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Intel, Logitech and Sony team up for Android-powered Google TV

The New York Times is reporting that  Google and Intel have teamed up with Sony to develop a platform called Google TV. The new technology is based on Google’s Android operating system with Intel’s Atom chips powering the hardware. Google has built a prototype set-top box, but the service could eventually be integrated directly into TVs and Blu-ray players.

Logitech has been tapped to provide a remote with a tiny keyboard (picture the Boxee remote on steroids).

The project has been underway for several months, but details are limited because all testers are under a NDA with Google. We believe Google TV could also be the platform behind the recent Dish Network service that featured Google search.

A source with knowledge of the secret project said that Google TV would use a version of Google’s Chrome Web browser. The default Android browser is based off the same WebKit core, but this is the first time we have heard of Chrome running on Android. We were previously told that Android and Chrome OS would merge over time, so I can’t say this is a huge surprise.

Like Android, the Google TV software will be open source at its core so device and TV makers should be able to customize it. This means those MOTOBLUR TV rumors could actually turn out to be true.

What do you guys think? Are you ready to turn control of your TV over to Google? Which current Android apps would you like to access on a big screen?

Via: Gizmodo

Source: The New York Times

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  • Tenkely

    I would really just like to be able to search listings better. I think Google can pull that off. As far as apps are concerned… I don’t know, the Gallery app from 2.1 would be nice.

  • http://Website Bob

    I’ve been waiting for official set-top box news for a while but I’m surprised to hear of Intel’s involvement. An ARM chip seems to be the way to go these days. AppleTV runs on Intel’s Atom chip but that started out before the WebKit-inspired ascendancy of ARM. If AppleTV were just now coming to market, I’m sure Apple would pick ARM. ARM’s energy efficiency isn’t nearly as important for non-portable devices but it’s still cheaper. Do I really need to pay extra for an Intel chip on my next TV, Blu-ray player or set-top box? I’m also not entirely comfortable with an always-on device that demands a heat sink if not a cooling fan. ARM is good enough for the Boxee Box and Roku among others. It should be good enough for Google too.

  • http://Website Jason

    Good news for me. Google is taking over and I’m all for it. Unfortunately I feel it will be ad based. Well I guess that isn’t much different from normal television.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yup, Google = advertising company. I don’t really mind the ads as long as they are targeted. It would be nice to filter out all the ads of crap I will never buy in exchange for products and services I would like to spend money on.

    • http://Website Bob

      I hope not. Now if they were giving these away for free or heavily subsidized then it would certainly be fair to fill my screen with ads every time I change the volume. Otherwise, I hope they just stick to data-mining my searches and relying on me to inevitably use their services through the included web browser, which has been Android’s strategy all along.

  • Sachin

    Google will buy earth one day….if it goes on like this to expand its businesses

  • vishal jindal

    This seems that Google is going to explore each and every aspect where this Internet giant can put up Ads and earn revenue.

  • http://Website Geo


    • http://Website Terrell

      ROFL Cakes

  • http://Website Kenji O.

    “…the service could eventually be integrated directly into TVs and Blu-ray players”

    Very interesting. Wondering if cable giants like Comcast are concerned?

  • ExtremeT

    I could see the cable companies being concerned about this since, with everything that is Google, it’ll probably be a free service, just pay for the box.

    I do hope it’s an actual TV/Cable box though and not just a set-top box with a program like Boxee or Joost which are just basically video source aggregaters for the most part. If we could get premium cable channels and only have to put up with ads to get them then that would be great, even if the ads are like what Hulu does instead of banners like the google norm. Plus access to the market would be serious win all the way around.

    Should be interesting to see how this pans out.

  • emma

    google is after and in every thing now days.

  • Lemon Law Attorney

    They’re going for everything… just wondering if Google is going after AT&T’s Uverse market share as well

  • http://Website Terrell

    Google is going to become that one company in futuristic sc-fi movies that’s in everyones homes and you can connect anything and everything with one device. In this case Android based phones. I for one am all for it. love Android, love Chrome, love TV. Why not put them all together? For being a company originated as a search engine and profits from its ad, im extremely impressed by how far they have come and are willing to go.

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  • Luther

    GoogleTV has a chance to be really good. I haven’t come up with the 300 bucks it costs for a box, but I want to wait and get a better perspective of what the market is saying before spending that chunk of cash.

  • Teach

    If Google TV comes to the internet, will we be able to get it on our iPads? The iPad Review Blog is helpful, but I’m not sure how it will work?

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