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Nexus One coming to Verizon March 23


We’ve finally got a date on the Nexus One’s much anticipated Verizon arrival: March 23. Last week we heard that a CDMA version of the HTC device had cleared FCC and we knew it was only a matter of time before an exact date was revealed.

The date comes from a Google employee but at this point neither Google nor Verizon has confirmed the date. March 23 also happens to be the first day of CTIA, a huge trade show in Vegas where all the top companies should be pulling out the big guns. While we hope to see some new devices announced, the Nexus coming to Verizon should still make quite a splash.

When the Droid launched on Verizon we were shown one of the largest Android advertising campaigns to date. Does anyone think Verizon will give a similar push to the Nexus? Or will it quietly slip out to the nerds while being ignored by the general public (like it did on T-Mobile)?

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  • http://Website Matt

    Ignored. Verizon doesn’t care about the Nexus One because they can’t get people into stores with it. VZ has already said it won’t be sold in-store, so they’re in the same awkward position as T-Mobile: amazing phone with no way of touching it before paying and no way of trying to up-sell on accessories and family plans. People don’t buy phones that way–at least non-nerds. And this nerd isn’t too keen on the idea either.

    I think they’ll have a bigger ad campaign for the HTC Incredible and flat-out ignore the Nexus One.

    • http://Website droidwolf

      I agree. I thought the nexus look awsome and hard ware was up to par but I bought the cliq after much research and ability for hands on play. Good post. By the way I will never deal with verizon again for as long as I live.

      • Manly Man

        co-sign, I not either!

  • http://Website mrbill

    Potential Verizon Buyers(and others) BEWARE!

    A short time after I got my first Nexus One and began to use it, I discovered some issues with the phone. The phone would not maintain 3G signal, the display would repeatedly go from bright to dark and back under constant lighting conditions no matter where the brightness control was set, and it would not hold a wi-fi signal no matter where the sleep policy was set. I did as requested (although I don’t believe it’s the proper way to handle this type of thing) and contacted HTC. I was told that a replacement phone would be sent to me after talking to a tech. rep. that could not get it to work properly over the phone. A few days later I had not received the replacement so I called HTC again and was told that the phone was never sent out. I was told that it would be sent out that day. I called back later that day to get a tracking number and was given one. When I went to check on the tracking number I found that it didn’t exist. I called HTC back the next day and the again was told the phone was not sent out. To shorten this up, I finally did receive a replacement on 1/21/2010.

    The second Nexus One however was defective as well. It had the same 3G issues and the same wi-fi issues only this one would not reconnect to the wi-fi until I either turned off the wi-fi radio and turned it back on, put it into “airplane mode” and then back out or turned the phone off and then back on. I then called HTC and again arraigned for a replacement. Needless to say it took several phone calls, but I received my third Nexus One on 1/23/2010.

    The third phone still had some 3G/EDGE problems, but it was better and the wi-fi issue was the same as the first one. During this time there was news of an OTA that “might” help with the 3G issue so I held on to it and waited for the OTA. My phone received the OTA on the night of 2/4/10 and I installed it as soon as it was downloaded. There was no improvement in the 3G or the wi-fi. Two days later on 2/6/2010, sometime before 6:30 PM, the phone completely lost all phone and text messaging capabilities. I could not make or receive phone calls, could not send or receive text messages, got no missed call indicators or any voice mail indication. During that time I had missed calls and received two voice mails. I tried to shut the phone off to get the signal back but I couldn’t. It got to the last screen where the background is blurred and it says “Power Off” and under that it says “shutting down” and it has the spinner, and that’s where it stayed. The spinner stopped spinning and the trackball kept flashing until I took the battery out. This happened several more times over the next two days. After checking the loss of signal with my wife’s Blackberry (Also on T-Mobile) right next to it and getting 3 to 4 bars of signal, I decided to call T-Mobile and check with them. All the tests T-Mobile did showed that my account was working fine. When the phone did it yet again, I called HTC on 2/8/2010. They had me do a factory reset and that worked for a few days. On Friday, 2/12/2010, same problem again! I contacted HTC and they started the process to ship out the fourth replacement. That was received on morning of 2/17/2010. Phone number 4 received the OTA as soon as I signed in to my Google account. When I started using the fourth Nexus One I noticed that it had the same wi-fi issue that the other three had and that it was having the issue with the screen going from bright to dark and back just like the first one had. That afternoon I got the disconnection error described above and again the following morning. This led me to call HTC yet again. I asked that the next replacement, Nexus One, phone number 5, have the OTA preinstalled and be tested. I was assured it would be. I received the fifth one on 2/19/2010 in the morning and proceeded to set it up and it did indeed have the OTA preinstalled. It doesn’t go from bright to dark like before, it does have the wi-fi sleep issue and it seems to have less flipping between 3G/EDGE. Most importantly it didn’t loose its phone signal……..until the next day. At a little before noon the problem of losing the signal described above started again. I did some experimenting comparing it to my wife’s Blackberry and then putting the SIM from the Blackberry into the fourth Nexus One to compare it to the now locked-up fifth one. The results can be viewed in the pictures here:

