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Rotten Apple: HTC sued over 20 patents

Are we really surprised? They might not be the biggest handset maker yet, but HTC is clearly producing the best smartphones on the market. Apple has identified them as a threat and decided to unleash their team of high paid lawyers to slow them down.

Today in a U.S. District Court, Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC for infringing on 20 Apple patents related to the iPhone’s user interface, underlying architecture and hardware. Apple CEO Steve Jobs went as far as to say HTC is stealing their technology.

“We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We’ve decided to do something about it. We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.”Steve JobsApple CEO

According to the court documents Apple is seeking a permanent injunction that would stop HTC from selling devices in the United States.

Many had speculated that Apple was the reason some Android phones didn’t support multitouch out of the gate, but we never had any official confirmation. Now we have a list of patents that Apple claims have been “stolen”. These include features we have seen on several Android phones like unlock screens, rotating displays, accelerometer controls, and power conserving technology.

Update: Neowin has an official response from HTC.

“HTC is a mobile technology innovator and patent holder that has been very focused over the past 13 years on creating many of the most innovative smartphones. HTC values patent rights and their enforcement but is also committed to defending its own technology innovations. HTC only learned of Apple’s actions this morning via media reports, and therefore we have not yet had the opportunity to investigate the filings. Until we have had this opportunity, we are unable to comment on the validity of the claims being made against HTC.”

Update 2: Gizmodo has a nice illustrated guide for some of the patents.

Update 3: Engadget reports Apple is specifically targeting Android and has named several phones in the suit including the Nexus One, Dream / G1, myTouch 3G, Hero, and Droid Eris.

Update 4: Steve Jobs responds via YouTube. “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

Apple patents listed in the suit include:

  • The ‘331 Patent, entitled “Time-Based, Non-Constant Translation Of User Interface Objects Between States,” was duly and legally issued on April 22, 2008 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • The ‘949 Patent, entitled “Touch Screen Device, Method, And Graphical User Interface For Determining Commands By Applying Heuristics,” was duly and legally issued on January 20, 2009 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the ‘949 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit B.
  • The ‘849 Patent, entitled “Unlocking A Device By Performing Gestures On An Unlock Image,” was duly and legally issued on February 2, 2010 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the ‘849 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit C.
  • The ‘381 Patent, entitled “List Scrolling And Document Translation, Scaling, And Rotation On A Touch-Screen Display,” was duly and legally issued on December 23, 2008 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the ‘381 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit D.
  • The ‘726 Patent, entitled “System And Method For Managing Power Conditions Within A Digital Camera Device,” was duly and legally issued on July 6, 1999 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the ‘726 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit E.
  • The ‘076 Patent, entitled “Automated Response To And Sensing Of User Activity In Portable Devices,” was duly and legally issued on December 15, 2009 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the ‘076 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit F.
  • The ‘105 Patent, entitled “GMSK Signal Processors For Improved Communications Capacity And Quality,” was duly and legally issued on December 8, 1998 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the ‘105 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit G.
  • The ‘453 Patent, entitled “Conserving Power By Reducing Voltage Supplied To An Instruction-Processing Portion Of A Processor,” was duly and legally issued on June 3, 2008 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the ‘453 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit H.
  • The ‘599 Patent, entitled “Object-Oriented Graphic System,” was duly and legally issued on October 3, 1995 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the ‘599 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit I.
  • The ‘354 Patent, entitled “Object-Oriented Event Notification System With Listener Registration Of Both Interests And Methods,” was duly and legally issued on July 23, 2002 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the ‘354 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit J.
  • United States Patent No. 5,481,721 entitled “Method for Providing Automatic and Dynamic Translation of Object Oriented Programming Language-Based Message Passing Into Operation System Message Passing Using Proxy Objects,” issued on January 2, 1996…
  • United States Patent No. 5,519,867 entitled “Object-Oriented Multitasking System,” issued on May 21, 1996…
  • United States Patent No. 6,275,983 entitled “Object-Oriented Operating System,” issued on August 14, 2001…
  • United States Patent No. 5,566,337 entitled “Method and Apparatus for Distributing Events in an Operating System,” issued on October 15, 1996…
  • United States Patent No. 5,929,852 entitled “Encapsulated Network Entity Reference of a Network Component System,” issued on July 27, 1999…
  • United States Patent No. 5,946,647 entitled “System and Method for Performing an Action on a Structure in Computer-Generated Data” issued on August 31, 1999…
  • United States Patent No. 5,969,705 entitled “Message Protocol for Controlling a User Interface From an Inactive Application Program,” issued on October 19, 1999…
  • United States Patent No. 6,343,263 entitled “Real-Time Signal Processing System for Serially Transmitted Data,” issued on January 29, 2002…
  • United States Patent No. 5,915,131 entitled “Method and Apparatus for Handling I/O Requests Utilizing Separate Programming Interfaces to Access Separate I/O Service” issued on June 22, 1999…
  • United States Patent No. RE39,486, entitled “Extensible, Replaceable Network Component System,” reissued on February 6, 2007…


