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Motorola Droid Android 2.1 will have live wallpapers

We were a little disappointed this week to see an official Android 2.1 firmware leak out for the Motorola Droid that did not include live wallpapers. The animated backgrounds are easily one of the most popular features of the Nexus One and many were sad to see them missing.

The Android 2.1 update has been delayed several times for the Droid and its current status is coming soon.

I hope you don’t mind waiting a couple of more weeks because an even newer version of the firmware (ESE53) was posted over at My Droid World. The latest Android 2.1 firmware has all the bells and whistles including live wallpapers and Google Maps 4.0 (the one with the Buzz layer). Unfortunately the 3D launcher is still missing, but at this point it is anyone’s guess if that will make it in or not.

YouTuber HaXzAmaTiC put up a quick video of the new ROM running on his Droid. If you got a couple hours to burn (and you are really brave), they have instructions up.

[Thanks John for the tip]

Source: My Droid World

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  • MattDemers

    Sweet! I hope Motorola updates Canada/Europe Milestones at the same time; I know many of my Canadian brethren haven’t got 1.6 yet because of branding problems.

    I really want that circular clock live background.

  • http://Website l2ock5tar

    Live Wallpapers is neat and all, but I’d much rather have the functionality of 5 home screens (would love it if even the number of home screens could be user definable!). Does anyone know if the MotoDroid will have 5 home screens in the 2.1 Update whenever it finally goes OTA?

    • http://Website Blueprint

      From what I’ve seen, the 5 screens is some how related to the 3D launcher, and Taylor said it still hasn’t been seen in the Droid’s official firmware. So as of right now, it’s probably not in the build. But with how long they’ve been holding this update off, and how they keep adding stuff, there is a possibility that we’ll get it. I, personally, would rather have the 3D launcher and more room than the live wallpapers, but honestly right now I’ll take whatever they’ll give us. Haha.

    • http://Website Name (required)

      You can have 5 – 7 homescreens right now with Home++ from the Android Marketplace. There are several other Home replacements that will also give you this.

  • http://Website cj100570

    I’ll believe it when I see an update hits my phone & includes live wallpapers. Until then all these videos prove is that someone has managed to shoehorn 2.1 onto a Droid which is old news.

    • http://Website Taylor

      This is a leaked ROM not a hacked together one.

      • http://Website CJ

        and you know it’s a leak how? anyone that can hack a rom can also name it anything they want and have it present itself as the real deal.

    • http://Website deitiphobia

      This is indeed the real deal. It’s a leaked newer version of 2.1 . That new live wallpaper your seeing is also proof. It’s just like the Nexus One live wallpaper except the colors match the black and red theme of the Droid.

      That’s something that came from Motorola not anyone else. This is the real deal. I’m using it now.

  • http://Website 1dott8

    i don’t get the obsession with live wallpapers. i have the nexus one and i’ve never kept it on my screen for more than 2 minutes, it’s kind of annoying to me.

  • http://Website JAG

    nice, is going to be good see that in DROID

  • http://Website Jon

    The only functional use for Live wallpapers for me is to turn it on when showing off my Droid to others. It makes my iPhone owning friends do a double take every single time.

    Other than that it’s just visual flare.

  • http://Website String

    This was all covered in the Android Developers Google Group when 2.1 first came out.

    Live wallpaper support is built into 2.1; it’s not going to be removed.

    Most of the other features discussed are part of a home screen replacement on the N1: the 3D launcher, 5 home screens, etc. This home screen doesn’t support landscape mode, so it won’t be included on any device with a keyboard, like the Droid.

    Otherwise, anything that’s part of the platform – or a standalone app – is likely to be supported when 2.1 is pushed to existing devices.

    Hope that clears up some confusion!


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  • http://Website Jim

    Then why does my new Verizon Citrus have the 2.1 OS with build number vzw not have a LIVE WALLPAPER option on its wallpaper screen? What is crazier is the apparent internet blackout about this. How is it possible that I am the only one who decided to mention this? I have been googling it for hours and can find nothing past March of this year that simply says its coming in 2.1.

    • http://Website Cherie

      I wish I knew about this stuff. Im new to the Motorola Citrus myself… I am really interested in the Live Wallpapers myself and If you hear anything about when they are being released I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know!!

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