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Motorola Opus One is the Boost Mobile i1

We have been reporting on a possible Boost Mobile Android handset since last July and it looks like one might finally be around the corner. The phone we have known as the Motorola Opus One (pics and specs) is going to be named the Boost Mobile i1 according to a report from Engadget. The i1 was recently spotted on the FCC web site and is expected to be announced during CTIA later this month.

Boost Mobile is known for their low priced, no contract plans that are paired with cheap phones. They recently started offering the BlackBerry Curve 8830 which was their first smartphone and most expensive handset ($249). The Curve is packaged with a $60/month unlimited everything plan and we expect a similar deal for Android phones.

Motorola is aiming for the low end and the i1 might be the lowest priced Android device at launch. Look for this phone to debut under $300.

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • http://Website Seig CA

    I’m looking forward to this.
    I love my Blackberry 8350i on boost but I tried the android fones and they’re very customizable and fast.
    And they’re military grade wow, I just hope she can withstand my wife’s heavy hands.
    She tends to break every gizmo that I buy her LOL

  • http://Website stvnx CA

    I was already thinking on getting the blackberry for boost but I think i might wait around for the opus to come out! It sounds like a great phone for boost!

  • http://Website Alan

    the i1 is going to be their best yet, boost is really stepping up their game. Boost just came out with the incognito and the blackberry, now all of a sudden they are deciding to come out with the rant and now the opus i1!! This is just too good to be true!! I think the boost i1 will be alittle more expensive than their blackberry though but i think its cool that their coming out with their awesome brand new gadget, i might just stick gettin the Incognito or the Rant

  • http://Website michael castruita

    how much verizon good bye

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  • http://Website miguel

    its gonna be around 350 and its coming out on sunday from wat my friend at his boost mobile store says

  • http://Website Galane

    $350 and it runs the old Android 1.5. Phooey! Wake me up when it’s running Android 2.2.

    • http://Website RnZK

      True, $350 is stiff for the iDEN network, and running old Android 1.5…

  • http://Website Dwight Richmond

    are there any plans on adding video playing software for the Motorola i1 smartphone? I can’t believe for the cost of it, it can’t play videos. I paid 350.00 plus for mine.