Source: Apple

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  • Garok89

    apple being vague and petty again
    me thinks someone is scared

    • Magnum

      Half of those patents aren’t legitimate in the first place. The US patent office needs to stop issuing Apple BS patents for any obscure idea they can come up with that includes a child’s drawing demonstrating the idea.

      Now I’m an Apple fan but this is far more symptomatic of Apple’s patent lawyers wanting a new hybrid Porsche than of any legitimate patent infringement claim.
      All the details scrutinized:

  • http://Website Brad Pitcher

    A lot of these seem like software patents. Shouldn’t they be suing google about those?

    • http://Website John Giotta

      Event-driven listening and registration of a OOP is a fundamental feature of many languages. Hell, this very blog probably uses events to create interactive features.

    • http://Website CarlWithakay

      agreed, apple here seems less to be going at hardware and more about software. I’m wondering if this is more based on Sense IU since they are targeting HTC and not Google. ?

  • http://Website Todd

    “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” – Steve Jobs

  • http://Website Chris F

    This is gonna be interesting…I hope HTC wins…this is serious…

    Apple even filed a permanent injunction, which would bar HTC from importing or selling phones here that use these patents, along with triple damages with maximum interest….yikes…

  • http://Website Screamster

    Yep… Jobs is scared.

    “Android steepest climber in mobile platform buzz race”
    …. kind of says it all.

  • skooal

    I would be scared too… hopefully HTC will win… it looks like someone has discovered that a certain tablet won’t generate much money after all…

  • dotster

    LOL, love the inclusion of Jobs interview.

    Going to keep an eye on this news item. If the courts rule unfairly, it will have a very bad cascading effect on all software design.

  • http://Website Todd

    If one wanted to get nasty about it, Google’s patent for location based mobile advertising trumps the Apple suit.

    Plus iPhone app ecosystem sits on top of Google Search, Maps and mobile AdSense

    Trivial to throw a switch in on the back end, kill off iPhone support for not only advertising inside Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, et al, but break the thousands of iPhone apps that rely on Google search and maps.

    An iPhone with no Foursqare? No maps? No in-app advertising?


  • http://Website christian

    If steve jobs tries bribing the judge then HTC is screwed and mabye google will help HTC

  • http://Website Andy L.

    Compare Android and iPhone. Anything different about how the two look?

    Come on people! lets look at the total picture. Apple and Google have rights to protect their intellectual property and they do.

    Both companies need to innovate and produce products that customers want. Android looks like the iphone. Google needs to find something new and radical. Then they can sue Apple when Apple puts those ideas into their products.

    All part of the business world.


    • http://Website Todd

      Apple isn’t using this patent defensively – they are using it offensively to try and knock a competitor ( Android ) out of the market.

      That’s not “part of the business world”, that’s extortion.

      Not smart of Apple to play a game of chicken with Google, the iPhone’s app store ecosystem is so heavily dependent on Google Search and Maps, it wouldn’t survive a retaliatory move by Google.

      • http://Website Derek

        I believe this lawsuit targets HTC, not Google. Besides, Google was begging apple to get on the iphone, and for good reason. Over 30million units have been sold in 2.5 years. This is serious exposure for google and their mobile ads.

    • http://Website Kevin

      MY Mytouch3g fender looks nothing like an iPhone, fail try again

    • http://Website BiggQ

      Since when are they the same? Iphone is no where near as customizable as Android devices… Apple is just mad cuz that iPad was garbage and moreover Google is the bomb right now. If Apple wants to go after someone they need to try a bulldog like Google. Its funny how no one made a fuss when htc devices used Windows OS.

