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New Verizon HTC Incredible pics and specs

We recently posted some pictures of an early HTC Incredible prototype and now a newer, more final design has appeared. The bright red battery cover is now a matte black, but the insides have retained the red coloring (see pic below). We saw HTC do this for the HD Mini (yellow insides) so this looks like a new trend for HTC.

The specs have also been refreshed since we last saw the device. The Snapdragon processor has been underclocked to 768 MHz (presumably to save battery), but the RAM has doubled to 512 MB (just like the N1). Also getting a bump is the camera which now features 8 megapixels instead of 5.

No other sites have reported this, but I’ve been told we should expect to see the Incredible on another CDMA carrier besides Verizon. The phone is expected to be announced during CTIA and be released sometime before summer.

Update: The good thing about posting rumors is someone always calls you out on your mistakes. Apparently the Incredible is very near to release and several production models are floating around. You can still consider this a “rumor” but I’ve been told the RAM and ROM both received a significant boost. Early prototypes included only 256 MB RAM, but the latest revision has 1 GB RAM (just like the rumored Supersonic). I’ve also been told the CPU will do 1 GHz, but it throttles up and down just like every other Android phone.

Update 2: The original iPhone shipped with 4/8 GB of internal memory, but the second an Android phone has that kind of storage everyone goes crazy and instantly tries to discredit it. I don’t know how much internal phone storage the Incredible will ship with, but I do know that Android phones need more than the 512 MB ROM we normally get.

Android hacker Stericson tweeted the following screen grab he claims came from the Incredible. It shows a device that has an internal storage greater than 6 GB and memory around 1 GB. These figures are close to the numbers I was emailed earlier, so I will let you guys decide what to believe. I don’t think it is out of the question for an upcoming Android phone to have 1, 8, 16, or 32 GB of internal storage.

Leaked screen from HTC Incredible.

Rumored specs of the HTC Incredible include:

  • 768 MHz 1 GHz Snapdragon processor QSD8650
  • 3.7 inch AMOLED screen WVGA resolution
  • 512 MB ROM 6 GB ROM, 512 MB RAM 1 GB RAM
  • 8 MP camera with dual LED flash and AF
  • Android 2.1 with Sense UI
  • Optical track pad
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • Shipping with 8GB MicroSDHC card
  • FM Tuner
  • Dimensions: 117.5 mm (L) x 58.5 mm (w) x 11.9 mm (T)

The back of the Incredible is now black.

Via: Engadget

Source: Android Forums

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  • http://Website Gary

    Debating if I should sell my Droid for this. I really the sense ui

  • http://Website gary

    debating if i should sell my droid for this. ireally love the sense ui

  • http://Website Russ

    meh, i’ll stick with my N1, thanks. For me, the camera isn’t really a make or break feature, and if everything else is just the same or almost as good as the N1, then I don’t see the point in switching phones again. anything is better than my old G1, though…

    • http://Website J

      Sense UI, dood. It’s all about Sense UI.

  • http://Website Andrew Brodsky

    with that battery the phone is going to last about 3 hours before dying.

  • http://Website John Perkins

    My next phone will be this or the Desire. I’m leaning towards Desire, but that 1 GB of RAM is tempting.

  • http://Website larry

    6gb built in. Its about time, now proper games can be made here. So any news on a TMO version.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Nope, no rumors for T-Mobile. I’m only hearing about CDMA carriers.

    • SliestDragon

      Realize that the samsung galaxy had 16GB of internal storage and only a small percentage of it was for apps. Who knows how much room will be for apps on that phone.

      I know Google had mentioned officially implementing a2sd, which I hope they do soon before phone manufacturers start putting huge amounts of room on phones. Not only would it (hopefully) make phones cheaper, but then not only the would high-end phones have a lot of room for apps but even cheap android phones could end up having 16GB of room for apps, or maybe more.

      That would be a lot better then having to get a high-end phone just to have more then 1 game on there.

      • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

        I disagree. SD cards are good and well for music and (maybe) SD movies, but for 3D games the latencies are just too great; Next to that the typical SD card doesn’t have all that awesome throughput. I’ll prefer built-in ROM over SD cards for android gaming any day.

        That said, if built-in ROM in sizes > 1GB ever happens, I’ll still want to be able to back them up to the (still supported) SD card.

  • http://Website Steven

    where are you getting 8 gb built in? where are you getting the 8 mp camera?

    you claim to be getting this info from our forum, but we never said the stats above. can you clarify the source of these two specs?

    • http://Website Steven

      my bad. my forum corrected me. The 8 mp camera is confirmed. The 6 gb operating memory is not. Not by us anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love this to be true!

