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New details of Droid 2.1 OTA and why it was delayed

Android Central has a great inside source over at Verizon and they are leaking more details of the pending Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid. The latest information states that Verizon will begin pushing out the first OTA updates around 9 AM PDT.

Only 1,000 customers will receive the update and then Motorola and Verizon will monitor the blogs for any potential issues. If everything goes ok, then the another 9,000 users will get the update at 9 PM. This will then be followed by a 24 hour waiting period, before Verizon sends out the update to the remaining phones in batches of 200,000.

The rollout schedule for the Droid 2.1 OTA is:

  • The first batch of 1,000 updates will be pushed out at 9 a.m. PDT.
  • Assuming all goes well, another 9,000 updates will go out at 8:59 p.m. PDT.
  • After that, there’s a 24-hour waiting period (to make sure all’s still well.)
  • Then 200,000 updates will go out on Saturday, March 20.
  • Another batch of 200,000 goes out after that, until everyone has the update.

So what took so long for this OTA to reach our phones? Motorola originally posted on their Facebook page that Android 2.1 was coming “this week“, but that was over a month ago.

A tipster is pointing the finger at Bitfone who actually manages the distribution of the updates for Motorola. We have seen problems with other OTA updates from Motorola (CLIQs to BRIQs) so this really isn’t that surprising. We wish Motorola and Verizon the best of luck, and hope this OTA goes out without issue.

From our anonymous tipster: “Not sure if you’ve heard, but the real reason for the latest delay on the Android 2.1 update for Droid phones is due to Motorola’s distribution vendor (Bitfone- now owned by HP). They are having capacity problems with a) the Bitfone application that distributes the updates and b) capacity issues with the current network infrastructure that hosts this application. I spoke to one of the engineers personally and they mentioned that Motorola reps have been “bugging them all day” because of the 3/18 commitment date.”

If you are one of the lucky few to receive Android 2.1 tomorrow morning, hit up our tip line with visible proof for a reward.

For more specific details about the Android 2.1 update, see our previous post.

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website David

    How does HTC do at distributing software updates? Anxious for the 2.1 upgrade for the Droid Eris.

    • http://Website tophermaz
      bitfone is a program on all android devices to track the things you do and help the phone update and get customer care through your phone. the problem is that hp’s having problems handling 200,000 devices at once and there are probably some compatibility errors. in order for this to work immediately is to tell the computers to just copy the files over and do it. i’m guessing that the computers are trying to copy over the update but cannot understand what they are updating. in a program like this it is meant to learn from everything in order to build a better program for the customer. so it will try to learn what it is updating. so if this is to work hp must remove part of their script that is stopping this and tell it to copy them over. however this is risky. if the computers do something wrong while copying over the files they can mess up the phone. what may happen is that the files come over and then the old and replaced files will be deleted. if the phone does not install the files into the actual os then the os will no longer work. if the scripts are in place however the software will learn this does not work and the computer will be able to change it in order for it to work. i do not actually know if this is true but this is what I’m guessing is happening.

  • http://Website Kyle

    Can’t wait for my Droid to be 2.1. Wish I could be in the first batch.

  • http://Website Nate

    Given Moto’s recent history with these update, I don’t think I’ll be complaining if I’m not in the first batch.

  • http://Website firerock

    Another reason to buy stock Google Phone (Nexus One), if possible; Google pushes the update.

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    I’m so excited – and I just can’t hide it.

    Wooo. About TIME! Grats to first 1k!!

  • http://Website Ron

    I don’t get how they think that 1000 random people are going to generate enough, if any, feedback to determine if the push was successful.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Im tired of hearing about everybody else getting 2.1. Where the hell is the update for t-mobile

    • http://Website J138

      Im with you, t-mobile seems to always be behind on their goole updates and they where the ones pushing it out to begin with. On top of that they push 3g phones in areas where they do not have any 3g service and can not tell you when they will heve it set up.

  • http://Website Vincent Mac

    What is this PDT you speak of? Do you mean PST?

    • http://Website djak250

      PDT is Pacific Standard Time, only with Daylight Savings tacked on.

  • http://Website Vincent Mac

    Oh nevermind, Sping is just around the corner. Can’t wait for this update.

  • http://Website moses

    When will this be out for motorla milestone?

    • http://Website kay

      Right?! When????

  • http://Website Gregd548

    Prefer to treat phone updates like I do Microsoft updates – would much rather get it later when all the bugs are worked out than get it an have to deal with the bug headaches!

  • http://Website Anonymouse

    Got the 2.1 and it is working like a champ on my Droid – thanks VZ

    • http://Website Brian

      So what’s the update like?

      does it have 5 homescreens? Is there a 3d app drawer?

      • http://Website A droid user

        He is not being honest, no one received the update.

        • http://Website lonklippings

          Root and get it like I did (that is if you don’t mind risking a bricked Droid and voided warranty). Works flawlessly and has way more options than the OTA version ever will.

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  • http://Website Mike H

    Ok so the problem is with distrubution?? If they are too incompetent to distribute it why don’t they just throw the [email protected]#king out on something like rapidshare so we can update it our own damn selves?!

    • http://Website Sdiord

      You are not serious about VZ throwing the file into rapidshare so that some dishonest person can add malware to ruin your precious investment do you? I would rather be patient and wait for the update, other than the possibility of running Flash, there is not much to be excited about.

  • http://Website John

    Another delay, what a surprise. Didn’t they “announce” on their Facebook page that it was coming out in February. Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me I’m rooted and already running a 2.1 ROM on my Droid. More people should seriously consider rooting, it isn’t that hard. You just flash a new that roots your phone then get a ROM like DroidMod that will basically do everything for you (just get DMUpdater from After that if you are feeling adventurous you can try out some other ROMs. By the way the 2.1 gallery is great, it is a massive improvement over the original. Also live wallpapers are pretty fun although not really useful. Multitouch browser isn’t that exciting since dolphin and xscope beat them to it.

  • http://Website MR. E

    No wonder it’s Messed up!!! HP is behind the scenes… MY HP Pavilion DV7 POS had it’s HD fail 4 TIMES in 14 Months!!!
    Even after I sent it in, they claimed it was the MB and Fixed it, well then why did it happen again 3 months later?

    They can’t use quality components to build their PC’s they sell, it’s no wonder they can’t even host a file to do the updates, heck I bet my webhost, can handle 200,000 hits a day Easy!

    Give me the file via FTP with an MD5 hash I’ll let people download it all month long til everyone has it!

    Even host/share a BitTorrent of it!

    I know I can get the unofficial roms but who cares???
    HP is PATHETIC!!!
    HP should be fired!!! Contract terminated if this is true!

  • http://Website jeff

    i just got off the phone with vzw support they told me the update is available for ota but i just didnt recieve it yet….but then again that lady sounded like she had no idea what she was talkin about…….

  • ben woodall

    They posted this earlier in response to my bitching about it on twitter

  • http://Website lonz77

    Well the weekend is almost over, and no one seems to know what the status is. I haven’t heard of anyone that can verify that they received it. I heard people who bought their Droids earliest would get it first. I bought mine the day it went on sale, and don’t have it yet.

  • http://Website Bill

    @lonz77. That’s a lie. People who bought them first WILL NOT get it first. Didn’t happen on the last update because I was one of the first and I got it last. Updates are probably being pushed out very slowly or maybe they found out there was an issue but the fact is this isn’t VZW’s fault nor Google’s. We have waited this long we can wait a little more. No worries. Remember Bitfone is sending these out. Who know’s what’s going on there.

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