      • http://Website BiggQ

        AND ANOTHER THING; Android OS are on Motorola devices and Samsung so does Apple wanna Sue them as well. APPLE GET OVER URSELF… How about taking some down time for development of newer bigger and better things than an oversize iPod touch

  • http://Website Scott

    well, I certainly hope HTC gets support from Google. I personally will NOT spend another penny on anything made by Apple. The DRM issue and now this…I’d lke to see them make $$$ without customers.

  • Anton Spaans

    >Compare Android and iPhone. Anything different about how the two look?<
    How different *can* something look?
    For example, could one car manufacturer be able to have a patent on a 'steering wheel' or a patent on the fact that 'a car has 4 wheels'?

    Some of the patents are very very obvious in software engineering. Here are a few from the list above:
    - Time-Based, Non-Constant Translation Of User Interface Objects Between States: Window/UI animation is patented…?
    - List Scrolling
    - Object-Oriented Graphic System
    - …Listener Registration Of Both Interests And Methods

    Remember the 'one-click buy' 'patent' by a few years ago…?

    • http://Website kathi17

      Gosh, my G1 looks nothing like the iphone, and neither does the MT3G, the droid has a keyboard, the Cliq looks nothing like the iphone, need I say more?

      Apple is running scared, and I wish Google would pull all of their products from any Apple products. Apple wouldn’t be a big money maker for Google if all of those iphone people got fed up and switched. As far as their computers go, that’s a very small percentage,.
      (Actually this is a reply to the person Anton replied to, but at dial up speeds it takes over five minutes to load a page on this website, and I didn’t want to spend another ten minutes trying to get back to his post and then load the reply box again).

  • http://Website quinci

    I know its business and all, but this is so petty. Its like Thomas Edison coming back from the dead to sue whoever created the energy efficient lightbulb!

  • http://Website Mocha K

    This is the time for Google to step in and even it all out. This will waste Google’s money on android devices. Why must apple go this low and try to ruin htc. I’d rather go to a moto razor then apple.

  • Matt


    no patents are ridiculous, anti-business and anti-competitive software patents even more so. They were designed to allow inventors of machines to get their technology out the door and at the time were hotly contested as being against capitalism. They are in effect monopolies. When it comes to the sort of nonsense companies are patenting it is intolerable the American Patent Office is particularly outrageous in that it will essentially patent anything and then wait for someone to counter. What this means is that the likes of Apple et al just spend each and every day closing off business models by submitting bits of paper to the patent office.

    What are really the similarities between android and the iphone touchscreen, icons, active windows these are basic gui elements for hundreds of electronic consumables all predating the iphone. The iphone is good because they put it all together well not because they have done some incredible mind-blowing invention.

    patents suck.

  • http://Website treefq

    I find it interesting Apple is only listing HTC and not any of the other android hardware. Motorola, Samsung, Lg, Sony-Erickson etc.

    • http://Website Todd

      Apple is appealing to the Federal Trade commission to enforce its patent trolling, and the FTC has only one enforcement tool – embargo.

      Apple knows they can get a quick halt on all imports of HTC phones going this route, it’ll take years ( decades? ) to do the same to Moto, who are a US company and not subject to embargo the way HTC is.

      A reminder of how fast going to the FTC with your patent trolling is – Qualcomm did it last year, had all Taiwan chips banned from import to the US.

  • Killa

    Wow. I can’t believe Apple would stoop that low. Tsk tsk tsk. Its funny how its only happening now just when Android is starting to create a bigger ripple in the water. They could’ve done something about it a year (almost two) ago, but that’s when they didn’t think Android would be a threat. Also, they would have to sue the other companies like Motorola, Samsung and the others, but I’m sure they know that they couldn’t possibly win against all of them so they’re going after the biggest one.

    Ding! HTC vs. Apple, round 1. Knock their blinking block off HTC!

  • Courtney

    Is it just me or is Steve Jobs turning into a whiny little bitch?

    • JohnnyACEâ™  GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}â„¢

      It’s definitely not just you.


    • http://Website Alex B

      Yes he is. He lacks the true strength of intensified innovation, and fears Apple’s history repeating itself. If the app store wasn’t a closed market system, innovation from all phone platforms could be his mega market. He started this failing monopoly approach when Apple started getting greedy about every facet of their product outline. Microsoft paid for that kind of business practice and I’m certain Apple will do the same if they keep going the way they are.