      • Taylor Wimberly

        I linked Android Forums for the original rumored specs.

        • http://Website Name (required)

          Hi Taylor,

          Our source, on the forum, had his hands on it today. 6 gb of ROM is not correct or verified. In fact, the guy who had his hands on it today got a little miffed at your reporting this spec.

          This phone is one to get excited about, but let’s report rumor that’s true (as true as rumors can be!). The 6 gb is not.

          Just trying to keep it real.


          • http://Website carig

            I think Taylor is saying he got the original reported specs from Android Forums and the 6gb/1gb rom/ram is from a different source, one that he apparently chose not to reveal.

            Personally, if the 6gb is true then I’m definitely returning my Droid for this phone, but i guess we’ll know within a couple weeks.

  • http://Website Ric

    y are u the only site that is reporting that it is runnin 1 ghz when all others are stating that its clocked in at 768 with 512 ram where are u gettin that it is at a gig

    • http://Website Steven

      your specs are accurate.

      • http://Website Ric

        mine? and what is the 6 gig rom do (sorry new to me) is that the amount of space you get for apps and what not

  • http://Website treefq

    These specs sound like good news for the supersonic.

  • http://Website Adam

    What I’m interested in knowing is will it have Google Nav or VZ Nav. If it’s Google Nav, the phone is mine.

    • http://Website Ric

      it will have google nav just like the droid does

  • http://Website Jeremiah

    Oh my god. I shouldn’t have purchased my Nexus One! Lol. I’d love to get my hands on one of these babies!

  • http://Website aleis

    my upgrade isnt until may…this phone will probably drop the end of may…what will i be getting????????????

  • http://Website Alex

    I am excited about HTC Incredible on Verizon. But does anyone know if it will work in Europe when I am traveling ? World phone capable ?

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      Sorry but this is CDMA not GMS so that means you cannot use it around the world unless you can find a carrier that does CDMA (if they do that means they are stupid). Don’t get your hopes up too high for this phone because I think this phone will have much lower specs.

  • http://Website Dylan

    I’m really hoping this phone debuts before April 5th…that way, I’ll still be in my 30-day window from Verizon!

    • http://Website Nathan

      So Dylan, if I use my “new every two” to get the eris, because it’ll be free as opposed to the Droid, on March 18th, and this comes out before April 14th, then I can return it and get this??

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  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    I don’t get it. How come the HTC Incredible wasn’t HTC’s superphone instead of the Desire. I mean so called better specs and it is CDMA.

    I doubt that it will have specs this high because:
    1)HTC didn’t say that this was there superphone
    2)Why would HTC make this phone CDMA instead of GSM because GSM has way more people than CDMA so that mean they can sell it around the world if it is GSM

    In other words these specs are BS to me.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      Also anyone can mess with a screenshot with a little program called “Photoshop” or “GIMP”. Also they can change the phones name by editing the build.prop

      • http://Website Drew

        Thank you! that’s what kills me about this 6 GB deal. I’m pretty sure the other specs are accurate.

        But 6 GB? C’mon! Someone obviously photoshopped this. Most people, when taking these screenshots, are not likely to put up that little bit they wrote about “Screenshot from the HTC Incredible!” because they can just state that in the forum post.

        Additionally, notice the blanks up there where the SD card memory amount should be. If there’s no SD card it should say “N/A”, “No card inserted”, “Unavailable” or something of that matter. To the best of my knowledge, it shouldn’t be blank. I think the screenshot was a hoax, especially since many people have been saying otherwise.

    • Nick

      keep in mind that HTC takes most of their phones “to order” If verizon asks for certain specs and asks for hTC to make 2 million of them, HTC isn’t going to say no simply because their flagship HTC desire has lower specs than what Verizon is asking for. HTC is putting out their own phones with their own logo on them, but that does not mean they will not go out of their way to make some of their biggest customers happy.

      6GB of internal storage isnt anythign new. the number may be, but HTC shipped the HTC Touch Diamond with 4GB of internal storage. And that was nearly two year ago. Why not add in some extra storage and give people some extra breathing room for their apps and media files.

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  • http://Website Frederick

    What about video capture, 480p or 720p?

  • http://Website Jon gee

    I saw one on 4/09/10 at the Orlando International Airport, owned by a passenger. When asked about it he told me it was the incredible, he worked for Verizon and you didn’t see this phone! Well yes I did see it, touch it, play with it for about 10 seconds and it was pretty damned nice! It looked like the picture you have posted, black with red ear speaker slot and a red metal ring around camera lens. It was very nice quality as can be expected by HTC.

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