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Motorola Backflip gets some AT&T love

After we saw AT&T cripple their first Android phone (Motorola Backflip) some readers questioned if the carrier was trying to sabotage Google’s mobile operating system. AT&T is still planning on launching at least five Android phones this year so I doubt they want Android to fail, but they are definitely not on the same page as Google. We saw evidence of their differences this week when Google went ahead and launched their Nexus One for AT&T 3G without the carrier’s support.

Back to the Backflip. I was watching TV last night and I saw my first Backflip commercial on ESPN (I think). It was the typical Verizon-slam kind of ad which mocks using voice and data at the same time. There was no mention of Android, but at least AT&T is advertising the phone.

Check out the ads and let us know what you think.

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  • mobil3gen

    I find it very odd that they don’t really market the phone as Android (not that I would refer to it as such anyway). Verizon definitely tossed the Google/Android name around in their advertisements for the Droid & Eris.

    Assuming the average consumer is dumb – they wouldn’t really even know that the Backflip was an Android phone and perhaps might miss out on some sales – of course if you are an at&t customer and you want an android phone you would probably have just ordered the nexus… anyway..

  • http://Website Todd

    Second vid has that condescending tone, that I just hate.

    Obviously AT&T wants to down play Android’s power as to not cut into iPhone sales.

    We haven’t seen the last of the atrocities the Death Star has in store for Android, trust me.

  • http://Website woody

    Well at least they cant canabilize the N1. At&t is the only company that I’m glad Google didn’t make a deal with.

  • http://Website Jesse

    Actually I’ve seen the second ad airing in my area (Dish Network in STL) since the phone launched almost 2 weeks ago actually. I hate the ads, and I hate the phone, and hate the network, but without T-MO 3G in my house, I am sticking with AT&T until T-Mo expands :(

  • http://Website J. Mc

    Unless the ad says “Sorry about the crippling. Here’s a link to a root-orial.” I’m not interested.

    • tenkely


  • Hugh Isaacs II

    Something I find interesting is that in a previous AT&T commercial several people were holding Droids and Droid Eris’s and couldn’t figure out what to do with them and criticized apps, etc…

    And now we have AT&T pushing a commercial about an Android phone, presumably with the same apps.

    So it makes sense that they’d downplay the Android part else that would either put the Backflip in the bracket of easily misunderstood phones, or it would push AT&Ts argument as complete BS.

    Either way, the latter rings true.

  • Killa

    All I have to say is, AT&T sucks for a bunch of reasons I don’t think I have to list.

  • http://Website dont matter

    im not completely mad but overly furiatiated what is the point of having a phone to which you can not and restricted from texting if you text it takes a minute for it to write it if you send it takes minutes to send it run slow even when all my apps are closed and exited out of i dont get it