  • http://Website Jack

    It’s funny how Apple lists the G1…um how long has that been out? Two years or so? They are just now making a fuss about it? Sounds like someone is a little scared.

  • http://Website Matt

    It’s not the end of the world. After all Apple did the same thing to Nokia not to long ago. It means next to nothing. They are scarred though. Some of these patents are less then a month old as well. It’s petty, it’s stupid, it’s a waste of time, and it’s vague. What do you expect? It’s apple…..

    • http://Website drathos

      To be fair, Nokia sued Apple, then Apple countersued.

  • http://Website Ricardo

    When did the iPhone appear on the scene?

    When did Android appear?

    How much alike are they?

    Who was first, and who do you think is copying whom?

    Apple has every right to go after HTC, and others. If it wasn’t for the iPhone these copycats would still be making candybar phones.

    • Ryan McKay

      So by this logic, anyone having a thin phone after motorola was patent infringing? Having a phone that’s touch screen is not a patent, its been an idea for forever. Apple just got there first.

      • http://Website Ricardo

        I should have known you would assume that I was simply talking about the way they LOOK. Think a little deeper. I’m talking about the way they WORK, as in, what the patent litigation is all about.

        You think the guy who invented rack & pinion steering was just trolling for dollars when he tried to defend his patent? I mean, come on, it’s just STEERING for cryin out loud. How could you possibly patent STEERING? It’s the same thing with the phones. One guy comes up with a novel way of doing something, gets a patent on it, and he has every right to defend it.

        • http://Website Kevin

          Ah that assumes it was novel

          It wasn’t

          ever heard of Palm?
          or Audiovox?

          These days patents and copyrights last double a normal humans lifespan. You really want to wait over 100 years for competition to come on the scene?

          According to Apple they have the patent on basically using the touch screen to unlock the phone. Wow what a coincidence, my Palm had that long before Apple even thought of making phones.

        • http://Website jerimiah

          I hate to be the one to tell you apple fanboys this but apple didn’t invent the smartphone, touchscreen or anything else. Maybe the slide to unlock. HTC was making smartphone long before apple got into it.

    • Norfeldt

      Do you really belive that apple invented the iPhone out of nothing but great ideas? Then think again.. the iPhone a complete mashup of japanese mobile phones.
      Anything with a big touchsreen isnt an stolen apple idea. Its like beliving apple invented the mp3 player just because so many people owns an iPod.

      • dotster

        I use to have a Sony Clie PEG-TJ37 with the Palm OS on it. (It’s probably still in some gadget drawer right now.)

        It had a touch screen (resistive, not capacitive), with icons, scrolling lists, apps, a camera, and wifi. It was the most wonderful device for that time (2004) and I always said that it would be amazing when they finally add cellular capabilities to it.

        Thank you, Apple, for being the first to bring it to the market but don’t think that you didn’t steal other people’s ideas to make it.

    • http://Website Andrei Mirt

      iPhone is 2007. iPaq is 2000. iPaq is HTC. Even the iName is copied from HTC. Who’s the copycat now?

      • http://Website Johnny 5

        The iPaq was made by Compaq in response to the iMac which came out in 1998. Duh.

        • Andrei Mirt

          iPaq is a WinMo smartphone, how can it be a response to the iMac?
          iPaq is manufactured by HTC, and branded by HP.
          Just google ipaq htc

  • http://Website Nick

    I totally agree that these patents are absurd. The object-oriented graphic system: sounds to me like they could go after almost any gnu/linux distribution with this one. Gtk+ is an object-oriented toolkit used to make GUIs like gnome. The patent system is definitely flawed.

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  • http://Website michael1904

    @Ryan- Apple did not go touchscreen first. You ever hear of a little company called Palm? And HTC has been making them for a while to with winmo. @all of you- if you dont know what your talking about google before you post. the ignorance here is beginning to bug. now rate my comment low.

  • http://Website jeeper82

    Well piss on you. Steve Jobs. Are you taking out your aggressions on HTC because you are still pissed about Bill Gates stealing your apple os. PLEASE. Leave it alone. Just because someone has come out with something that more and more people prefer over your product. Shouldn’t that just give you the drive to make your product better? I have now lost all of what little respect and interest i had in your gay little company.

