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Polarbilt has raced their way to over a million downloads

Polarbit reports an early milestone as they crest the 1 million download mark

Polarbit announced earlier today that their applications in the Android Market have been downloaded over a million times. Congratulations to them on such a successful few months and as we are already seeing a second round of 3D games from them I’m sure two million won’t be far off.

I freely concede I suck at math, but as they first debuted on the market on December 18th of last year that means they are averaging 12,346 (I rounded up) downloads a day. Granted a huge percentage of those are likely the free “lite” versions of their games, but just for funsies let’s imagine that 8% of the downloads were paid versions, that would come out to about $360,000 in 81 days. (Please note this is total supposition and I have no idea how many were paid downloads.)

This coupled with the recent news that the maker of “Car Locator” is taking in approximately $13,000 a month could help to finally turn developer opinion regarding the potential profitability of the Android Market.

The Game Developer’s Conference is going on today and tomorrow and as we reported in January every early registrant is receiving a Nexus One or Droid. All developer’s meeting a minimum threshold of 5,000 downloads while maintaining a 3.5 star rating were also recently gifted with one of these two devices.

The Android NDK Revision 3.0 that just landed yesterday has Open GL ES 2.0 support providing developer’s with the t0ols to create better looking and functioning games.

Google appears to be doing what they can to get the necessary hardware and tools in place for developer’s to create a new wave of high quality apps and games for the Android Market.

To borrow from Steve Job’s lexicon for a moment, do you think that the Android Market “gold rush” is finally upon us?

Source: Polarbit

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  • http://Website Alexpeegs

    Great, Hope this will inspire other Devs. out there

    • MattDemers

      Exactly; it’s just a matter of working harder, knowing that they don’t have the advantage of the Apple hype machine. They’ve got to be aware of that going into it, and be prepared to see things pan out in a different way.

  • http://Website thief

    nice article, but why do you always state something and always ask a question at the end to try to spur on comments. seems kinda lame to me. hey heres a story – what do you guys think?

    • Sean Riley

      Thanks for the feedback, I will try to reign in that impulse.

      • Sean Riley

        Apparently I should also “rein” in my posting when I’m tired.

        • http://Website Kainoah

          I dont know I kinda liked the way you ended it haha

          • http://Website l3reak

            Yeah, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to report the facts, then pose a supposition of your own to get some discussion going in the comments.

          • ontheFritz


          • Sean Riley

            I wasn’t suggesting I would stop the practice completely by any means, but I took some time to go back through our archives and I can see that it isn’t always necessary.

            Anyway, thanks to everyone for the feedback. Regardless of whether they are asked for with a specific question or not your comments are always more than welcome.

  • anakin78z

    That’s awesome. Polarbit is in the interesting position of making games for Android, iphone and Nokia, which I’m betting is paying off pretty well for them.
    I played Raging Thunder 2 against a friend on iPhone yesterday, and that was pretty fun and novel.

    But yea, a lot of developers took notice when the Droid and then the Nexus One were announced, and I’m starting to feel the impact. I used to buy an app every few weeks, maybe once a month. Recently I’ve been buying one every week. There’s so much impressive work coming out, and I’m loving it.