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Native digg app for Android coming soon

Every time I open AppAware, I find myself discovering some new Android app I’ve never heard of. Recently I have noticed that someone was working on an official app for digg. The company already has a great mobile site, but this was the first I had heard of a native application. I searched the web and could find nothing about a beta app, so I asked our readers for help in the forums.

It took a couple days, but someone found exactly what we were looking for. Digg confirmed today that their Android app is already in testing and the launch is coming soon. This is not exactly shocking news since digg said they were working on an iPhone app over five months ago, but at least it is nice to know.

In the most recent version of diggnation, Kevin Rose gives a quick demo of the iPhone version (21:00 mark). It has the same look and feel as the mobile site, but with a ton of new features added in.

I still have not found out how to get in the beta, so someone let me know if they are taking signups. We would love to test the app out.

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  • http://Website Inquisitor

    I still have absolutely no idea what digg is and/or why it exists. Why is it popular?

    • sregister

      Digg is a very popular social bookmarking website, people find interesting links on the web, submit them then users get to vote them up or vote them down. As you can see this idea has been implemented on many comment systems(including this one)

    • http://Website lo

      I’m happy with their new redesign:

      but digg landing as an app? What’s the use of that to publishers?

  • MattDemers

    Maybe this’ll get me using Digg more. RSS-type browsing/newsfinding is one of the things I use my phone for most.

    Still kind of pissed off about the Diggbar fiasco, though.

    Props for big sites noticing Android! More native apps!

  • http://Website g1

    Try the app called diggdroid, although i definately prefer reddit over digg. the funny thing is with both of these sites, i dont know what i like more, the articles on them or the comments. lol

  • agentlotek

    Digg comments FTW!

  • Tony Bullard

    Hey Taylor, you can easily link to a specific time by adding “#t=21m1s to the end of the YouTube link (which would bring you to the 21 minute 1 second mark.)

    (More bloggers should know this)

    • sregister

      I think there is a problem doing this when your embedding the video, I tried this when I posted the video in the forums and it didnt work.

  • abronia

    reddit > digg

    • http://Website kerodean

      very true, I’m a redditor myself, when is reddit going to have a native app?

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