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Poor man’s Nexus One headed to India?

Consider this a complete rumor, but Techtree is reporting that Google might be working on a “scaled down” version of the Nexus One for new markets like India. They claim this new device will be slimmer than the N1 and speculate the camera and internal memory specs will be reduced.

I’m having a hard time believing the source, but we know Google will be introducing more models in their phone store and adding more carriers later this year. For all we know, they could be talking about a modded version of the HTC Legend that would include stock Android instead of Sense UI.

Google’s Eric Tseng is leading a panel next week to discuss the Nexus One strategy so maybe we will learn more soon.

[Thanks Ajay for the tip]

Source: Techtree

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  • http://Website SYL

    “Poor man’s” is a truly insensitive choice of words for an emerging economy (aka China and India) which is lending money to west to prop up their wasteful habits. Be careful when you choose your words; poor Westerners might be heading east to look for outsourced jobs in this poor man’s land.

    • http://Website Keith

      By “poor mans” he means a cheap nexus one. I really don’t think it was meant to put other countries down. A “poor mans” item is just a term used for an item that isn’t as good, but it’s cheaper, and let’s be honest, certain parts of the world need cheaper.

      • http://Website Mark

        Yes, that is a rather common term. But in todays world, if there’s any chance somebody might get their undies up in a bunch about it, it shouldn’t be used. Do not mean to offend people who don’t wear underwear. Lol.

        • http://Website Dior-DNA

          Of course it wasn’t meant to offend but when online you’re dealing with a world wide audience. English is a complex language and what may be common to you may not be common to others. It’s not always about people being sensitive, it can also be how a message is translated.

  • http://Website Vishal

    the richest people in the world are indian … the IT gurus are from india .. one of most Gadget freeks are in india … i am from india and i got the HERO 6 months back at 34000 INR … now its 24000 INR … still i have no complains … so i dont think they shld strip down features from nexus .. if they still do it .. we get phones from the USA …

    • http://Website Imad

      Hmm, I don’t think telling Indians are richest justifies.You should consider GDP and HDI of India.
      Since, I live in Bangalore for past 3 years before I used to live in Riyadh.
      The things which India is backward are:-

      1. 3G is not widespread and it’s only provided by government controlled BSNL.
      2.Internet is somewhat expensive 512kbps unlimited for RS1099(25usd).
      3.Internet pings are not that great it fluctuates from 200ms to 400ms if i play server in Europe.
      4.If you check at gamemonitor India has 118 servers for various games comparing to Saudi Arabia which has 196 servers and whats more shameful is that India is the second most populated country with 1.1 billion ppl compared to Saudi Arabia 28million.
      5.Carriers in Indian have foolish technical support, since android in India relatively new, if I asked them gprs setting for samsung glalaxy they would say that phone doesn’t support gprs and thats from Vodafone IN.

      • http://Website Amit

        It is just plain English; a way of making a point … How can the usage of the term ‘poor man’s’ be offsive to anyone…
        And for those who can’t guess from my name I am a Indian but I think other Indians commenting out here are just behavig like kids.

        ‘the richest people in the world are indian’ ha.. give me a break…we all (including us Indians) know the truth really well…

  • http://Website bii

    @imad: thank you for your insight.

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  • http://Website Aj

    What the eff’ do u mean by “poor man?” That’s wrong choice of words.. least India and China is doing much better then you sorry @$$ Americans. I “was” a big fan of Android and me until now. yes I read all the comments above. I still think its poor choice of words for the founder of Android and me to use. Tsk… tsk… tsk…

    • http://Website Siddharth

      I really wish you’d have had you facts right and visited the embedded link ( before mouthing off all that stuff. as you might know is an India based website and they’re the ones who originally used the phrase “poor man’s Nexus One”. All Taylor did was quote from there. If there’s anyone you should be annoyed with it should be Techtree. I’m just stating facts here and not trying to take any sides.

    • http://Website maxi

      You dumb ol’ fool. Read the original article before jumping to conclusions.

  • http://Website magoo Yang

    - -! idon’t think his using of ‘poor man’ is so serious a problem.

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