesser specs I have to confess to being drawn in a bit by the siren song of Sense.

Rumored specs of the HTC Incredible include:

  • 768 MHz 1 GHz Snapdragon processor QSD8650
  • 3.7 inch AMOLED screen WVGA resolution
  • 512 MB ROM 6 GB ROM, 512 MB RAM 1 GB RAM
  • 8 MP camera with dual LED flash and AF
  • Android 2.1 with Sense UI
  • Optical track pad
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • Shipping with 8GB MicroSDHC card
  • FM Tuner
  • Dimensions: 117.5 mm (L) x 58.5 mm (w) x 11.9 mm (T)

Via: MobileCrunch

Source: DailyTech

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  • http://Website Alexpeegs

    6gb of ROM and 1Gb of RAM that is almost not believable for a phone but it sounds pretty sweet I will be getting

    • http://Website l3reak

      I agree that 6GB rom sounds way crazy for a phone; I mean, it’s certainly a lot more than any other Android phone is coming with. But realistically it shouldn’t be that hard. Flash is cheap as hell, they could do that if they wanted to. Phone manufacturers won’t including a big rom because they thought it wasn’t needed, and it was something they could easily cut corners on without it being a problem to reduce prices. But Android users have been crying out for more app space for a while, now, and apps are only getting bigger, especially with 3D games taking dozens of megs. The Droid comes bundled with a 16GB sdhc micro. Just giving a larger rom to begin with would be a nice change.

      Perhaps this is a sign that they’re recognizing their users want more storage?

  • http://Website carig

    The only thing I’m worried about is that 1300 mAh battery, shouldn’t it be bigger than that?

    I’ll be waiting for some reviews of this to make sure the battery life isn’t terrible before I make a move on it.

    • Sean Riley

      It’s a slight downgrade from the Nexus One’s 1400 mAh and might lend some credence to the claim that the processor was underclocked to account for that.

  • http://Website Bob

    Could someone please clarify the key spec differences between the Nexus One and the Incredible, as it appears I’ll be choosing one in the next few weeks? It’ll be hard to choose the Nexus One at $529 vs. the Incredible at approx. $200 though. Thanks.

    • Sean Riley

      The problem right now is that some of the final specs on the Incredible are still uncertain. If we ignore the pieces that we aren’t sure of than the main differences are that the Incredible uses Sense UI, has a higher MP camera, an optical track pad, and an FM transmitter.

      I think with that price discrepancy the Incredible is probably the winner, but I would be shocked if Verizon doesn’t subsidize the Nexus One just as T-Mobile does.

  • JohnnyACE

    Now they HAVE to get 2.1 onto the Droid soon, just to make sure it won’t be obsolete.


  • http://Website Jeff

    6GB internal memory!?

    Wow +1000 to HTC, other manufactures take note…

  • http://Website celine

    it’s running with a Snapdragon CPU (and is described as “fast, really fast”) with 256MB of RAM, and has a 3.5-3.7″ WVGA screen.

    If you were lucky enough to see this video before it got removed (last week), it is clear that this phone IS the Incredible. Details:

  • stalker

    wow.. cool phone..

  • http://Website Wilma

    What about video capture, equal to the motorola droid?

    • Sean Riley

      Reports have varied on that as well, although everything I have seen suggest that it will at least technically match or better the Droid’s video capture. Whether that actually leads to better real world results is of course a different matter entirely.

  • http://Website Tomas Herman

    any idea about when/if this phone will be avalible in europe?

  • http://Website droiding

    If these specs are true wow it doesn’t get any better sorry apple fanboys!

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  • http://Website PhoneMan

    I guess you too are a liar. It’s April 12 and no phone!

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