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HTC Supersonic says, “Don’t forget about me.”

Not a whole lot is known about the HTC Supersonic, but many are speculating it will be the first Android phone to support Sprint’s 4G WiMax network. Sprint will be launching a 4G handset by summer so we could learn more at this month’s upcoming CTIA show. The rumors claim the Supersonic could feature a 4.3 inch AMOLED display, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 1 GB ROM, and Android 2.1 with the new Sense UI.

A few of these phones are already in the wild and some guy uploaded a video to YouTube. We don’t get to see anything really except for the back of the phone which clearly states HTC Supersonic (ok it’s blurry, but you can read it).

These leaks have a history of getting pulled so here is a screen grab just in case.


Back of the HTC Supersonic.

Via: Android Central

Source: Android Mobile OS

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  • anakin78z

    Looks like it’s using that teflon while the Hero used. Kinda wish I had that on my Nexus.
    The copper/orange around the lens, coupled with the white, kind of makes me think Sony Ericsson… I like it.

    • http://Website Aiman

      The Nexus does actually have a Teflon coating ;)
      I agree with you on the Sony Ericsson thing, I’m definitely getting that vibe too

    • celia

      The device will be similar to the HTC HD2 and equipped with 4.3-inch display and fast processor (that still remains unknown) integrated into a really thin body. The HTC Supersonic will be running Android 2.1 and HTC Sense interface. Although rumors suggest it will run the 3.0? Interesting! Concepts:

  • http://Website Aiman

    This is what I’m waiting for before I make my switch over to Sprint this summer!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      WiMax is nice, but don’t forget T-Mobile is doing HSPA+ (21 Mbps) this summer and Verizon is going 4G LTE by the end of this year in 25-30 markets.

      • http://Website element4life3

        Oh I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten, Its just when you compare Sprints Network to T-Mobiles, and Sprints plans to Verizon’s, Sprint, coupled with WiMax, seems to be the obvious choice.

        I can’t wait for the Supersonic. Though I love my Hero, it is slow and buggy as hell.

  • Christopher Chavez

    This phone looks amazing. I’m loving the “storm trooper white” color.
    This phone is gonna be SICK! =D
    Sprint customers are in for a real treat!

  • http://Website timware

    Fudge me!!!! Bye Verizon, hello Sprint!!! I’m just hoping this gets priced like Sprints current plans. Definitely dig the white.

  • http://Website gabato

    Although I love the kick stand, I have to disagree about the white back. I hate it. I think it makes the phone look cheap.

    I am anxiously awaiting a HTC Android Super Smartphone on Sprint; but please, please, please not with a white back. Please take a look at the HTC HD2. That is a very nice looking phone. The HD2 looks solid and like it means business. This phone with the white back makes me think of a portable game console. Also, remember that the iPhones with the white back became discolored from the battery heat.

    Perhaps, HTC/Sprint should offer the phone with different back colors – one in black or grey like the HD2 or the Disire and one in white. Heck, I’d take a white/black combination like the multi-toned Nexus One instead of an all white back. I’d be much more inclined to buy it if I had a choice. If not, I may wait on the Desire to hit T-Mobile US.

    Sorry for the slight rant.

    • http://Website djkleric

      Alot of people use cases that are cheapand change the look,either it be color or patterns. I would suggest maybe using one of those instead of not getting a phone that you really want because of it’s color. Thats what I would do, although I’m diggin the white!

  • http://Website mike

    I just saw a 4g ad on tv and they showed the samsung moment as if it was on the 4g network???

    • http://Website Joel

      They have the Overdrive and that gives off WI-FI signals from 3G and 4G so all things with WI-FI coudl with sprint Technally.

  • http://Website gabato

    Is it just me? But are these brief Supersonic sightings are starting to get a little creepy. It is like a Big Foot sighting caught on video. I need more than 40 second clips to believe. :-)

  • http://Website manly man

    Which one I should get! nexus one,supersonic or desire?

    • http://Website gabato

      I think it depends on the carrier you prefer and if you want HTC Sense. The Nexus One does not have HTC Sense. The Desire has HTC Sense and I assume that the Supersonic will have it too.

      Personally, I like Sprint plans. So, barrng any of my previous comments, I plan to wait for Sprint to get an Android Superphone (Supersonic).

    • http://Website Name (required)

      Get the Motorola Droid or MOTOROI !

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