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On demand: Android and Me Show 007


Every Wednesday at 2PM CT (3 PM ET / 12 PM PT) we do our little show live with the help of whatever guests we can snap up and all the users who come hang out in the chat. And we want you to join us. Later today you’ll be able to hear us and participate live over on our BlogTalkRadio page, located at:

Show Notes

Sprint HTC EVO 4G – Mmmm, the superphone cometh. We’ll talk all things EVO. From the huge screen to the mobile hotspot function to the HD video (capture and output) to the snapdragon processor- this thing’s got us excited.

Samsung Galaxy S – Samsung’s freshly announced Galaxy S is sporting a 1ghz processor and has a Super AMOLED display that Scott Webster called “the most crisp image I have ever seen on a handset.”

Motorola i1 – It’s a dirty job and Android’s gotta do it. Motorola’s new i1 is built to military specifications for real world toughness and features push-to-talk capabilities.

Dell Aero – A retooled Mini 3i from Dell might finally land on AT&T. We first saw a version of this phone released in China back in October so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of improvements they’ve made with their time.

Cricket Wireless to launch Kyocera Zio – One of the cheapest carriers around jumps into the Android fray with the lightest Android phone to date, the Kyocera Zio.

Hands on Motorola Devour – The Motorola Devour demo unit is finally in hands and we’ve had ample time to play with it. During the show we’ll be taking questions from the chat and maybe some callers to answer anything you want to know about the newest Android phone on Verizon.

Droid 2.1 OTA update – Can it finally be? The fabled Droid OTA update is supposedly on it’s way to a handset near you. Any moment now. Really.

Weekly Poll (and another shirt giveaway)

Again and again, user input is one of the main topics discussed when selecting and using a phone. Do I need a physical keyboard? Which alternate input method is best for me? Every time we hear from someone looking to buy a phone they ask about the keyboard.

Just this week we had two very interesting stories about alternate keyboards. ThickButtons predicatively resizes keys as you type based on which keys it thinks you’ll most likely need next. Swype just set the Guiness World Record for fastest text message on a touchscreen mobile phone.

For a certain group of users, key input is a real focal point. I’m talking about our bigger users (myself included) who are sporting some seriously large fingers. Most of the time I get by just fine but occasionally I’ll find one of my larger digits mashing multiple keys at a time and it’s always annoying.

On today’s show we are giving away 5 XL shirts (or 2XL, if you prefer) to callers who want to call in and tell us which input method they prefer. I know the poll below will give us a nice idea of what the general populous is using, but we’d like to hear specifically from our big-fingered friends. (And we have a ton XL shirts left)

If you’d like to join in the chat, come join us on the BlogTalkRadio page:

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  • http://Website Stephen

    Basically I would just like to know if there are ANY release dates at all for any of these phones?

    • http://Website Stephen

      An addition to that, was there any dates given for the N1 on Sprint? I cannot seem to find anything on that.

      I hate how they announce all these phones with ‘coming soon’ and make us wait around till its ready.

  • http://Website Haywir3

    I realize you’re trying to grow the podcast audience, but is segment spamming on Twitter really necessary? Good show otherwise.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Is there a way your podcasts can be accessible through Google Listen. I wanna add this podcast as a subscription. anyone know how?

    • anakin78z

      Sure, there are a couple of ways.

      First, you can add the podcast in Listen by going to Subscriptions > Add a subscription and entering:

      Or, if you use Google reader, go to this site:
      then mouse over the rss symbol next to ‘androidandme’, and select +Google Reader. Then, in reader, drag the feed into the Listen Subscriptions folder. Next time you open listen, it’ll be available under subscriptions.