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Phonedog on Fox talks Apple vs. Google

Apple’s patent lawsuit against HTC is causing some buzz among the old school media. Our friend Mr. Phonedog Noah Kravitz was invited on Fox Business Network to give his opinion on the turf war between Apple vs. Google. Check out the video to see Noah weigh in on this case along with his other impressions of the mobile tech world.

Source: Phonedog

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  • Mark

    The anchorette is right… the Desire looks like it will be the hot ticket… until the Scorpion is released….

  • http://Website mike

    Why is this video in flash? Do u know of an andy phone that plays flash taylor? Not very cool bro.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Blame Fox News. I use YouTube whenever I can.

  • http://Website ronabong

    You rock Noah!

  • http://Website William

    She didn’t give him much room to comment on the Desire, haha.

  • http://Website ZRod

    Soooooo… When am I gonna have-ta start giving Apple $100 every time I type or say their name? Gawd, they sue over everything!!! I can’t wait till Google crushes them, Apple just takes innovation away from the market. Google needs to show Apple that it can’t do whatever, whenever it wants.

  • http://Website Edit

    Phonedog, way to represent! That was proper, kid!