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Microsoft to power search on more Android phones

Reuters is reporting that Motorola has agreed to a deal with Microsoft that will put Bing search and mapping services on its future Android phones. Users will be able to perform Bing searches from a desktop widget and a browser bookmark. This is the second time this month Motorola has replaced Google as the default search engine of an Android phone. The AT&T Backflip features Yahoo search, which is now powered by Microsoft. Motorola’s new search deal with Microsoft goes into effect in the coming weeks with several new Android phones in China.

Source: Reuters

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  • Zacqary Adam Green

    I guess they’re still mad about the Nexus One coming out so soon after the Droid.

  • http://Website bj

    What a douchey thing to do. Guess my moto droid will by my last moto android device.

  • http://Website Miguel

    I don’t see what the big deal is here. They are offering another option. Unless the OS is modified to prohibit the Google widget from being added to the desktop by the user, this is a non-issue.

  • http://Website mariano

    I hate bing, it just s*ck so bad… Google ftw! yeahhh i share @zacqary idea… i think they┬┤re just in bad mood… hehe

    But is so funny cuz Android (google) is why Motorola is comming back again…

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    I don’t mind if Microsoft puts a few Bing apps into the marketplace…free or not. I wouldn’t mind if these apps were installed on a phone in such a way that I can remove them. I do however mind when I’m not given a choice in the matter. That’s Apple’s domain of choice. If I get an Android phone I want to have the power of freedom.

    Motorola isn’t trying to get back at Google for something, they are trying to provide unique software and thus unique devices to help differentiate themselves it the growing crowd of Android devices.

    IMHO….the manufacturers should give up on struggling so hard to sell hardware based on software. Put your unique software in the market and charge for it. Don’t weigh down the ROM with it and slow the ability to update to the latest edition of firmware. Then make truly unique hardware (Moto is trying here with the Backflip). Go wild with accessories for your phones. There are a ton of ways to be unique without customizing the software.

  • http://Website LilSmurf2009

    Thats the problem do, like on the backflip you cant have google search. its only yahoo. i really do not know why google is letting something like this happen. I thought that was one of the main things of android?

  • http://Website SJ

    Uh, it says that those phones will be rolling out in China, not everywhere. I expect it’s more likely that this is because the Chinese government doesn’t get on with Google, and so any phone running Google search just wouldn’t be allowed to be sold there.

  • http://Website Dilbert

    If it’s provided as an option then I see no problem. If they force this upon their users such that they can’t use Google then this would be a big problem. Personally I don’t like Bing, or Bing Maps, and would not buy a phone, computer, or any device, that was locked into using Bing.

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