  • Andrew Sansone

    This story was a Trending Topic on Twitter today

  • http://Website Dan

    Cumon HTC! Personally i think this will all peter out after a week or so.. whilst Apple might feel like it can bully HTC, i think the threat of pissing off Google will stop them doing anything.. after all its HTC that build the Nexus

  • Jorgen

    It is funny that this comes out just as I’ve ordered my Nexus One to replace the 3GS – shipping to Australia courtesy of comGateway (should be shipping out today. Good riddance Apple!

    I really detest Apple’s tactics, and the whole concept of the super dodgy US software patent system and trying to hold back competition through them. I just looked through — what they’ve actually patented is final proof this system is utterly and royally fscked.

    If one of their lawyers would fart in an interesting way, I bet they’d patent it.

  • http://Website Ricardo

    So, you hide a comment that most people don’t want to hear? That’s really burying your collective heads in the sand. Wake up all you Android fanbois … the droid is a copy of the phone most people really want, and ignoring anything contrary to what you want to believe isn’t going to change it.

    Face it, you guys would be all over Apple even they patented anti-gravity paint. It’s obvious no one here is thinking clearly.

    • http://Website Kevin

      Your really dense arent you?

      The droid is a copy of the iphone?


      How come I have never seen anyone use their iphone keyboard, ah thats right cause iphone dosent have one.

      Basically what you are saying is that since Apple has patented a candybar touchscreen cell phone, no one else should be able to make their own.

      • http://Website Ricardo

        “Your really dense arent you?”
        No Kevin, I’m not the one who is dense.

        “The droid is a copy of the iphone?”
        Pretty close, except for the ole timey keypad. I would have been more accurate had I just said Android.

        “Basically what you are saying is that since Apple has patented a candybar touchscreen cell phone, no one else should be able to make their own.”
        Not saying that at all. The problem here is that you’re saying it. Apple has over 200 patents on various technologies and methods of implementing a phone. They aren’t patenting an LCD, or a touchscreen, but they are patenting things they’re doing that has made it so popular. What’s wrong with THAT? I know what’s wrong with that to most of the people on this site: It’s made it so HTC and others will now have to come up with their OWN ways of doing things that will make their phones as popular. And good luck with that.

        • http://Website Bashar

          So Android is a copy of the iPhone OS?
          …Please don’t make me laugh, it is more different than many other OS’s from other companies.

          And tell me why HTC is being sued for their g1 after more than one year, all this just shows Apple is scared of Android.

          You are just one little apple fanboy db who is jealous that he didnt buy a N1 or Droid instead of his little whiny Iphone

        • http://Website Diz(WARE)

          Your argument is heavily flawed. Looking through these patents, only 2 or 3 are actually features that are included on the iPhone.Most of them are actually older pattents(15 years old). Apple is trying to take down HTC with technologies they used for their 1998 iMac.

          Bullshit? Definitely. How is my G1 infringing on Apple’s iMac? There aren’t the same technology; they aren’t implemented the same way; they don’t do any of the same work; The only f’ing similarities they have is basic, modern CS fundamentals(Example: Object-Oriented OS/Object-Oriented Multitasking). Since I’m pretty sure Apple didn’t invent the fundamentals; the fact that they have these patents exists is an utter discrepancy in the theory of innovation.

  • http://Website ceppm

    Does this means that when Apple releases the iPhone mk4 with multi-tasking and widgets, Google can return the favour?

  • http://Website KaLAnGO!

    I think software(ultility) patents are just stupid. It prevents that some sort of technology(ultility) improves in some ways…
    Besides these kind of craps…
    Sorry but imho apple inovates 1%, steal 50% and profit on the 49% of patented ‘obvious’ software….
    “Hi, i want to patent a software that says hello to me….”

  • http://Website Lulu

    Wow Apple, after suing a supermarket’s ‘apple-like’ logo, you’ve decided to go on with the absurdity.

    What’s next? Suing computers for being white?

  • http://Website treefq

    Apple is just being ignorant. If Apple wanted a larger market share, they shouldn’t have limited themselves to only one carrier. But then that would have caused them to loosen the reins. And that is just one thing Apple has never stood for. They have always held their interests tightly. So tightly they almost failed as a company on many occasions. Why is the majority of computers in peoples homes IBM Clones? Apple showed their business model fails in the 80s and 90s. Why they didn’t adapt, I have no clue.

