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Panasonic says Google TV sets will be expensive

What kind of hardware does it take to run an Android-powered Google TV?

Panasonic has decided to pass on Android TV’s for now because they claim it would “require processing power that adds too much to the cost of the set”. The hardware they are referring to is likely the Intel Atom chipsets that Sony has chosen for their internet-connected TVs.

Android is an open source operating system, but manufacturers still have to meet a minimum set of requirements (in order to maintain a consistent user experience) before Google will bless the device with its full suites of services.

This is a significant win for Intel because Android has been dominated by ARM-based processors since its debut. We have previously reported that Android could run on Intel’s Moorestown, but that platform probably will not ship in a significant volume this year (although I hope I’m wrong about that).

It looks like customers will still be able to access Google TV services with a non-Android TV. Dish Network is said to be testing a set top box which runs Android. Blu-ray players are also candidates for Google TV.

Rounding out the hardware partners will be Logitech, who will provide a remote accessory with a tiny keyboard. If Logitech goes all out with their remote (accelerometer, microphone, touchpad, etc.), Google TV sets could become viable gamimg consoles. Google already has the Android Market to sell apps and games so we expect it will make an appearance on the TV too.

What crazy ideas would you like to see on your Google TV service?

Source: BusinessWeek

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  • http://Website shen

    Just like the tivo-premiere and 3dtv, obviously, google won’t give their TV to the people if it’s so cheap.

    Although, I must say I’ll be dissappointed if the google tv will be released under Panasonic manufacturers..

    Let’s just say, I have bad experience over the years, from that company.

  • http://Website Mike

    Uhh, so when is the Verizon Nexus One coming out again?

    Sorry, hate to be that guy…I’m just getting sick of waiting to hear something.

    • Ryan McKay

      absolutely the best spot you could have asked this question.

  • http://Website Matt

    I’m a big fan of Google and happily allow them to run most things in my life, but I can’t really think of many good uses for a Google TV.

    I DON’T want notifications popping up while I’m watching TV (for GMail, etc). I can’t think of many apps that would be too useful.

    If you already have a cable box, satellite, TiVo, etc, then you can browse what’s on TV or coming up soon pretty easily already. Yes Google search would be better, but its not necessary.

    I’m sure Google or other developers will come up with some good ideas and prove me wrong, but for now this isn’t too appealing for me.

    • http://Website Steve

      How about apps for streaming internet video to your TV set?

      • http://Website Matt

        Hmm. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Obviously that would be nice. I’ll make the excuse that it was too early in the morning when I was posting :-P

      • http://Website b

        why stop at streaming video… google has talked about cloud computing for a long time… so you could almost have a full pc at your disposal from the comfort of your couch. imagine being able to do photo/video editing and authoring from your tv. or anything else you do on your computer.

        • http://Website Kenny

          Hmm, I’m with the guy who gave thought on streaming video on your tv, but like Matt, I cant think of much, other than video for my TV. If I wanted to do everything I do in a computer from the comfort of my sofa, I could just set up my pc to the monitor…

          I think it’s too early in the game to think outside the box, no pun intended..

          I do want to see where this is heading though.

  • http://Website robojerk

    Why would it be so expensive?

    The specs for the Acer AspireRevo R1600 reasonable enough enough to do the job. What does the box need to do really?

    For internet streaming:
    -Run AndroidOS (Browser with Flash 10.1 coming soon)
    -Connect to internet
    -Handle up to 1080P (does anyone stream video that high)
    -Maybe add a dedicated decoder chip (cell phones have them)
    -For DVR functionality just add a large HD, at least 1 TV tuner and video (mpeg) encoder.
    -For BluRay support just add a BluRay drive (and HD for BD+)

    If this thing will just stream video off the internet, what am I missing here that will make this thing so costly?

    • http://Website JD

      what kind of computing power and graphics card do apps really need??

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  • http://Website mihaelb

    I think they just couldn’t reach an agreement that Panasonic were happy with…afterall…if a netbook, which is a full computer, can be had for $250, how expensive can it be to add a processor or whatever to a TV?

    Or, put another way, a TV that costs $2K would REALLY become so unaffordable with this $250 (if that) addition ?


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