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My Life with Andy – Served


This morning a good portion of the internet squealed in horror as news broke that Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC over patent disputes. The story was so fresh that HTC itself learned of the pending litigation online.

Andy, on the other hand, got his letter in the mail. Specifically, Apple said it was mad at how awesome Andy was and went on to say that Andy would no longer be invited to Apple’s birthday parties. The letter also requested Andy steer clear of the South end of the playground (including the monkey bars!) as its always been known this is Apple territory.

My Life with Andy is an Android webcomic produced by Angie and Clark.

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  • Lemon


  • ravila88x

    Hahahahahahaha!! Don’t worry Andy you have the support of ANDROID lovers averywhere!!!!

  • http://Website Frank

    What a shame………Apple cant fall out and take defeat like a real ex-champ! What a way to try to exit center stage. Weak….

  • http://Website jason

    Apparently Apple is afraid. Notice how they targeted HTC and not Google directly. No matter, since I’d imagine that Google will be behind the muscle of HTC’s defense.

    I think it’s really a shame when a company aims below the belt like this. Add this to the numerous reasons why I will never support Apple.

  • unfeasible

    This has got to be borderline unjust.

    Comeee oonn, lil android in that comic is such a cute lil dude! AND AWESOME!


  • http://Website jason

    Yeah apple now knows how great the andy really is lol. This hole lawsuit is too little too late just makin things worse for the….. as if havin AT&T isn’t bad enough!!! Lol

  • http://Website jon

    Dear Andy,

    Back in 1986 we put a patent on “Car Phones” you violate that patent as no one else is allowed to be in the business of said phones.

    We also have a patent on the power button on these phones so if by chance you slip by the first patent you can exist but no one can turn you on.

    Steve Jobs (inventor of car phones)

  • http://Website applesflappyballs

    Don’t worry Andy, u can come to my b-day parties LOL HTC > crApple

  • http://Website Alexpeegs

    Dude nice this made my day about the suing :)

  • http://Website Alz

    Why don’t you put these comics up on ? A bit pointless having the domain but not using it.

  • Ms. Matrix

    LOL that’s funny!

  • http://Website sewinglady

    these comics are such a hoot! Too cute!