    But hey, Apple controls how their phone is used etc. woo. I am needing to upgrade my phone. I wonder if Apple really thinks this will draw me to them?

  • http://Website Rafael

    I still would not buy from apple. ill just get my phone htc from the internet. your patent shit apple will not stop me :P

  • http://Seriously?! Drmgiver

    Steve acts as if he has never stolen any technologies in his lifetime. Hell, I am reminded of a little thing from XEROX called A MOUSE!

    • http://Website Ricardo

      What other subjects besides history did you fail?

      Apple bought the technology from Zerox, they didn’t steal it. Windows, mouse, and all. What they did with it is turn it into something useful that you’re using today (whether you like it or not). Google it if you need to.

    • http://Website Ricardo

      For all you guys & gals who are saying that Apple is being ridiculous in thinking they have patented the entire touchscreen phone, you may want to go here and have a peek at what Apple is actually suing HTC over.
      Once you understand exactly what’s going on, you may be less inclined to shoot from the hip.

    • http://Website Lee

      I agree, apple stole, oops were inspired by the Xerox PARC windows based OS then had the cheek to try to sue M$ for stealing their design…
      Stop trying to destroy your competition and just make better products. If you spent the money you all waste on legal battles on R&D we would have stunning devices now as you all innovate to keep your precious market share.
      Consumers vote with thier wallets, we want the best tech for our money, brand loyalty is dead!

  • http://Website webby

    This lawsuit, though against HTC, is clearly to hinder the onslaught of Android OS devices. Therefore, I cannot see Google standing idly by while crApple savages their operating system and its economic progress. At some point, Google will have to get involved.

  • http://Website ronabong

    Steve Jobs is starting to look and sound more like Dr. EVIL.

  • http://Website ermac

    Man I’m so sick of Apple. Jobs needs ta grow up. People, he’s hating on HTC for the following reasons:

    1. Android made its debut with a phone made by……?
    2. It was sold exclusively by a company Hated by……?
    3. The OS that is gaining dominance is called……?
    4. That OS is made by who……..?

    Now this is where the main reason lies in.
    5. Recently, HTC has made two phones that kill the iPhone in thickness, screen size, processor speed. Not to mention they are both running OS’s that are totally feuding with the Mac’s OS. And also being sold to the same carrier who brung u the first android device. By the way, these are known as the Nexus One, and the HTC HD2. The only reason the HD2 ain’t up there is because its not out yet.

  • http://Website Kevin Criswell

    HEY APPLE the Archos 7 looks nothing like an ipad, you better sue right away. Claim you invented tablets or something

    • http://Website HBL

      The iPad is an interesting device. A handheld device, albeit larger than a cell phone, that allows you to surf the web, browse through pictures, and listen to music. It can even utilize installed programs (or if you’re a fancy fellow, “apps”) to perform certain functions (word processing, game playing, etc.). It even has an on/off button with wifi capabilities. It even has a touchscreen display.

      Sounds familiar, right? I wonder if Apple has ever heard of a TABLET PC. I’m pretty sure Microsoft had something to do with that (I’m being sarcastic). And it was announced when? 2001. It was released soon after.

      One might also conjure up images of the HP Slate, which was announced (and demoed) before the Apple iPad.

      And HTC is unoriginal…

  • http://Website Ruben


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  • http://Website Richy

    “United States Patent No. 5,519,867 entitled “Object-Oriented MULTITASKING System,” issued on May 21, 1996…”

    …wait…what!?! LIAR!

  • Manly Man

    Hahaha Steve Jobs is pissed!

  • http://Website NL903

    So i guess Youtube can sue all those video sites?

  • http://Website HBL

    If any of you have read Apple’s multi-touch patent (7479949, Touch Screen Device, Method, And Graphical User Interface For Determining Commands By Applying Heuristics), you would come to the conclusion that any device you touch that provides feedback (e.g., a touchscreen) would infringe on this patent. Pretty ridiculous (as is the term heuristics).

