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Milestone actually does updates – Android 2.1 comes to the Motorola Milestone

Milestone Does Updates - Android 2.1 comes to the Motorola Milestone

The good news is we finally have evidence that Motorola is capable of officially updating the Droid hardware to Android 2.1; the bad news for Droid owners is that only Motorola Milestone owners in Hong Kong and Macau can actually take advantage of the update at the moment. If you are a Milestone owner in Hong Kong or Macau then head on over to this Android World page and you will find instructions on how to download your update.

European Milestone owners shouldn’t be waiting long for their little slice of 2.1 heaven as they are now slated for the update before the end of March.

For those that are getting the update the listed upgrades include:

  • Dutch language support
  • Live wallpapers
  • 5 home screens with indicator
  • Motorola Carhome
  • Speed Improvements

Droid owners – I’m afraid we have nothing further to report at the moment. I would consider this to be a positive sign that the problem with the update is truly related to the distribution and not a flaw with the update itself, but it seems like Verizon is determined to get this done OTA so that knowledge doesn’t put us any closer to seeing the update hit our handsets.

If any Milestone users want to share their upgrade experience with us I’m sure the Droid users in the audience wouldn’t mind living vicariously through you.

Via: Engadget

Source: Motorola (Hong Kong)

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  • MattDemers

    I look forward to getting my Canadian 2.1 by Christmas.

  • http://Website FuyuAsha

    OK, riddle me this batman … what would happen if someone tried to apply the HK 2.1 on a US/VZN handset (or is it a CDMA/GSM thing?)

    • Sean Riley

      Suffice to say that your phone wouldn’t work (CDMA/GSM is just one reason). I don’t doubt that it could be made to work, but no one is likely to put any effort into it considering the official release could come any day.

  • http://Website f1roc

    Update started on Monday 22nd of March, even Taiwan Milestones were updated through OTA or through usb.
    5 ~ 9 Home screens

    • Sean Riley

      Next time tip us on this stuff and we’ll get it out there sooner.

      • Sean Riley

        Apologies if this came across as rude; I was joking but must have missed the right tone on it.

  • Chris

    Milestone was released in Thailand a few days ago, and it comes with 2.1 right off the bat.

  • http://Website kay


  • Wayne

    Anyone wanna trade their nexus one for my droid lol, I’m so close to rooting I just don’t want to brick my phone. Absolutely only thing keeping me from doing it.

    • http://Website Tommy

      You won’t brick your droid…it is next to impossible. Go to and look in the forums for the complete pictorial instructions if u are worried at all. Droidmod makes rooting and flashing the new rom extremely intuitive…

  • http://Website Tommy

    Who needs ota update when you’ve got the wonderful droidmod? Seriously, if you want the most out of your droid, don’t wait for ota. Go to and simply follow instructions…

  • http://Website marmarinou
  • http://Website Norm2009

    Based on some of the above recommendations and comments regarding Droidmod, I went to the site and rooted and updated my Droid. It is incredible – no issues…none. Everything worked as described, the phone’s processes are fast, I have not encountered any compatibility issues yet, and the additional features are really great.

    Now, while I do like technology and features, I am careful by nature and have been cautious in selecting apps from ‘Market.’ So I had very few issues in the past. I did have quite a few apps on my phone, but none that changed the basic, foundational functions (UI, etc.). I suspect some of those kinds of apps could have made the rooting and update more troublesome. But the process for me was clean and fast (less than an hour including setting up my new (5 instead of 3) screens.

    Finally, I was very impressed with the expressed professionalism of the team represented on the DroidMod website and their somewhat conservative approach to building the firmware mod. I’m thinking maybe VZW and Motorola should just contract with DroidMod to update and maintain the official firmware :)