    One picture is of my wife’s Blackberry with 3 bars of voice on the left and my Nexus One #5 on the right with an “X” and no voice signal. The other is of Nexus One #4 with the SIM from my wife’s Blackberry in it showing 4 bars of voice signal on the left and my Nexus One #5 on the right with an “X” and no voice signal. Upon further investigation I discovered that when this happens there is no way to call 911 either. I pulled out and reinstalled the battery and then it worked fine for about another hour before doing the same thing again. On 2/22/2010 I called HTC to inform them that I was having the signal loss problem above and and I emailed them the link to the pictures above. On 2/24/2010 I called back to request another exchange since the phone had locked-up a couple of more times. During that phone call I agreed to get and try a new SIM card from T-Mobile, which was sent out to me that day (there is no T-Mobile store near me). I should receive the SIM card today, but in the meantime the 5th Nexus One has lost signal as described above on the 26th, 27th, and 28th during which time I also discovered that I am unable to call 911 (emergency). I called T-Mobile on the 27th while the phone was experiencing the problem and they said they could see it logged on to the tower nearest my house, but again I could not use it. My wife’s shop is 2.5 blocks from this T-MO tower:

    and I drove right up to it on the 27th while the phone was having the problem and I still had absolutely no voice service at all as I explained above nor could I cal 911 and this tower is the flagpole at the Sand City California Police Station/City Hall! I had to pull the battery out and replace it to get the signal back as usual.

    I have made well over 300 posts on the Google help forums during this time and the response from Google employees has been all but nonexistent.

    • http://Website Dilbert

      I haven’t had any problems… two others I know who have an N1 don’t have problems.

      • http://Website mrbill

        Please congratulate your friends for me. I wish I was that lucky.
        Also, tell them I have an offer for them. I will swap Nexus Ones with one of them (my 5th one is only about 1 week old) and I will pay all the shipping. I’ll even through in a brand new extra battery!

        To be fair, please be sure they read my original post first.

        • http://Website mittortz

          Hey mrbill, I don’t know if you’re including this in the offer, but I have a perfectly working MyTouch 3G I would be willing to trade and inherit your Nexus with all of its problems. I’m confident that I have a “magic touch” with phones b/c while my family and friends toil with everything they own, I’ve never had any problems with any cell phone I’ve had. So yeah, it’s kind of silly, but let me know if you’re interested. I love my MyTouch but the Nexus has intrigued me since day 1.

    • zipeg

      Mr. Bill

      It’s hard to be completely sure but you may have problems with radio circuitry on GSM UMTS band – which is little to do with the phone itself but a lot to do with the GSM deployment in North America. See below:

      “The phone’s radio circuitry covers most major GSM and 3G providers in the US, Europe and Asia, with the notable exception of the 850 MHz and 1900 MHz UMTS 3G bands used by AT&T (of USA), Bell Mobility, Telus,[28] and Rogers (of Canada), Movistar (Latin America), Telcel (Latin America), Telstra Australia’s Next-G. Because the phone lacks these frequency bands, it is not compatible with the 3G networks of any of the above carriers, although 2G can be used. Although, when used with Telstra, the phone is also able to roam on 3′s 2100 MHz 3G network, before being forced to use 2G.

      The GSM radio frequencies covered are 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 along with UMTS frequency bands 1 (2100 MHz), 4 (1700 MHz), and 8 (900 MHz).”

  • http://Website Quasar

    It should sell a lot better than it has on T-Mo just because of the size of Verizon. However, I doubt it will be as big as the Incredible because of the popular Sense UI and more visual advertising. It’s a bummer because the N1 is a sweet phone, and I’m hoping Google continues to make it the first phone to get future Android updates since it’s update path is in their own hands.

  • http://Website Von

    Bottomline, Google needs to stop trying to strictly enforce this whole online store thing and begin to give demos to the carriers providing service for the devices. Reason why the phone wasn’t such a big boom like the Iphone was for this very reason! Also, google and t-mo need to work out something as far as offering the phone to current customers via EIP or early upgrade status!

  • http://Website Dilbert

    Seems like Google could afford put a few Nexus Ones in the stores for people to get some hands on time and still only sell it through their web store… I feel bad when I hear people say how they were considering getting the Nexus One but decided to get a MyTouch or Cliq, or some other Android phone because they couldn’t see the Nexus One in person. The Nexus One is such a nicer phone than all the other Android models. It’s no comparison! The speed and responsiveness, and the OLED screen just blow the other phones away. I had a MyTouch 3G and although it seemed nice a time when I compare it to the Nexus phone now the MyTouch looks like crap. Fortunately for me I had two friends who bought Nexus One phones so I could see it in person beforehand. If you’re a keyboard lover than perhaps the decision is harder, but personally I’ve seen the Droid and it’s keyboard is nothing to rave about. I will say this, I’m glad Google is making an attempt to separate the phone purchase from the contract purchase. The States defnitly needs to move towards the European model. These days it’s absurd to be locked into a two year contract with the pace of technological change. Imagine having to buy a laptop from your ISP and being stuck with it for two years. ACK!

  • http://Website lolcopter

    quick question to which hopefully someone has an answer:

    will the “unlocked” CDMA verizon version of the nexus one have a sim card slot with GSM capabilities? reason being, an “unlocked” CDMA phone is essentially worthless


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  • http://Website Chuck

    For about 3 weeks I’ve been checking daily for any news about the Nexus One. Entering the term “nexus” into the site’s search field would return a list of press releases that had absolutely nothing to do with the Nexus One. Suddenly at about 7:30 am EDT 3/21/10 searching “nexus” at the Verizon site started redirecting me to . Something must be happening.