    Now a little trip back in history. Taiwan electronics manufacturer ELAN Microelectronics filed a patent suit against Apple in April 2009. Why? ELAN claims Apple is infringing on two of its patents. What kind of patents are these? Multi-touch patents (5825352 & 7274353). Read more about it here:

    The YouTube clip says it all. Steve Jobs is on record as saying (of course I’m paraphrasing here), “Yeah, I’m a thief. And I’m proud of it.” This all comes down to one thing, and one thing alone: Apple is scared because it has a product (the iPhone) that has reached the end of its lifespan. The lackluster response to Apple’s so-called revolutionary device (the iPad) is likely the reason for Apple’s hysteria. They need something to prop them up in the news.

    Steve Jobs should have talked to Bill Gates first though before he decided to try to strong-arm the entire cell phone industry.

  • http://Website treefq

    Funny thing about this lawsuit. They are trying to stifle an open source OS. Even if Google said, “ok, we won’t support multitouch in America” and have HTC follow suit, the very smart people at MoDaCo and XDA will just burn a custom ROM that anyone can install onto their rooted device that will have it live.

    I would love to see HTC give out the “correct” method of rooting all their devices instead of us having to resort to code bugs. Then release a statement such as: “Anyone who uses this method is at their own peril” So they can sell a phone that someone who doesn’t care can have a standard non-multitouch ROM and give those of us who aren’t afraid of rooting our multitouch.

  • http://Website chip

    You American guys come across sounding like real bullies to the rest of the world … I feel sorry for all you sensible ones who live there who get stereotyped in this way.

    Now if Apple will not ban other company’s making US phones with apple like OS, why do they feel the need to pick on HTC?

    Mr steve Jobby the world is a lot bigger than the USA percentage wise you are just small apples in a big tree.

  • http://Website Jeremy L

    Old news for Apple unfortunately…Below are a few people he has sued for using an apple as their logo. Apparently he has a patent on the shape of an apple. This guy sucks.

    Why don’t they just patent every mathematical formula so they can sue every school in the country. Any Apple fans out there that always spell Microsoft with a $ better figure something out for your beloved company. At least Gates gave to schools, didn’t try to sue them.

  • Adam Hartling

    Won’t Google have to get involved no matter what? The N1 is an HTC manufactured phone. If HTC can’t import phones to the US, what are Google going to sell?

  • http://Website M.J.

    Lol he just said we have always been shameless about steeling others ideas.

    Bit of a mistake but after my ipod touch i bought last year i think im done with any crappy ipod device now. Someones obviously afraid and instead of being the top dog they go behind the fence and hide. Instead of beating htc upfront with product sales they run to this crap? wow.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    that is some funny sh*t, currently at the moment nokia and kodak are suing apple for theft of their technology. that like the tea pot calling the kettle black.

  • http://Website Jake

    Wow..anyways got me a cool Android pissing on apple sticker from
    Going to put it up and show support for Android Community!

  • http://Website Tom

    Just take a moment to consider how much faster and exciting the tech industry would be if small businesses weren’t put off coming up with new and innovative ideas by the lumbering corporations that hold thousands of vague patents. The only ones winning here are the lawyers.

    I’ve owned the iPhone 1G and 3G and have thought they are great, but the next phone/computer I buy won’t be made by Mr Jobs. Apple products might be nice and shiny, but it’s a very thin veneer.

  • http://Website Rev. Spaminator

    Apple doesn’t care whether or not they win this suit. Winning any part of it would be a big bonus, but what they really want is to scare developers from focusing on Android. If a software company considers developing for Android, they will think twice because Apple’s suit is a threat to the platform. It is also to scare other phone makers from considering making Android phones.

    Why else did they wait over a year before filing action? Why aren’t other phone manufacturers being targeted?

    That’s my wooden nickel’s worth on this.

  • http://Website iwonder

    CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP TRICK, ASSHOLE. Grow a weeny and try to say off dicks, steve jobs.
    Bullshit patents?? EXACTLY.

    “us patent: a plastic peice aka button which can be pressed to give electrical signal for a command to be given”
    this is not owned by apple. otherwise all the modern technology would have been sued.
    Those patents must be cancelled. No one can patent how things like “opening a shaked coke bottle”. Software processes, even if patented, must not be allowed to be used to sue. And WTF? Multitasking? Voltage control? Normal Software processes?


    HTC Hero rocks. HTC Sense UI rocks. Nexus One will rock. Stop sticking to iphone. It is so last year. Google is amazing. Apple is rotten. Its is the only example for an evil company. Please Hate Apple, and burn all the iphones. Also wear t-shirts “An iphone existing signifies a dick existing with no balls”

    • http://Website Ricardo

      Typical HTC customer.

