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Raging Thunder 2: Polarbit readies second wave of Android 3D games

Update: Raging Thunder 2 is now available in the Android Market for €4.00 ($5.63). A high-end Android device (Droid or N1) is required and the download takes up 20 MB so first gen phones should be aware.

Swedish developer Polarbit is gearing up to release several new Android games. They burst on to the scene late last year when they launched five 3D titles for Android. All of the games were hits with most selling 5-10k copies.

Polarbit announced today that they are releasing a sequel to their best selling title Raging Thunder. The new Raging Thunder 2 features cross-platform six player games, upgradeable cars, and ten new animated tracks. No pricing information is available yet, but previous Polarbit titles have gone for €3.00 ($4.22).

“After all the hard work we put into Raging Thunder 2, we’re proud to introduce the sequel to one of our best-selling games of all time. RT2 is the definitive mobile arcade racer and offers a fantastic cross-platform multiplayer experience to boot!”Mitri Bautista-WibergFounder of Polarbit

Their press release says the game should already be on the Android Market, but we have yet to see it appear. As soon as it pops up we will let everyone know and post the QR code for download. In the mean time, check out their trailer video for a taste of what’s coming.

Raging Thunder 2 features:

  • Six single player game modes: Career, Arcade, Single Race, Time Attack, Survival, Instant Race
  • Online or local, cross-platform multiplayer with pre and post-race chat
  • Choose from a fleet of tuner cars with the ability to upgrade wheels, body, wings, and engine
  • Multiple upgrade options for each area with visual enhancements
  • Ten beautiful, varied and animated track environments with tons of hidden shortcuts
  • Stunning, console quality 3D graphics using OpenGL 2.0

Source: Polarbit

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  • http://Website Mike

    Typo in header. But I still love you lots! Best news

    • Joseph Allen

      ^ thats a fan. lol

  • http://Website sslevski

    how do they made this video on the phone? is there an app for this ?

    • Richard

      There isn’t a way to record video from an Android phone.

      It’s also an iPhone game, I think it’d be safe to assume the game-play of the video is taken from that :)

    • http://Website Tony

      I’m pretty sure the footage you see is from an emulator… and there is video capture for Android OS.

  • http://Website Matt

    “Stunning, console quality 3D graphics using OpenGL 2.0″

    Which means no go on anything but the Droid and Nexus One. :(

    • http://Website 3rmac

      Uuh wrong, all HTC devices can play it due to the fact that they all have GPU’S along with their processor. U just mentioned two phones with awesome processors and the N1 has a GPU (its an HTC device).

      • http://Website Yenzehn

        A GPU isn’t enough – the GPU needs to support openGL ES 2.0 the same way a desktop GPU would need to support DirectX 9/10/11.

        The Snapdragon and Cortex A8 found in the Nexus One and Droid do.

  • http://Website l3reak

    You say it needs a droid/nexus, but someone in the comments in the market serious they’re running it on a Hero and it works fine.

    • http://Website KiwiDude

      Works ok on my Hero

  • Vineares

    Wow…it looks amazing. Too bad my G1 can’t run it : /

  • http://Website Jeff

    Gameloft should learn from Polarbit, I mean really gameloft games look like J2ME ports.

    And until manufactures make the standard android phones a ARMv7 or higher processor and 4GB or higher internal memory, android will always lack in the mobile game market.

  • http://Website Blue

    i tested this on mt3g,Laggy when there’s many cars but still playable

    • http://Website Imad

      Same thing happens to my Samsung Galaxy,
      Damn, I need Myriad Dalvik Turbo or JIT to get launched ASAP.

  • http://Website KiwiDude

    Installed and ram ok on my Hero

  • http://Website Sebastian

    It’s a shame that it doen’t save the game data on th sd card and uses up a lot of phone Memory. That does make it nearly unusable on a non rooted device. Other than that the game is really great, fantastic grafic and runs smooth on my Nexus one.

    • http://Website l3reak

      “There are a couple of updates that will arrive to the Android market. We know that the game is pretty big and some of you will have problems installing it. The first update will iclude download of assets, to make it easier to install the game. We’re also improving performance a bit.”

      So, they do plan to help out with the space issue. 20MB really is too big for an Android device.

      • anakin78z

        Awesome. ExZeus did the same thing, downloading a small file onto the phone, then downloading the rest of the data onto the sd card. I hope more Android developers follow suit.

  • http://Website mariano

    I have to free like 79mb in my Droid to install the game… when is only 22mb already instaled (O_o) Graphics are just greattt!!! i test it only with WI FI connection and it goes so good! Only a few lags in Career Mode.

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  • http://Website Miguel

    Not showing up in the Market for me. Even after scanning the bar code. Doesn’t show up via search in the market.

    I am using the Nexus One.

  • http://Website Felix

    Man the graphic look so good on phone with high res screen. I remember when this was on iPod/iPhone it looked like crap. My Droid blow this game away.

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  • stalker

    I’ve nexus one. Downloaded the lite version of the game. Its really awesome. Game play and graphics are good. Played on multiplayer. Its great fun.

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  • http://Website Dani


    Nekem egy olyan problémám van, hogy Samsung Galaxy S-en (Android 2.2) telepíteni szeretném a játékot, mégis azt írja ki, hogy nincs elég hely a lemezen (pedig van). A marketről letöltve a LITE verzió simán felmegy, de a teljes (reklám nélküli) ezt írja ki. Gondolom valami registry adat rosszalkodik, hol tudnám ezt átírni, vagy telepítésre bírni a játékot?

    Előre is köszönöm a segítségeket

  • http://Website Daniel

    Sorry, I thought, this is a hungarian website :D
    So, I have a problem with the game. From the market, i can install the LITE version, but when I want to install the full (any ads) game, I get a “out of space” message. What should I do, where should I delete some registry file or something like that?

    Thanks for the answers

  • anas

    what a game? What a experiense?i can’t believe it

  • Godilen

    I like it.