      • http://Website Bob

        Typical gayPhone FANBOI.

  • http://Website Lila

    I hope when they go to court, the judge in ruling is an android user!

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  • http://Website Egads

    At some point soon, the world markets outside of the US and Western Europe will shrug, effectively say, ‘If that’s the way you want it, suit yourselves’ and stop shipping* contested devices and technologies to what will be by then minor sub-markets….

    *but not stop either manufacturing or selling

    To paraphrase ‘Ice Station Zebra’,

    “The Chinese put our camera made by *our* Chinese engineers and your film made by *your* Chinese engineers into their satellite made by *their* Chinese engineers. “

  • http://Website JonB

    I think that the good folks who produce Macintosh apples should give Jobs a taste of his own medicine and file a lawsuit for wrongful use of a trademarked name. I was biting into delicious Macintosh apples long before apple stole the name. Now when I eat one of those delicious, juicy apples my mind is tainted with thoughts of computers that are more shiny than they are useful.

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  • http://SeriousProblemforAndroidO/s Josh

    this is serious stuff. if apple wins this then HTC is likely out of business after triple damages.

    With a win against HTC, they have grounds to successfully sue Google for its Android O/s and probably other Android manufacturers such as Motorola with their Droid.

    This could be the death of Android phones.

  • http://Website cm

    They named themselves Apple for Gods sake


    I am now starting to believe his full name is really:
    “Steve Hand Jobs”

    Stop jerking everyone off Stevie, yer chapping me.

  • brianvic

    Back in 2003 the Beatles company, Apple Corps, sued Apple over their iPod and iTunes. This was because of an earlier infringement over the company name that the Beatles company won, which resulted in Apple being allowed to make computers, but having to steer clear of anything to do with the music business.

    I believe Apple Corps sued Apple again when computers started coming with speakers, either internal or external. This was a further infringement of the trademark agreement.

    So Apple (Steve Jobs) is no stranger to infringing other companies names or products…. and losing! Hopefully that will be the case here.

    If you can patent, and enforce that patent, for “swiping” to unlock a phone then what else? Using a stylus for tablet PCs. In fact the rather dismal iPad isn’t such an innovation either, is it? There have been tablet PCs with touch screens for some time now.

    I also had a touch screen PDA years ago and some add on software that allowed me to unlock the screen using a thumb swipe. So one of Apples main areas of contention wasn’t even their idea in the first place!!

    Apple are scared and fighting dirty. I believe that all businesses should be allowed to benefit from their innovations, but I don’t see anything innovative in Apple’s products other than the visual design. If I made a product that looks like an iPhone or iPod I would expect to be sued, but that’s as far as it goes.

  • http://Website Tim

    I’m pretty sure Nintendo could smoke apple over portable touch screen device patents. What year did the Nintendo DS come out? Oh yeah…2004.

  • http://Website Jay

    Adobe, Google and now HTC. What next Steve Nut Jobs?

    Time for Apple to go away – forever this time. Take your turtlenecks, bogus commercials, fanboys and the rest of your iCrap with you.

    Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy my HTC Hero with Flash support, removable battery and SD slot. Don’t need aps for any of that – true innovation and a ‘full web browsing experience’!

    • http://Website Johann

      Well said!

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  • http://Website Zheka

    wow…this reminds of way back when microsoft pissed their pants and killed netscape in the internet browser race…then the superior court stepped in and split up bill gates control of his company since he had a monopoly going…to bad he got the company back after the court felt “bad” for what they did…

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  • http://Website Tom Wolf

    I hope they have a patent on the iPhone Hardware issues. I love my Nexus One and would hate to have to “hold it a certain way” to get it to work properly… or have to put a “device condom” on it, to get reception. ;) Steve Jobs said the competition was “Toast”… well, we like Toast better than rotten apples. Buh-Bye Apple. ;)

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  • http://Website Fuchsie

    Look the fact of the matter is that the iphone is in the past in people’s perception since iOS has not had that many changes from the original iphone to the iphone 4. However the android platform is open source (which is awesome) and can be constantly changed to people’s needs. This scares apple. Mainly because their product can not keep up with a product that can be made better by the users, thus this is only apple’s last ditch effort in keeping interest in the iphone alive and customers on their website.

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